They took their time and tried to work on the whole communication issue. Of course there were set backs as there are in every relationship. John helped Evangeline win the custody case against RJ. Evangeline, John, Jessica, Jamie, and Antonio all celebrated the win. It was another win tally mark in Evangeline's lawyer score board. They took things slow. Nine months after they got back together; they decided to move in with each other. They had problems at first trying to find a place that they both liked. After a month of searching they finally agreed on a place and started the move. They enjoyed living together and getting to know each others habits and routines in the morning and evening.

Evangeline is at her office working hard on trial prep for the next couple of days. "Evangeline Williamson." She says answering her ringing phone.


"Hey yourself." She says as a smile crosses her face and she lets out a deep sigh.

"How much longer are you going to be? I miss you?"

"It doesn't look like I will be home anytime soon. I have a huge trial to prep for and the work is piling up. My assistant is sick and we won't be getting a temp until later in the week." She said rubbing her eyes and looking at the mess her office had become.

"Sounds like your busy."

"Yeah very. Is there something you needed?"

"Besides you next to me in bed no, Just calling to say hi."

"Well Hi back. Man I would love nothing more than to be in bed next to you sound asleep right now." She said laughing.

"Who said anything about sleeping?" he asked with a raised eyebrow.


"Hey, I only state the truth, you know that."

"That I do. Well I should get back to work." She said disappointed.

"Listen I have some work to do as well, how about I come over and keep you company."


"Yeah really, if that is okay with you?"

"That is fine with me. But only work, no hanky panky." She said smiling at the thought of making love to him in her office yet again.

"Oh alright, I guess I can handle that if you can?"

"Hey I can handle anything you throw at me McBain."

"We will see about that. See you in a bit."

"See ya."

Evangeline's office door was wide open and he saw her walking around the office on her tiptoes trying not to step on any of the files. He stood at the door staring at her for quite a while before moving in to the office. She stopped mid step when she felt someone staring at her from behind. She knew that feeling any where. His gaze was so strong that she got chills down her back as she felt him staring at her.

"Hey, Beautiful." He said walking carefully towards her as to not step on any of her papers.

"Hey yourself. You don't know how good it is to see you."

"Yeah, I do. How are things going here?"

"Well take a look around, it's a crazy mess. I hope you can find a place to work."

"How about I take the couch that is all I really need anyways."

"Sounds good to me; so what is in the bag?"

"I brought dinner. Figured you haven't eaten yet so I brought you something."

"Oh, great I am starved."

"Good. Take a break and eat. That's an order counselor." He said with a laugh.

She ate the meal that John brought to her. When she got to the piece if cake she noticed something was in it. "John, did you see that there is something in this cake?" he didn't answer her. He just smiled at her and went back to his case.

She pulled the cake out and saw the ring sitting on top of the piece of cake. "John, what is this?"

"What, you can't tell?"


"Marry me."


"You heard me I said marry me. I can't see myself spending my life with out you or with anyone else ever. You are my light; you saved me from myself and my past. I need you Evangeline Williamson."

"John, are you serious."

"Yes as a heart attack."

She looked at the ring and he took it from her and slipped it on her finger. "What do you say, you want to become Mrs. McBain?"

"I would love nothing more to become Mrs. John McBain."


"Yes Really!"

She leaned in to him and kissed him hard. The cases that he had fell to the ground as she fell on top of him. He put his hands through her hair and pulled her closer to him. She moaned as she kissed him hard. She pulled back and saw a tears pooling in his eyes. "I love you John McBain."

"I love you too, Evangeline Williamson."