Evangeline really wanted to ask where they were going to next, but she kept her mouth shut.

“John McBain.” She said shaking her head back and forth with a small smile on her face.


“You amaze me, I would never have guessed that you planned all of this. How on earth did you do it?”

“That is a secret, but what I can tell you is now you have a dress, shoes, and bag you need to do your hair am I right?”

She ran her fingers thru her pony tail and smiled back at him, “Yes you are right. Is that where we are going to next?” He didn't answer her as they slid into the limo.

He scooted closer to her and place his arm around her shoulder and kissed her cheek all the way down to her neck. He lingered there for awhile, he kissed and sucked her neck and she scooted in towards him and let out a quite moan. Her hand traveled down to his leg and she started stroking his inner thigh. John let out a groan as he continued to kiss and suck on her neck and ear. His hand slid down the front of her dress and he started rubbing her breast. Before they got to far gone the limo came to a stop and they corrected themselves laughing as they did so.

The stopped at the salon and John helped Evangeline out and she went into to the salon and got her hair and makeup done.

“Evangeline I will be right back, I just have to run around the corner, I will be back before you are done, Just come to the car when you are finished. Don't worry about paying all that is taken care of.”

“Ladies, take care of her, she is precious to me.” John said to the hairdresser as Evangeline sat into the salon chair and the hairdresser went to work.

“John..” she said putting her head in her hands in an embarrassed way.

John left the salon and went around the corner to the flower shop that he saw when they had gotten out of the limo.

“Yes, can I get two dozen red roses please.”

“Yes, sir coming right up. That will be 35.50 plus tax.” Said the attendant.

John handed the attendant the money and took the flowers. He got back into the limo and put the roses in the front seat with the driver then called the station to check in.

“Yeah, it’s McBain. How are things there?

“Hey, Lieutenant. Things are fine I guess, but that is all I can tell you.

What do you mean you that’s all you can tell me? I am your boss and I asked you a question, how are things going there?”

“Well the Commissioner told us that if you called to just tell you things are fine here so you don't have to worry about anything and enjoy your weekend off. That is all.”

“Ohh, well is the Commissioner in?”

“Yeah, hold on a minute.”

“Hey, Bo, how are things going there?”

“John, why on earth are you calling me, I thought you were spending the weekend out of town with Evangeline?”

“I am, I am just waiting for her to get her hair done before we head off to dinner. How are things going there Bo?”

“John, don't worry about it, I have everything under control just enjoy your time off and tell Evangeline I said hi.”

“Thanks Bo. I will.”

John hung up the phone, turned on the radio and found some Springsteen on it and started singing along under his breath with the song.

In the Salon

“That is a gorgeous dress you have on.”

“Why thank you.” Evangeline said with a small smile.

“So what do you have planned for this evening all dressed up so nicely?”

“Actually I have no idea. My boyfriend, I guess you can call him that. He is making all the plans and hasn't told me a single thing.”

“Really? Does he do these types of things often?”

“Actually no he doesn't. He isn't much into celebrating things. It is our one year anniversary.”


“Thank you, thanks.”

“So you have no idea what you are doing tonight huh? Did he give you any clues or anything like that?”

“Nope, none at all, and he wont even let me ask questions to find out what is going on. All I know is that we had breakfast at Tiffany’s this morning, and then we went shopping just before I got here. Now I am here getting my hair done.”

“Wow, that’s impressive. Does he have a brother?”

Evangeline laughed at the hairdresser’s question, “Well actually he does, but he has a girlfriend sorry.”

“Ahh that’s alright I got a boyfriend anyways. Not as great as yours but I got one.”

“He is great. He really keeps me on my toes, and makes me laugh all the time, and he is such a challenge but that is one of the things that I love the most about him.”

“I can tell that he loves you too, by doing all of this for you.”

“Yeah, he does.”

The hairdresser worked on her hair, then the makeup artist came over and did Evangeline’s makeup to watch what she had on. Evangeline was finished in record time. John had paid them big bucks to do a quick but beautiful job on her hair and makeup.

“Wow, you guys are great! I would never be able to do this on my own. Thank you very much.”

“Your welcome. Have a great evening Hun.” The hairdresser helped her out of the chair and opened the door for her.

John was standing against the limo waiting for her to walk out. When the door swung open his mouth hit the floor and his eyes jumped out of his head.

“You look, I don't even have the words.”

“Wow, John McBain speechless. I like that.” She said as she walked up to him and lightly kissed him on the lips, then wiping the lipstick from his lips. He grabbed her hand and stopped her.

“Leave it there.” He said with a smile, he opened the door and watched her intently as she scooted into the limo.