Chapter 10

Word was that the killers were in the bad part of Llanview, the projects of this small town. Supposedly this part of town was even worse than Angel Grove which to John wasn't that bad. John didnít feel any of fear that had Smith bouncing. He was used to it, after growing up in an area similar to this, being here was like walking down memory lane.

He regretted that he had Smith with him; he would just complicate the mission. Unfortunately, he along with his partner was the only one who saw Tomís and Harryís face. Smith was checking his gun every few seconds and coking it which was getting on his nerves.

"Smith if you donít stop Ö" he said menacingly.

"yesss sir. Sorry sir Iím just really nervous." Looking around him

"I can tell. Just donít let it interfere with the job." Walking forward all sort of unsavory things and words heís never even heard of were being thrown around them. Just to the left of him, two men were fighting, no doubt about a girl. Ignoring the screams he heard around the neighborhood, he look around for the wanted men.

"Are you sure these men were spotted here?"

"Yes sir. The man who called us told us everything about them, even the scar one had on his chin." He walk even closer to John when he heard something barking that sounded more like a wolf than a dog.

"Smith, Iím curious how long have you been on the force?"

"Two month sir."

"mmm." Damn! They stick me with a novice. "Lets go in that uninhabited warehouse up ahead"

Walking in cautiously, they both pull out their guns. "Iím going to go in first. Cover me." That probably wasnít the smartest move Mcbain. He heard Smith stumbling behind him and let out a curse. Were dead. With his gun ahead he glance in every room before he walk in. Adrenaline pumping faster with every passing second, every room he look in all he could see were crack heads, junkies and whores.

"Damn! Nothing." Walking out the building with Smith close on his heel, John deposited the John back in it holster. They walk deeper into the ghetto, into the dark mist. "Where else could those bastards be hiding?" they stood still as gunshots ring clear in the air.

Instantly they turn around with their gun raise. A manís head was sticking out the window with his gun pointing at a figure. "Fuck you, you son of a bitch. Youíll know better than too betray us ever again bitch" with one more gunshot the body fell down on the cold pavement floor with a thud.

"Lieutenant, thatís him, Tom, one of the guys who committed all those murders." Smith said real excitedly jumping up and down and pointing. John took out his notepad and wrote as much of the license plate he got.

"Smith go check on the guy who was just shot." he barks.

"Right on it sir." he yell while going to the victim.

Pulling out his cell, he called the station to find the car. Hanging up he went to join Smith.

"Is heÖ?"

"Yes." Smith stood up from the dead body, clearly shaken "he was the guy who phoned in, who told us they would be here"

"And piss someone off in the process."

"What do we do now?"

"We wait for the station to call me and see if they have found the car." Hands in his pockets he starts walking. "Lets head to the car"


(In the car)

The car was silent except for the breathing of the two occupants in the car.

Hearing the phone ring "McbainÖdonít do anything Iím on my wayÖmake sure someone is following the car Öblock all the exits out of Llanview." closing his phone, he spare a look to Smith. John couldnít help a feeling that he was forgetting something important, something that needed to be done soon. Shaking the nagging feeling away he brought the present situation up to his mind.

"They found the car and now all we have to do is get there."


Evangelineís house

"Where is he?" she said aloud, checking her watch for the umpteenth time. Her plane is going to leave in two hours. There has to be good reasons why heís late and he hasnít pick her up yet. John usually calls when he isnít able to make it for whatever reason.

Calling his cell, she gets nothing but the answer machine. "John call me when you get this message ASAP."

Turning on the TV, she hears how a murder was committed and how every citizen is advise to stay where they are, to lock all door and windows. Turning it louder, she listens intently to the anchorwoman.


These two criminals are armed and dangerous. Here is a picture of the two men right on your screen, drawn by LBD best artist. If you see these men please call the number flashing on your screen below. It is imperative that we catch them and that you at home call us if you hear or see anything. To be on the cautious side, I would not recommend leaving your home or wherever you are. Check to see that all doors and windows are lock. Stay tune for an update.

Turning off the TV, this time worry really did grip her, walking over to the big window to watch the night sky a thought went through her mind. Could John be out there trying to catch those criminals? If he is, is he okay?


It all happen so fast one minute he was out his car screaming freeze the next he was chasing after Harry with a gun, shooting recklessly.

"Everybody stay down!" he yells at the pedestrians scrambling around, trying not to get hurt. Immediately they all flatten themselves on the ground. He had Smith call for backup.

Harry turn around with a craze look in his eyes and shot at him. Luckily for John he miss and instead it broke the windshield of a nearby car. Not bothering to give the guy time, John also let out a bullet.

"ahhhhhhhhh." Harry scream as the bullet pierce his arm. He let go of his gun to clutch at his arm. "I finna get ya for tha u muthafucker."

Not bothering to answer, John holds the gun steady at him Harry moan in pain as his arm throb. Heís a kid! 5í9 with crop hair athletically built. He look no older than 17. "Kid, if you come in peacefully, Iíll make sure you donít get put away for life."

"Yea right that shit ainít gonna work here dude, I done seen NYPD Blue"

"You WILL go to jail for this that canít be help but what can be help is how long you stay."

"Save the shitty talk for someone who gives a flying fuck."

"What? you think your tough? You think your Ďgangstaí? Well guess what your not. You and youíre partner just killed four defenseless men. You wonít be so tough and cool when youíre in the Statesville with men who are 20 times as tough and "gangsta" then you. They will make mincemeat out of you and make you and your friend their personal bitch." John spoke with a calm that made what he said that much worse, spelling out the hardknock life to get this kid to turn himself in.

"Fuck you dude" he saw the first sign of fear in the punkís face, for all his bravado he was nothing but a kid who grew up too fast. Then something came over him, the smug, and arrogant look came back on his facing removing any sing of humanity that was there.

"Shut your ass up. Save the Word for the choir pops"

John didnít see the figure creeping up from behind him, heís too busy paying his sole attention to the man in front of him. Forgetting an important rule Ďnever let your guard downí. When he did notice it was too late. A knife had been jab into his side causing him to scream as it cut into his flesh. Falling down unto his knee, John shot the guy in the leg.

Tom crumbles like a ton of brink. Harry in front of him runs, not wanting to lose him John get up and chase after him. Knowing Tom wasnítí going anywhere fast soon.

Adrenaline pumping in his blood, John scarcely felt the stab wound as he chase after the halfwit.

Unaware, his face grew paler, blood came out in a rush. Sweat beads his forehead as his breath grew harsher with every step he took. Finally the guy took a wrong turn and is stop by a brick wall with nowhere to go.

"Now you have two choice" his voice faint yet strong. "You can do this the easy way and none needs to get hurt or we can do this the hard way were you will get hurt."

Harry saw that the cop was hurt, saw how he favored his right side over his left. If he wait here he would get caught and be sent to prison for sure but if he made a run for it, he could be free. Weighing his option heavily he decided he could take on this wounded cop.

When John saw him make a move to his left, he moves to the left. Ignoring the throbbing pain that greet him. "Donít even think about kid, I may be hurt but Iím not afraid to use this" pointing his gun at the kidís chest.

"Yeah right." the kid said. He kept talking to the cop and with every word he said he inch ever closer to the copís bad left side.

John not nearly as dumb as the kid notice his strategy. Deciding to remain unaware to catch the kid off guard, when he rush at him, he fired. The shot hit Harry dead in the chest. Falling down, he let out a howl in pain.

Leaning heavily against the wall, John closes his eyes. The pain of getting stab came back in full force and with no mercy.

"John John are you okay man?" said Antonio, seeing him against the wall.

"Iíve seen better days." John groan out. Opening his eyes he walk toward Antonio, ignoring the dizziness that threaten to overwhelm him. Two people came to haul the kid away with a stretcher.

"Good call." nodding toward the stretcher that came with two paramedics.

"I figure that someone was going to get hurt bad enough to need it. Either you or him"

"Hey detective you alright?" coming from Jim, a fellow officer, seeing how John is favoring his right side and holding on to his side.

"Yeah manÖ just a little dizzy." Seeing the worried look "It nothing." Waving his hand nonchalantly in the air " Iíll be fine once I get home."

They couldnít see the blood staining his clothes because of the dark colors. With every step his face grew more ashen, breath more haggard. Everyone is walking ahead of him; none saw his health rapidly decrease. Getting out of the dark alley took a lot more time then it did to get in it.

He groans seeing how far away his car is. Trying to keep a straight face, he marches on like a solider. Forcing the pain in the back of his mind, he keeps the goal of reaching the car a top priority.

After what seemed like years, he reach his car, and chaos just break loose. Working on autopilot he gave orders and tell people what to do. After getting everyone set, he recline heavily against his car and close his eyes.

"John are sure youíre okay? You look even worse than you did before." Antonio ask concern.

"What-" John splutters, lifting from the car in a rush. Before he knew it, his head swarm and he fell toward the ground.

"Whoa" Antonio yell as he catch John before he hit pavement, nearly falling himself with Johnís weight. "John...JohnÖJOHN?" Antoine scream as he get no response from John.

"Hey you get help," he yells at a passing officer who scrambles off to do his bidding. Finding their Lieutenant down, others rush toward Antonio while others went to get help.


Evangeline rush into the emergency room of Llanview Hospital. She look around for someone that could help her. Taking a deep calming breath, she walk over to the attending area.

The lady was on the phone so she stood and wait patiently. Worry suddenly became her best friend, giving her possible scenarios and all ending with his death. Putting her face in her hand, tears prick the back of her eyelids. Remember what daddy said Evangeline "never let them see what inside baby girl because when you do that when they have the power."

Wiping any remnant of tears from her eyes, she look up to the receptionist just putting down her phone.

"Hi I" her voice crack. Coughing and willing the tears at bay she give the receptionist a

dry smile. "Sorry about that. Could you please tell me where Dr. Mcbain is?"

"I believe he is in surgery."

"Surgery? Why would he be in surgery?" her voice coming out deathly calm.

"Didnít you hear about the cop that got stab? Well that his brother and well he is in surgery."

Evangeline was unable to hide the sharp intake of pain that went through her. Incapable to fake a smile, she let her eyes trail to a mom leaving with her newborn baby. Such happiness could be seen on the proud parent face while sadness was on her hers. Feeling more compose "Is he okay?"

"Doctor Mcbain? Oh he-"

"Not him" she interpret "the brother. John is he okay?" her words slow.

"Iím not allowed to disclose that information to non relatives." The receptionist said, her voice bland yet a friendly smile on her face.

"Iím his wife." The lie coming out easily maybe a little to easy.

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