“Finish what you were going to say Evangeline, You hope our what?” He said leaning back into the couch with his feet firmly planted on the floor.

“Nothing, John. I wasn't going to say anything.”

“Okay, I will let it go this time.” John said standing up and pulling his boxer shorts back on. “Umm, so are you going to tell me what that message was about earlier?” he asked as he ran his fingers through her hair.

“What time is it?”

“It’s about 10:30, why?”

“John, I am sorry I have to go, I have a meeting at noon.” She said getting up and kissing him on his lips. She ran up stairs threw her robe on the floor and turned on the shower. When she stepped out she saw John sitting on the bed waiting patiently for her.

“You, think you can get away from me that easily?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Come on, don't you play the clueless role now, that’s mine.” He said scooting to the end of the bed and staring her down.

She was standing in the middle of the room getting dressed. He watched her intently trying to read her body language. She knew what he was doing and avoided looking at him in the eyes and making to many movements.

He saw her pulse start to quicken as the vein in her neck started to throb hard. He walked towards her stood right in front of her with his hands on his hips and asked her one more time, “I am going to ask you one more time, what was the answering machine message about.?”

“John…” her voice trailed off as she walked towards her closet to find something to wear.

“That is my name, so answer the question.”

“John, it is a surprise. Can we just leave it at that?” she said turning back at him, running her hands through her own hair.

“I guess that will have to do.” He replied pecking her on the lips.

She took a deep breath, knowing that she had avoided that subject. But if she knew anything about John McBain it was this, the man hates surprises and secrets. She knew he was going to do anything he could to find out what she was hiding.

“John, you can stay here and hang out if you want. I want you to stay here. There is an extra key in the den table in case you decide to leave.”

Evangeline hurried and got dressed she told John that she would meet him for a late lunch if he wasn't busy.

“For you, I have all the time in the world.” He replied as he handed her purse and walked her to the car.

“Call me, when you are ready okay?” he said kissing her goodbye on the lips and closing the car door. She nodded in agreement and drove away.

John made his way back in to Evangeline’s place and flipped on ESPN. With their late night love making session he need to catch up on the baseball scores from yesterday. His cell phone rang as he sat and watched Baseball Tonight.


“Yeah, listen I have the day off. Anything you need is going to have to wait till tomorrow. Got it!” He said hanging up on the officer that had called him.

He got up and headed to the kitchen and he walked by the answering machine light flickering, mocking him. He needed to know what she was up too. Surprise was not his thing and she knew it, yet she still wanted to give him one. What on earth could it be? He turned from the kitchen and headed to the den in search of the phone book.

“Where the hell does she keep the phone book?” He said as he moved papers around opened and closed drawers and finally found it. He flipped threw trying to find any signs of where she had been looking with in it. The page landed on the jewelry section of the phone book. He took a deep breath as he saw one of the Jewelry stores circled in red. Did he really want to ruin what she had planned for him? He sat there and thought about what they had talked about early and his growing feelings for her. He closed the phone book and headed back to the couch.

“Evangeline Williamson. Yeah, hi Bo. You have Todd where, why, wait I will be there in a minute. Todd what have you gotten yourself into now!” Evangeline said, she grabbed her briefcase and ran out of her office down to the police station.

“Bo, what is going on? What has Todd done now?”

“Well it seems he tried to bribe a couple of people in trying to find out where Asa was hiding.”

“Bo, can we have some privacy to talk for a minute.”

“Sure take all the time in the world.” Bo said as he left Todd and Evangeline alone in his office.

“Well, Manning care to explain what he is talking about?”

“Actually no I don't, can you just get me outta here. Blair and I have plans for lunch later.”

“Todd, I need to know what is going on. What was Bo talking about, Bribery charges; those are serious charges you know.”

“Listen, Evangeline I know you are great lawyer and I appreciate your help, but I need to get out of here. If I am late Blair will start freaking out and she really cannot handle that right now.”

“Okay, okay, let me go talk to Bo and see what we can do. I maybe able to have him not charge you right now.” Evangeline walked out of the office and found Bo talking to one of the other officers.

“Bo is there any way we cannot do this right now. Todd has to get home to Blair before she freaks out. I know this is a lot to ask, but can we do this later today or something. When I know court is in session and I can get him arraigned right away so Blair and the kids won't miss him. I will even bring him back here myself.”

“Evangeline, only for you my dear. Keep an eye on him okay, I can't have him leaving the state? I am trusting you here.”

“Thank you, thanks so much Bo.” She said touching his arm and giving him a warm smile. She walked back in to Bo’s office and told Todd the good news. He got up and left and told Evangeline where he would be and that he would come back to the station and “surrender” around 3 if that was cool with her.

“Yeah, I will see you at 3 Todd, and if are not here, so help me Manning I will have John hunt you down!”

Evangeline walked out of Bo’s Office and saw a familiar face talking with one of the officers. John was standing in the outer office talking with one of the officers about a case they both had been working on.

“Listen Gilmore, I came in here on my day off…” he stopped mid sentence when he saw Evangeline walk out of Bo’s office. He stared at her, flashed a quick smile.

“Yes, Lieutenant you were saying.” Gilmore said trying to get John back on track.

“Umm, Umm, Where was I?” John asked trying to focus on his conversation but unable to.

Evangeline mouthed Hi, to him and then stood there staring him down. Her eyes traveled all over his body from head to toe. Lingering on his mouth as she slowly moistened her lips with her tongue thinking about what happened before she left work this morning.

“Lieutenant, McBain is every thing okay?” Officer Gilmore asked.

“Umm, yeah, I umm, came here on my day off to because you said you had a break in the case with new eye witness testimony. When I get here the witness is not even here and you have nothing to say.” John kept his eyes focused on Evangeline the whole time. He watched her slow movements as she shifted her weight from one leg to the other. He let his eyes wonder all over her body, remembering what she looked like in the nude, how she felt pressed against him, how she smelled, what she sounded like when he pleasured her.

Evangeline rested one of her arms on the desk, leaning to hold her self up. She traced her lower lip with her index finger and slowly bit her bottom lip. She held John’s gaze the entire time he was talking to the other officer. She picked up her briefcase when she saw Bo standing behind John looking at some files. She slowly walked up to Bo, passing John and letting her hand gently brush his as it hung by his side. Chills went flowing through both of their bodies with one touch.

John tried to focus on what Officer Gilmore was saying to him, but he felt the need to turn around and look back at Evangeline standing there talking to Bo behind him. “Can you repeat what you just said Gilmore.” John asked because he couldn't focus with Evangeline standing so close to him, yet so far away.

“I said, Lieutenant that the witness will be here in about 30 minuets, she had to find someone to watch her sick daughter.”

“Okay, okay umm just come and get me when she gets here okay. I will be in my office working on some paperwork till she gets here.”

“Will do Lieutenant, and sorry about the misunderstanding.”

“Yeah, sure whatever.” John said turning to around to look at Evangeline.