Unexpected Obstacles by OLTLfantimes10

When Evangeline woke up the next morning John was against her back and his arms were wrapped around her body. She looked down on the floor and saw the scarves lying there. She smiled to her self remembering everything that had happened last night including punching Jax. She looked down at her hand and saw it was bruised and still slightly swollen. She gently rubbed her sore hand with her other hand and turned over her shoulder to look at John who was still sound asleep, or so she thought. "Hey gorgeous." He said with his eyes closed.

"I didn’t wake you did I?" she asked turning to face him.

"No, I have been awake for a while. Watching you sleep. You know you are gorgeous when you sleep." He said pushing some lose strands of hair out of her face.

"John…." She said embarrassed by his comment.

John got the hint, "So I was thinking February eleventh." He said as he kissed her neck and ran a finger up and down her back.

"February eleventh for what?" she asked confused.

"For you to marry me." He said seriously ending the kisses.

Evangeline froze and was speechless, "John…. I don’t know about February."

"What is wrong with February?" he asked leaning back from her and sitting up in the bed.

She saw the hurt look on his face, and realized that February was just too far away for her. "I was actually thinking November." She said watching his face for a reaction.

John’s eyes grew big and he turned to look at her smiling back at him, "Are you serious?"


"How about November 26th." She said with a smile.

"You are telling me that you want to get married in five months?"

"Yes that is what I am saying. Is that okay with you?"

"Okay, are you serious? That is more than okay with me." He replied and pulled her close to him hugging her tightly. "You amaze me more and more everyday." He whispered into her ear. Evangeline beamed at his comment.

* * * * * * * *

The ringing phone awoke Alex from a deep sleep. "Alex Prince."

"Hey, hun." Adian said smiling into the phone.

"Adian is that you? Why are you calling me so freaking early man?"

"I am sorry I figured that you would be up by now. Listen I am downstairs could you meet me, I have some information for you."

"You are downstairs. You mean right now? In the Palace hotel? What are you doing here? Why didn’t you call me earlier." Alex rambled on as she shot up and bed and tried to wake her self up.

"Alex, hun. Slow down. Just meet me down stairs. I have a table waiting for us. See you in about ten?"

"Yeah, yeah…." She said starting to stand up and look around the room for something to wear. Her room was a mess, and there were probably no clean clothes around so she threw on something that was semi-clean.

Adian made his way back to the table and flipped threw the paper while he waited for Alex to come downstairs. "Hey beautiful!" he said standing to greet Alex.

"Please, Adian I look like a mess." Her hair was in a lose ponytail and she had on a pair of sweats with out make up.

"You always look beautiful to me." He said smiling back and pulling her chair out for her.

"Can I get you some coffee?" the waiter asked as he saw Alex take a seat.

"God yes!" she said slightly exasperated, she rubbed her eyes still trying to adjust to being awake at this hour. Today was her day off and she had planned on sleeping in, oh well Adian had messed that up for her. "So what have you found out?"

"Have you ever seen this man in pictures around your house?" Adian asked taking several pictures out of an envelope and handing them to Alex.

Alex shook her head at first, "My mom didn’t have pictures of any men around." She said bowing her head. She flipped the pictures over and started going through them. The first picture made her freeze in shock.

"What’s wrong?" Adian asked, as he watched her response.

"Where…. Where….. Where….. Did you get these?" she asked trying to form a coherent thought.

"These are pictures of your father and his family."

"Family, what do you mean family?" Alex asked looking up at Adian as a single tear escaped her eye.

"Well, I am sorry to tell you this Alex, but it looks like your father had another family in the suburbs of Philadelphia."

"What are you talking about? This doesn’t make any sense." She was going through the pictures quickly, going through them over and over again. It just wasn’t sinking in. "Adian where did you get these?"

"They were taken at a school carnival. Your father was a teacher at a school in Philadelphia. It seems he worked at the same school as your mother for awhile helping the incoming teachers and staff set up their curriculum. He was very well known for improving school’s performance in relation to student achievement. The school where your mother worked at was in fear of closing, until this man Richard Williamson came in to help them improve the curriculum and student performance."

"Williamson?" she asked as more tears started to roll down her face.

"Yeah, that is your father’s last name. In that picture is his daughter. She actually lives here in Llanview. You might know her…"

Alex cut him off, "Evangeline Williamson….." she said as her voice became nothing but a whisper.

"Yeah. Do you know her?" Adian asked reaching for Alex’s hand.

All she could do was nod her head as she sunk back into her chair and stared at the pictures that were strewn over the table. "I have to go." She said standing up to leave.

"Alex, wait…. " Adian said reaching for her hand.

"Adian, please…. Thank you for your help. Keep those safe for me. I just need to think…." She said walking away from Adian.

He picked up the pictures and slid them back into the envelope and watched as Alex disappeared around the corner most likely back up to her room.

"No, no, no this can’t be right!" she said as she walked through the hallways of the Palace hotel. "How can this be right? Adian must have made some kind of mistake." She froze in the hallway and started to turn back around to head back down stairs to the restaurant. She stopped herself. She had to go back to her room and dig up everything that her mother had left her. There had to be a clue in there some place. Why would her mother not tell her that she had a sister!

Alex heard her cell phone ring as she opened up her door; she looked down at the caller id and saw that it was Adian calling, "Listen Hun. Call me when you get this, I am a little worried about you. I can help you through this." Adian said leaving the message on her voice mail. The light on her phone started blinking and she picked it up and deleted the message with out listening to it. She knew what Adian wanted, he wanted to help and she didn’t want his help, not now.

* * * * * * * *

"Good afternoon Counselor." Nora said approaching Evangeline who was seated at a table in the Palace hotel.

"Nora!" she stood and hugged her friend. "What are you doing here? I thought you were in court all day?"

"Yeah, I was. The judge had to issue a continuance because he was coming down with the flu or something like that. So I called your office to see if you wanted to have lunch and they said you were here meeting with a client."

"Well, I am so glad to see you. I have some news!" Evangeline said with excitement.


"John and I set a date."

"For the wedding?" she asked shocked by her friend’s revelation.

"Of course for the wedding. November 26th." Evangeline replied with a huge smile slapping Nora on her hand.

"Wait, November, that is like five months from now!" Nora said with shock. Evangeline nodded as she drank her tea and took a bite of her salad.

"Yeah, I know. So I need your help in planning everything. We don’t want anything big. Something small and simple. Just really close friends and family."

"So what do you want me to help you do?" Nora asked leaning back in her chair.

"Everything…" Evangeline replied laughing. "Seriously, Nora. I have no idea what I am doing. And I highly doubt that John is going to want to help. Don’t know if I want him to help." Both women laughed at her statement and they were interrupted by Evangeline’s ringing cell phone.

"Evangeline Williamson." She said holding up a hand to Nora to excuse her self from the table. She walked out on to the terrace as the person on the other end started talking.

"I think you should work on that greeting." John said.

"Who is this?" she asked looking back down at the caller id and not recognizing the number.

"You don’t know? I should be insulted." John said with a grin.

"John McBain, my knight and shining armor." She replied leaning back on the terrace wall. "What do you mean I should work on my greeting?"

"Well, if we are going to be getting married soon, then you need to work on that name change thing."

"Ohh, okay. I will. What can I help you with; I am having lunch with Nora. Just told her we set a date."

"I just told Michael the same thing. That is where I am."

"That explains the number, that I didn’t recognize." She said with a smile.

"Well, I was calling to see if I could take you out for dinner tonight?" he asked fumbling with his jacket, nervous about her response.

"What are you talking about?" she asked confused.

"I am asking you out on a date."


"Is that a yes or no, sometimes it is so hard to tell with you?"

She laughed at his statement. "That is a yes."

"Great. I will pick you up at seven. Dress down okay? Nothing fancy."

"Nothing fancy? What are you up to McBain."

"You will just have to wait and find out." He said with a smile, "I love you."

"Love you too. See ya."

Evangeline made her way back over to the table and smiled at Nora as she sat down.

"What was that about?" she asked eating her lunch.

"He asked me out on a date." Evangeline said with a raised eyebrow and a curiosity in her voice.

"A date? That sounds interesting."

"Yeah, I thought so too. He told me to dress down. What do you think he has planned."

"No idea. None at all." She said finishing her lunch.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

"Jasper Jax please." John said after he finished his call to Evangeline.

"I am sorry Mr. Jax is out of town for a while. May I take a message." The temp said.

"No, that is okay." John hung up the phone and slammed his fist into the desk. He pushed his chair back and grabbed his jacket. He walked through the office and out the door heading towards the diner for a quick bite to eat before finalizing everything for his night with Evangeline.

He was sitting in a booth with his back to the door when he heard the strong Australian accent that he knew.

"I am sorry, do you have a phone I can you. Seems my car has broken down and my cell phone is dead." Jax said walking up to the counter.

"Yes, it is back there near the restrooms." The waitress said pointing to the back of the restaurant.

John gripped his glass at hearing his smarmy accent and waited until Jax walked past him and to the pay phone. He slowly rose up and headed towards the pay phone.

"Jasper Jax….." John said pushing the door open staring at the man that had caused his future wife to use the boxing skills he had taught him.

"Lieutenant….." Jax’s voice cracked at seeing John’s blue eyes drilling holes into him. His face was contorted and he had his hand on his gun.