?Yeah, Bo come on in.? Bo walked into John?s office and took a seat across from John and just sat there and stared at John.

?So, Bo is there something you wanted to talk about??

?John, what?s the deal man? You have been tearing into the officers lately. What is going on with you??

?What do you mean Bo??

?I mean, you practically made Thompson cry, for not turning in a file on time. No one wants to talk to you about anything. The other officers are afraid to come in and talk to you about their cases. That is what I mean.?

John sat there looking at Bo and taking in everything that he said. He ran his fingers through his hair and cleared his throat, ?Listen, Bo it is personal, I am sorry for taking out my problems on everyone else. I will try to lighten up some.?

?Thanks John.?

?Thanks Bo, for brining it to my attention.?

Bo got up and left John?s office and headed back to his. He ran into Nora on his way and they talked in Bo?s office about what was bothering John and the upcoming Schaffer case. John sat at his desk, picked up the Eagles football that was sitting there with the string wrapped around it and played with it while he thought about Evangeline.

He heard Evangeline?s words in his head, ?How could you do this? I trusted you! Then you go and break that trust. Didn?t I tell you she still had feelings for you? I told you on so many occasions John. But you refused to believe it. John we were in a committed relationship, and you acted like I didn?t even exist.? Why did he do it?

Evangeline was like no one he had ever met before. She was smart, funny, classy, and beautiful. She had everything that he had wanted in a woman, so what drove him to betray their commitment and break the trust that they had built? John thought about what Bo had said, and how he had just brushed Bo off without a real explanation for his behavior.

How was he going to tell his boss, that the woman that he loved had dumped him because he kissed Bo?s niece? What was it about Natalie that drove John to do things that would jeopardize his relationship with Evangeline?

?I don?t even like Natalie like that, plus she is still a married woman. How could I let her pull me in like this? Evangeline is nothing like Natalie and Natalie is nothing like Evangeline. But they both do things to me that make me crazy. Natalie is only my friend, I wish she would understand that. I do not know how many times I tried to tell Evangeline that and Natalie that for that matter. Why does she always have to be right? She told me that Natalie wanted more I should have listened to her. Damn it McBain. I have to get Evangeline back, I have to make her understand that the only reason I kissed Natalie back was because I was afraid of my own feelings. She is the woman I want to be with.? John thought to himself.

Several hours later

Evangeline took a deep breath as she walked into the police station, and past Natalie?s desk. Thankfully she wasn?t around and neither was John. She made her way to Bo?s office and knocked on the door.

?Yeah, come on in?

?Hi, Bo.?

?Hi Evangeline, come on in. have a seat.? Evangeline pulled up a seat across from Bo?s desk and asked, ?So what can I help you with??

?I know this may not be any of my business, but it is effecting the working environment around here. I haven?t seen you around here in a couple of weeks and John has not been acting like himself in the same amount of time. I was hoping that you could help me connect the dots between his behavior and your lack of appearance around here.?

?Wow, Bo. I rather not talk about that.?

?I figured as much, but the thing is that John has been a little out of control lately and I figured since you two are seeing each other you might be able to help me understand what is going on with him.?

Evangeline got up and paced around Bo?s office. ?Bo, I really do not want to get in this with you. But John and I broke up. That is all I am going to say about that. I am sorry that John has been taking it out on everyone around here. Really I am. But??

As she started to finish her statement John came barging into Bo?s office. ?Listen Bo, I am sorry about blowing up at everyone around here, it is just that Evangeline and I?? Before he could finish his sentence he saw Evangeline standing there in Bo?s office.

?I think I will let you guys talk.? Bo said getting out of his seat and leaving his office.

?Evangeline, I didn?t know you were here.?

?Yeah, I didn?t know you were here either.?

John walked towards her. She looked amazing. She had been working out a lot and he could tell. Man it was good to see her. All he wanted to do was reach out and grab her and kiss her. John moved closer to her and she slowly backed away from him.

?Umm, so what are you doing here?? John asked her.

?Bo, asked me, asked me to come in to talk. I think I am going to get going.? She walked around him out of his reach and headed out the door before he could say anything else.

?Evangeline! Wait!? he yelled at her. She kept walking away from him. ?Officers, stop her!? two officers blocked her path from exiting the station. She turned around to face John.

?John, what the hell do you think you are doing? I suggest you tell your officers to move or I will sue you and the Llanview Police Department for harassment.? She was forceful in her tone but calm.

?Officers will you bring her back into the Commissioner?s office please.? John said motioning towards the officers.

?Ma?am, I think the Lt. Would like to see you in the Commissioner?s office. This way please.? One of the officers said putting his hand gently on her arm.

?Evangeline, please, I just want to talk.? He said asking her to come into the office.

?John, I don?t want to talk to you.? She responded.

John walked over to her and grabbed her hand and walked her in to the office, ?Please let?s not do this out here.?

?Get your hands off of me John.? She said as she walked into the office. He closed the door behind him and stood in front of it.

?So, what has been going on with you Counselor? I have called you and you haven?t returned any of my calls.?

Evangeline was standing at Bo?s desk with her back towards John. ?I would have thought you would have gotten the hint after I kicked you out of my apartment and told you I didn?t want to see or hear from you again John.? She said slowly turning to face him. She leaned back on Bo?s desk waiting for his response.

?Evangeline..? he walked closer towards her. She put up her hand to stop him from getting any closer.

?John, listen I said everything that I wanted to say weeks ago. When you decided to kiss another woman you destroyed my trust in you and broke the commitment that we had established over the past year. There is no way I can be with someone I can not trust John, no way.?

?You may have said everything that you wanted to say, but I didn?t get a chance to respond. Especially since you kicked me out of your house and then wouldn?t return my phone calls.?

?I thought you would be with Natalie by now. Seeing as she loves you and everything.?

?I thought you loved me??

?John, don?t go there.?

?Go where Evangeline? I am just asking you a question, are you telling me that you don?t love me and that you never did??

?Woo, hold on a minute Lieutenant, how dare you even say that. Why on earth would you think such a thing, If anyone has a right to be questioning the whole love thing, it is me. I have told you that I love you, and all I get from you is ?I don?t know if I can even say those words, but if I would they would be to you.??

?I guess I deserve that.?

?And much more.? There was a long pause between her last statement and any response from him. ?So how is Natalie. I guess it helps that she works here you know. ?

?What do you mean, by that??

?Oh wait I forgot you are clueless, I guess that means I have to spell things out for you huh? How is Natalie? I am assuming you guys are together now and everything. Since I am out of the picture.?

?You are far from out of the picture Evangeline. I can?t stop thinking about you? he reached for her hand, but she pulled away and put them behind her back.

?So were you thinking about me when you continued to kiss Natalie?? she waited for his response and when there was none she said, ?I take that as a No, so you no what, I am done.?

?What do you mean done? You mean done with us??

?John we have been done for the past couple of weeks, where the hell have you been?? With that last statement she gathered her things and walked out the door. She left John standing in the middle of Bo?s office.

John slammed the door as Evangeline walked out of the station. Bo came walking in the other door and asked, ?Is everything okay John? That seemed a little intense.?

?Yeah tell me about it.?

?So I take it you guys didn?t get things worked out??

?Far from it Bo, far from it.? John said as he walked out of Bo?s office past Natalie and back into his office.

Natalie had witnessed Evangeline walking out of Bo?s office and John slamming the door after her. She thought to her self that now, that Evangeline was out of the picture John was all hers.