Chapter Twenty Seven:

ÖÖ." Kevin wondered. "Who have I gotten myself involved with?"ÖÖ.

On their ride to the hospital, John was asking Tamika how school was going and was she excited to get out for Christmas break in a week. Tamika politely answered his questions and then she finally had to ask what she was wondering about. "McB," she said. "Whatís going on with you and Diva E?"

John was caught off guard by the question and cleared his throat before saying, "What do you mean?"

Tamika said, "Just now in your office, you two werenít acting like your normal selves. You know we four junior divas said weíd be keeping an eye on you. What have you done?"

"Wow," John replied. "You four really meant it when you told me you had Diva Eís back, huh?"

Tamika said, "Yes. Now stop stalling McB. What have you done?"

"Well Tamika," John replied. He laughed to himself because this seventeen year old girl had him on the defensive. He was actually kind of nervous. John then said, "There was an incident with a guy in the park and he attacked Evangeline. I think she should be the one to tell you the whole story, but needless to say, sheís upset at this point and asked me to give her some space. Iím doing my best to treat her like you girls said I should, so Iím giving her that space. Iíll be here when sheís ready."

Tamika gave John a discerning look and said, "Are you sure Diva E is going to be okay? Why canít you tell me what happened? I believe you when you say youíre watching out for her. I hope this all works out as quickly as possible. Diva E never seemed as happy to us as she did when she started seeing you. Youíre okay."

"Thanks for the support Tamika," John said as he parked the car. As they got out of the car and walked toward the hospital, John said, "Iím sure Evangeline will tell you what happened when she feels up to it. Just be there for her, okay?"

"You can count on me," Tamika said.


As John and Tamika entered the hospital, they went to the Emergency Room area because Michael was still on that rotation. As they walked up, John saw Michael talking to Jordan. "Hey little broí, "John said. "Tamika, this is my brother, Michael. Michael, this is Tamika, future doctor."

"Itís an honor to meet you Tamika," Michael said. "John has told me a lot about you."

"Nice to meet you too, Dr. McBain," Tamika replied.

"Call me Michael," Mike replied. "Dr. McBain is too formal. Plus, I havenít passed my medical boards yet."

Tamika smiled as she said, "okay".

"Tamika," John said. "This is Dr. Jordan Kingsley. Dr. Kingsley, this is Tamika."

"Hey Tamika," Jordan replied. "I must say that it is also an honor for me to meet you. Evangeline has told me a lot about you. Youíre exactly what the world needs, more promising young people to join the medical profession."

It didnít go unnoticed by John that Jordan has been talking to Evangeline. "Why does that consistently bother me?" he thought to himself.

Tamika said, "Are you the Dr. Kingsley that Ms. Williamson went to school with?"

"Yes I am," Jordan replied.

"Itís a pleasure to meet you to sir," Tamika said.

Michael told Tamika he had about 45 minutes for a break and could show her around now. She was excited and inquisitive as they started her tour. They left John standing with Jordan.


John felt a little awkward standing there with Jordan, but he thought that this was as good a time as any to get to know him a little better. John started with, "So Evangeline told you about Tamika?"

"Yeah," Jordan replied. "She wanted to make sure that if Michael couldnít show Tamika around, that maybe I could. From what she told me, that Tamika is one smart sista."

"Yeah, she is," John said. "Sheís pretty street savvy too. Actually, all the girls that Evangeline mentors are pretty special girls. Evangeline is proud of all of them."

"She should be proud of herself," Jordan said. "Itís a great thing sheís doing mentoring these girls."

"Can I ask you something?" John said suddenly.

"Uh, I guess so," Jordan replied hesitantly. "Whatís up?"

"I just wanted to know how Evangeline is really doing," John said. "Iím sure sheís told you that she asked me for some space and Iím trying to give it to her, but itís hard. I really miss her and Iíd just feel better if I knew her friends were watching out for her."

"Well," Jordan started. "Evangeline didnít tell me all of the particulars, but I know you two are taking a break. I have been checking up on her and so has her friend Cynthia. Physically, sheíll be back to normal in no time. Emotionally, I think sheíll bounce back soon. I couldnít presume to tell you exactly what sheís feeling, but I can say that being away from you is hard on her too."

John was a little surprised that Jordan said so much, but he was grateful. John said, "Thanks for being there for her man. Thanks for telling me she misses me too. Could you tell Michael and Tamika that Iíll be in the cafeteria getting some coffee when they are done?"

"Sure thing," Jordan replied as John left the Emergency Room.

"Her missing me has got to be a good sign for us," John thought. "I donít know when it will happen, but I know sheís coming back to me." He also thought, "Jordan seems like a good guy. Michael was right."


Evangeline and Theresa got to the Angelís Square Diner first. They were sitting at a booth chatting when Antonio and Sonia walked in. Antonio smiled as he spotted Evangeline and walked up to her. "Hey Evangeline," Antonio said. "Can I talk to you for a minute?"

"Um, sure Antonio," Evangeline replied. "Theresa, this is Sonia and Antonio. Antonio and Sonia, this is Theresa."

They all exchanged pleasantries and then Evangeline went to the side with Antonio as Sonia stayed and talked to Theresa. Antonio said, "I wanted to ask you if I could bring you some information in about a week and if you could help me to use it to put someone away for a long time?"

Looking confused, Evangeline said, "What are you talking about?"

Antonio said, "Sonia and I are on our way to New York. I think Iíve discovered how to gather information on El Tiburon and I want you to help me put him or her away when I get back. Can you help me with this? Oh, and not tell John until I get you the information?"

"Of course Iíll help you," Evangeline replied. "This sounds dangerous though. Are you sure you donít want to tell John so heíll have your back?"

"Thanks for agreeing to help," Antonio replied. "I canít tell John because what I may have to do to get the information may not be all above the law."

"Stop right there," Evangeline said quickly. "Youíre a lawyer. Donít tell me anything that could incriminate you later. Just be safe, okay?"

"Donít worry," Antonio said as they walked back toward the booth. "Sonia has my back."

When they got back to the table, Evangeline said, "You know Theresa, you and Antonio have more in common than just being of Latina descent. Antonio has his law degree and you want to be an attorney."

Theresa smiled as Antonio asked her, "?Es usted puertorriquena?" (Are you Puerto Rican?)

"No," Theresa replied in kind. " Soy mexicana" ( I am Mexican)

Theresa and Antonio exchanged a few more words in Spanish before Antonio said, "Adios Evangeline and Theresa."

As he and Sonia walked out, they passed John and Tamika walking in. John just gave Antonio the nod of acknowledgement, but they didnít speak. When they reached the booth, Tamika asked Theresa to go to the bathroom with her so they could leave Evangeline and John alone for a few minutes.


"Why did I have to come to the bathroom with you?" Theresa inquired.

"I wanted to give Diva E and McB a little alone time," Tamika replied. "McB told me that they are going through a hard time right now. He said that Diva E would have to tell us about it though."

"I saw a headline in that paper The Sun while we were at the station and it said that Diva E was attacked by a bigot and it implied that McB may have killed the guy to avenge Diva E," Theresa responded.

"What?" Tamika said. "Did you ask Diva E about it?"

"Yeah," Theresa replied. "All she would say is that the attack happened, but that McB had nothing to do with the guy being killed and that she was trying to get passed it. I thought there was a weird vibe when we entered McBís office this morning."

"Heís really down about it," Tamika confirmed. "He asked us to be there for Diva E and he said heíll be there when sheís ready."

"I like McB," Theresa said. "I hope this works out for them. Heís okay."


Tico Santi was sitting at Lionís Heart plotting and planning. He had seen The Sun and was very pleased. He thought to himself, "Maybe this is going to work out for the best. Putting the spot light on Williamson and McBain should keep them out of my business and with the article implying that McBain could have something to do with the death will only help more. Now, if I can only figure out what Sonia is up to for the INL."

Just as he had that thought, his cell phone rang. The voice on the other end of the line told him that Sonia and Antonio were on their way to New York City and that they may have found some evidence to point the finger at El Tiburon. As Tico seethed, he told the voice on the other end to keep tabs on Sonia and tap her cell phone. He wanted to know everything she was up to and how close they were getting to identifying El Tiburon.

"Why are you betraying me Sonia?" he thought angrily. "I will not let you be my downfall, especially while being helped by my non-brother Maneulito!"


While Tamika and Theresa were at the bathroom, John decided to keep the conversation with Evangeline generic. He didnít want to bring up the article in The Sun and by her not mentioning it, he knew she didnít want to bring it up either. He told Evangeline that he thought Tamika had a great and informative time and that he talked to Jordan while Tamika was on her tour. Evangeline thanked John again for helping her and said she was glad that Tamika got to meet Jordan also.

The girls came back and finished their lunch. John walked them to Evangelineís car and said goodbye and an early Merry Christmas to Tamika and Theresa.

As they drove away, John thought to himself, "oh yeah, she is definitely going to come back to me."

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