Sauve Swashbuckler

By Cammie

I was sitting in John's office eating

lunch with him. We've both been

working so hard that it's nice when

we can find these rare moments

to spend together.

Anyway I told him that I had a

dream about him last night and

he said oh yeah tell me about


I said ok but you have to promise

not to laugh.

He said ok I promise not to laugh.

So I started telling him about the


We were back in the days of

pirates and I was a serving

wench in a pub of the coast

of Ireland.

One day I was kidnapped by

an evil pirate named Todd The


He took me aboard his ship

and forced me to be his wench.

One night he called me into his

cabin and said he wanted me

to fulfill all of his manly desires

and when I tried to refuse he

forced me down on the bed

and just as he was about

to force himself on me the

door burst open and there

stood John The Sauve

Swashbuckler McBain.

He fought Todd The Terrible

off and rescued me.

A few days later we married

and lived happily ever after.

When I finished telling him

about the dream he had

tears pooring down his

face from all the laughing

he was doing.

I said you promised not

to laugh and he said I

couldn't help it I'm sorry.

I said oh shut up and

kiss me you beautiful

sauve swashbuckler.

Then he said Aye Aye