When Did This Happen by morejovan

Chapter One

John unlocks the door to his room to find Evangeline asleep on his bed. She looks so peaceful laying there on her right side, facing the room door. She's kicked off her shoes and is laying there in her jeans and a form fitting pink t-shirt.

As John looks at her, he gets a queasiness in his stomach. He thinks to himself, "My God, she is so beautiful. I feel closer to her than anyone else in my life. What is going on with me? I tell her I need time and that I need to go day by day, but my every thought is of her and being with her ALL THE TIME. When did this happen? I can't believe I've fallen for her so fast. Geesh! What is this hold she has over me? I'd look stupid if I told her how I feel right now, especially since I'm the one that kinda slowed us down and I know she hates to not be in control. I can control these feelings. I'll use my Quantico training to practice patience."

John takes off his shoes and shirt and lays on the bed behind her as gently as he can. As he lays on his right side with his head propped up on his right hand, he uses his left hand to gently push her hair back from her ear and he whispers, "Hey sleepy head".

Evangeline just smiles, without opening her eyes and says a sleepy, "Hey".

John asks, "What are you doing here? Was I supposed to be meeting you here?"

Still with her eyes closed, she says, "I came by around midnight to Thank You for being there for me the other day after Kelly's trial. When I got here, I saw a note from Natalie taped to your door, asking that you meet her on the roof. I knew you'd been worried about her, so I asked Nigel to let me in because I thought you might need to talk after that." She opened her eyes and rolled toward him to look at him face to face. She says, "I hope its okay that I'm here. I don't need to know what Natalie wanted to talk about, but is she okay? Are you still worried about her?"

John smiled and said, "I think it's a great surprise that you're here. I didn't know how much I wanted to see you until I saw you laying here. Natalie wanted to tell me she broke it off with Paul Kramer. I think she's going to be just fine."

At hearing Natalie's news, Evangeline got a sinking feeling in her stomach, but she blew it off. She looked at John intently in the eyes and placed her hand on is cheek. She said, "You really look worn out. Are you okay?"

John said, "I'm okay I guess. This Antonio thing is really getting to me and I didn't expect to have to talk to Natalie when I got home. Who knew we'd end up watching the sun come up?"

With a shocked expression, Evangeline said, "Watch the sun come up? What?" She grabbed is wrist to look at the time on his watch while saying, "What time is it? Oh my God, 6:15 am! I didn't realize I'd been asleep that long. I've got to go."

As she tried to get up, John said, "No, no, no. Don't go yet. I just got here."

Evangeline says, "You need some rest. Obviously, you've been up for almost 24 hours. I'll get out of your way."

John says, "Please, I just want to hold you for a while, spoon. Can you at least stay until I fall asleep? Please".

As he gave her that intense gaze that he so often does, she knew she couldn't refuse those beautiful blue eyes anything. She looked at him and said, "Yeah, I'll stay for a little while."

John smiled in relief and said, "Thanks for being here for me. I know I'm still working on expressing myself more with you, but I want you to know that it means a lot to me that you're here. " "Now," he said, "is when you kiss me, Missy".

With a surprised yet confident look on her face, Evangeline says, "Really. Missy?" At this point, she leaned in and gave him the softest, sweetest, lingering kiss she could muster. As their mouths separated, she rolled back on her right side so that they could spoon. John put is left hand on her stomach and began tracing figure eights with is index finger as he slowly fell asleep with a smile on his face. Evangeline had a smile too.

About an hour later, Evangeline felt the rhythmic pattern of John's breathing on the back of her neck. She knew he had fallen asleep. She gently removed his left hand from her hip and slid off the bed. She went to the bathroom to throw some water on her face. She made sure she didn't make too much noise because she knew he was exhausted and needed some rest. As she was returning from the bathroom, she stood in the doorway just staring at John laying there asleep. She got a queasiness in her stomach and thinks to herself, "My God, he is so gorgeous. I feel closer to him than anyone else in my life. I can tell him anything. I really trust him. What is going on with me? I tell him that I like to be in control and he understands, but I stand here so ready to give up part of my control on what's happening between us. I can't believe how I think about him ALL THE TIME. Get a grip, girl! You told him that you were willing to go day by day and you know that he needs to go slow. When did this happen? When did he become one of the most important things in my life? What is this hold he has over me? I'd scare him if I told him how I'm feeling. I know he needs time. I'll just keep my feelings to myself. I'm a pro at having self control and playing it close to the vest. I can do this."

As Evangeline puts her shoes on and goes to walk out, she can't resist touching him one last time. She walks over to the bed and bends down and places a soft kiss on his cheek. As she's rising up, he grabs her hand and half way opens his eyes. He groggily says, "You’re leaving?"

She says, "Yeah, I've got to go home and change and get to the office. Todd has been leaving me incoherent messages every couple of hours all night. Go back to sleep."

He says, "I'll call you later" as he recloses his eyes and drifts back to sleep.

On her drive home, Evangeline is listening to the radio and they're playing Alicia Keys new song, "If I Ain't Got You". There is a line in the song that says, "Some just want everything, but everything means nothing if I ain't got you". She laughs out loud to herself and thinks, "how ironic. I use to think songs were just songs, but I'm kinda there with what sentiment this song is about. Ooohhhh! How mushy am I getting?"

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