erotically rough
(a jovan challenge poem)

there is an urgency to our lovemaking
that demands we be
rough with one another

as if each time might be the only time
or something deep inside of us
that longs for the solace of our union
cannot wait for the instant where we merge together
becoming one

even kisses,
which i had previously known as soft,
if on occasion urgent,
take on a force, a determination
that leaves lips swollen with desire
mine naked and yours blushing in my shade

chests, then hips collide
fabric rasping one texture against the other
with the promise of the sleek glide of skin on skin
lubricated with the heat and sweat of desire

even my jewelry bears witness
as bracelets leap and earrings soar
necklace gets caught up in hands and hair
silver and gold buckle in the wake of our passion
only to be found later and sent to mend

an arm, held back behind me while you possess my mouth
& my mind focuses on what else might open to your pleasurable assaults
two arms held over my head while your body fuses with mine
& we stare eye to eye, deeply locked as our souls melt together
you seek to possess me in every way that is physically meaningful
illustrating how completely i have surrendered myself to you.

we end out of breath and satisfied
amazed and fulfilled from the sheer exertion and exhaustion of our coupling
our loving is erotically rough because our love is so complete

© insight spinner