Winter's First Kiss

By Cammie

John and I went to the diner after

what was supposed to be Todd

and Blair's wedding.

That is after we had the best

time I've EVER had in an


We talked about marriage

and my insecurities about


I asked him how he felt

about it and he said that

at one time yeah he

wanted marriage.

He said his parents made

it look good but that things

change that he's changed.

He told me that with Caitlin

he could see that his parents

had until in both cases one

bullet took it all away.

He said that the day after

Caitlin's funeral their wedding

invitations arrived.He said you

like irony I think I hate it.

By the end of the conversation

we both agreed that we aren't

looking for a walk down the


We were leaving the diner

and when we opened the

door it was snowing.

I said is that beautiful or

what and he said yeah

it is but he was looking

at me.He kissed me and

said with a smile on his

face and a twinkle in his

eyes are you ready and

I said yes.

We walked out with our

arms around each other

ready to share more of

winter's kisses.