“How was breakfast?”

“Incredible.” Evangeline responded with smile. “The best waffles I have ever had.”

“Well I am glad you enjoyed them. So what have you decided on?”

“Well I think we will go with the second choice.” John said, not hinting at what he had in store.

“I think that is a great choice. I have it all ready for you. Just let me run to the back and pack it up.”

“Great thanks again Paul. I really appreciate all you help and input.”

Evangeline just stood there listening intently to their conversation. She tried to pick up on the words that they were using but they were talking in what seemed like some kind of code. She just stood there looking back and forth at the two men that were talking like she wasn’t even there. How did John know which one she would like if she didn’t even ask her?

“Umm, John care to fill me in on what is going on?” She asked quietly.

“Evangeline do you always have to know what is going on? Just go with the flow. Trust me.” He said and smiled at her. He bent down for a small peck on the lips to help ease her nervousness. John knew that she was nervous about this weekend and he enjoyed that. He was in control of the situation and their weekend and he enjoyed that immensely.

They had talked about marriage before and she was still weary of it. After Nora and Daniel’s wedding she was a little bit more open about it. Then when Nora and Daniel got a divorce because they found out he really killed Paul Cramer Evangeline heart kind of closed up a bit and she pushed John away some. John wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon. He knew that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her married or not. But he knew that he had to marry this woman. He had to show to the world that she was his and he was hers. He would giver her time to decide but he at least had to ask her. But when, that was the real question.

Paul brought the bag back and handed to John.

“It was a pleasure to finally meet you Ms. Williamson.” He shook her hand and he bent down to kiss the top of it.

“Hey, that’s enough Paul.” John said with a little possessiveness in his voice. He took her hand out of Paul’s and placed it into his. John shook Paul’s hand and thanked him again for everything he did. They left the store and got back into the limo. The limo drove off and headed back to the hotel.

“You look tired.” She said as they got into the car.

“Yeah just a little bit.” He smiled at her and laid his head down in her lap. She gently stroked his hair as his eyes closed. They both feel asleep like that in the back of the limo.

The car pulled up to the front of the hotel. The driver came around and gently woke his sleeping passengers. A druggy John and Evangeline slowly moved out of the car and made their way back to the room.

“What do you say we take a nap?”

“A nap is you serious?” She asked him.

“Trust me Hun; you will want to rest up for what is coming tonight.”

“Okay, okay fine.”

They slipped out of their clothes and into some pj’s and into the bed. They both lay on their sides and John pulled her close to him. He wrapped his arms around her and they slept like babies for several hours.

Several Hours Later…

They both awoke to the sound of the telephone ringing.

“McBain.” John said as he picked up the receiver. Evangeline stirred underneath him as she started to wake up.

“Sir, this is your wake up call.” The hotel worker replied

“Thank you.” John hung up the phone and rolled back over making loud groaning sounds as we started to wake up. He looked down at the beautiful woman sleeping next to him. “Wake up, we have a lot to do this evening.” He whispered into her ear.

“No, I don’t wanna, five more minutes please.” She said in her sweetest voice.

“Okay, how about this, I am going to go hop in the shower and when I get out you have to get up.”

“Deal” Evangeline rolled back over, covered her head with the covers and drifted back off to sleep.

John kissed her on the cheek and then quietly crawled out of the bed. He stretched as he looked around the room. He ran his fingers through his hair looked back over his shoulder at Evangeline sleeping with the covers over her head smiled and headed to the shower. He turned on the water and closed the door so he wouldn’t wake her.

“Evangeline, baby, come on you have to get up now. We have to be some where in two hours.”

“Where are we going?” The question came out before she even realized she said anything.. “I know, I know, I shouldn’t have asked. She threw the covers off her swung her feet around the side of the bed and scratched her hair and stretched. She slowly walked around the other side of the bed and past John who was standing at the bathroom door brushing his teeth.

“Excuse me Mister.” She said ducking under John’s propped arm and into the bathroom. She turned the water on and stripped off her pj’s and stuck one foot into the running shower. She turned back to look at John who had not taken his eyes off of her the whole time. She smiled as she ducked into the shower. John sighed in complete desperation of wanting to join her. He knew better though. If he did they would miss the whole evening he had planned.

“So this is love… so this is love.” Evangeline sang while she was in the shower.

John finished getting dressed as he listened toe Evangeline sing the song to her favorite Disney movie Cinderella. He smiled at how melodic her voice sounded even over the rush of the running water.

As she reached for a towel to dry herself off and hand came up to meet hers and she stepped out with his help. She was wet and the light from the bathroom made her skin glisten. John was standing there already fully dressed in an amazing black tuxedo. She stood there completely naked smiling at him. He draped the towel around her body and pulled her close to him drying her off. She leaned in and kissed him and he stepped back.

“Where are you going?” she asked John as he left the bathroom.

“You aren’t wearing anything, and I have a weakness to lady lawyers in the buff.’ He said as walked into the bedroom.

“John, I don’t have anything fancy like that. I didn’t get to pack anything since you kidnapped me.” She yelled from the bathroom

“Ohh don’t worry about that, just put on the clothes I laid out for you on the bed and we will go.”

“Okay.” What is he up to know. He expects me to put on sweats while he has on a tux? This man is out of his mind. She thought to herself.

She got dressed. Grabbed her purse and they headed out the door, down the elevator and into the waiting limo. When the limo stopped the driver came around and opened the door. Evangeline had no idea where they were going and had learned better to ask them. John just sat there the whole ride smiling at her. She hated the fact that he knew everything that was going to happen and she had no clue. John stepped out of the car first and extended his hand to Evangeline. She took it and graciously got out of the car. There they stood in from of the Vera Wang store.

“John, what is going on?” she asked looking at him and then back at the store.

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