At the Police Station the next day

“Hey John. How are things going on the case?” Bo asked stepping into John’s office.

“Hey Boss, they are okay I guess. No new leads. But we are working on it.” John said looking up at Bo. John’s eyes were blood shot red, he had a haggard look on his face. His desk was a mess and papers were lined up all over the floor.

“Is everything okay McBain, you look like crap.” Bo asked.

“Yeah, everything is fine, just a long night that is all.”

“I thought you had dinner plans with Evangeline last night. Do not tell me you blew her off to work on this case?”

“I rather not talk about it, if that is okay with you Boss.” John said leaning back into his chair.

“Yeah sure what ever John. Let me know if there are any new leads in the case.” Bo said as he walked out of John’s office and closed the door behind him.

“Yeah, come in.” John said to a knock at his door. The door swung open and there stood the bane of all of his problems. Natalie Vega.

“Is it okay if I come in?” she asked in a quite voice.

He looked up and saw her standing there with coffee in hand.

“I brought you some coffee.” She said walking over to his desk and setting the coffee on it.

He looked up at her then back down at the coffee and finally back down to his computer screen.

“John, listen about last night, what I did what I said..”

John cut her off by saying, “Listen Natalie what happened between us meant nothing to me. I do not want to talk about this now or ever, can you just leave I have some work to do.” His tone was harsh and to the point.

She turned and left him alone slamming the door so hard that it shook the walls. He sat back down in his chair and let out a loud sigh. She was so childish, why on earth did he have to kiss her? At seeing Natalie he realized that he needed to talk to Evangeline. He picked up his phone and dialed her house number. It rang and rang, and finally the answering machine picked up. “You have reached Evangeline Williamson, I am not home right now so please leave a detailed message and I will return your call as soon as possible.” The sound of her voice brought a smile to his face. “Evangeline, it is John can you call me when you get this, I am going to try your cell number next. We really need to talk about last night.

Evangeline was still at home when John had called. She let her answering machine pick up the call for fear it would be John on the other end. She was not ready to talk to him. She didn’t ever thing she would be ready to talk to him again. She went to her room and found her cell phone and turned it off so that John’s calls would go straight to her voice mail.

“You have reached Evangeline Williams, Attorney at Law. I am unable to take your call right now; if this is an emergency you can call my office and have them page me. If not please leave a message and I will return it as soon as possible.” John slammed down the phone at hearing her voicemail again this time on her cell. He ran his fingers through his hair and leaned back in his chair. He decided to try her office next.

“Williamson, Anderson, and Roberts, how can I help you.” The secretary said.

“Evangeline Williamson please.”

“I am sorry Ms. Williamson will not be in today would you like her voicemail?”

“No that is okay, thank you.” John said hanging up the phone. She isn’t going to work today. She didn’t answer her cell phone or her house phone either I hope everything is okay. He looked down at his watch it was 8:30, where was she? He gathered his gun and jacket and hurried over to Evangeline’s place.

“Evangeline, Evangeline are you in there? Open the door it’s John!” he yelled from the other side of the closed and locked door.

“John, what did I tell you last night? Stay the hell away from me! I do not want to talk to you or see you.” She said standing close to the door and talking to him through it.

John sighed a sound of relief at hearing her voice. Even if she didn’t want to talk him or see him, at least he knew she was okay. He left without saying a word.

John found his cell phone in his jacket pocket; he called the police station and asked for a 24 hour watch to be put on Evangeline. If he couldn’t keep an eye on her then he would have the whole Llanview Police Station do it for him.

Over the next couple of weeks, Evangeline tried her best to stay out of John’s path. She ignored him every time he called. She even asked the receptionist to send any of John’s phone calls straight to her voice mail. She would send paralegals to the police station to gather records or return them. She would call the diner to make sure John was not there when she went there to pick up dinner every once and a while.

One night Evangeline went to the diner to pick up her to go order on her way home from work. She walked in to the diner and saw Natalie sitting in a booth. Evangeline sighed to herself as she saw Natalie. They both made quick eye contact then turned away. Evangeline walked to the counter to see if her order was ready.

“Hi.” Natalie said walking up to Evangeline.

“Hey.” She responded quickly.

“How are you doing?”

“Natalie, what do you want?”

“I just wanted to see how you were doing that is all. I know John has been really short with people at work, and I haven’t seen you around the station lately. Is everything okay between you two?”

“Your kidding me right?” she said looking Natalie straight in to the eyes. “Why on earth do you think I would talk about my private life with you of all people?”

“I don’t know, just thought since you and John are together that you would know why he is acting funny.”

“Please, Natalie lets not even go there. You know exactly why John is in your words acting Funny! If you are so worried about him, why don’t you ask him yourself?”

“I tried, he kicked me out of his office. He has been yelling at everyone for the past couple of weeks. Are you sure you don’t know what is going on with him.”

“Even if I did, and I am not saying that I do, I would not tell you. You need to get a life and stop interfering in everyone else’s.” Evangeline said as the waitress brought her food.

Natalie stood there stunned at Evangeline’s remarks towards her. She watched Evangeline leave then she rolled her eyes and said, “Bitch!”

As Evangeline walked to her car she heard footsteps growing faster and faster behind her. She quicken her pace to her car and found the small can of pepper spray that John had given her after her attack at the train station. She threw her food and purse on the ground and flew around facing the person that was coming after her with her finger on the button of the can of pepper spray ready and willing to spray whoever it was.