Unexpected Obstacles by OLTLfantimes10

"Nothing, nothingÖ." She said letting her voice trail off.

"What happened?" he asked getting frantic now.

"I will tell you about it later, I just needed to hear your voice. I should be home in about an hour and fifteen minuets." She said wiping a stray tear from her cheek.

"I want you to tell me know!" he said in a forceful tone.

"John pleaseÖ I donít want to talk about this right now."

"Fine, but we are talking as soon as you get here." He said calming his voice and falling on to the bed.

"Okay, okay. I just needed to hear your voice that is all. I am sorry I missed dinner are Michael and Antonio still there?"

"Ummm, no Antonio had to go to Capricorn and Michael had to go to the hospital." He said taking a deep breath.

"Oh, so what are you up too?"

"Just watching the game with Alex." He said haphazardly.

"Alex?" she said as a hint of jealous crept into her voice.

"Yes, you know the girl that I helped when her things got stolen."

"So you are in my apartment with another woman?"

"I wouldnít say that hun. We are just watching the baseball game. She says she can get us tickets to go."

"Wow, that is great! What else can Alex do for you?" she replied with sarcasm. Here she was getting sexual harassed and her fiancé was sitting in her apartment with another woman.

"Not as much as you can." He said recognizing the sarcasm in her voice.

"Oh really Lieutenant. I would love to hear more about this but the pilot is coming, so I have to go. See you in a while." She said starting to hang up the phone.

"Hey, I love you." John said catching her before she hung up the phone.

"I love you too." She replied with a heavy sigh. The pilot came in and smiled back at Evangeline before starting the helicopter up and taking off. Evangeline sat back in the seat and looked around before closing her eyes and fighting back an on coming headache. All she wanted to do was get home to John and her bed. Hopefully he would be in, when she got there.

* * * * * * * *

John hung up the phone and threw it on the bed before heading back out to the living room. He walked past a picture of them hanging on the wall and ran his thumb over her smiling face and smiled to himself. He heard Alex yelling in the living room and picked up the pace to see what all the fuss was about. "What happened?"

"Stupid Philliesís almost made a triple play but the stupid second base man cut off the throw."

"Damn, I missed it."

"Hold on, they are about to replay it." Alex said as John took a seat next to her and scooted to the end of the couch to watch the play for him self.

Alex smiled as she watched John concentrate on the play. "Was that Evangeline on the phone?" she asked after they went back to the live game.

"Yeah, she is on her way back. Do you want to stay here and hang out till she gets back? I am sure she would love to get to know you better."

"Maybe just for a little while. I donít want to intrude on your time together."


An hour later John heard Evangelineís key in the door and the door slowly open. He rose to greet her. "Hey.í He said kissing her on the cheek.


"I am glad you made it home okay." John said as he took Evangelineís briefcase from her and sat it down next to the door. Evangeline slipped out of her shoes using John for support, and saw Alex sitting on the couch smiling back at her.

"You must be glad to be home Evangeline?" Alex asked walking over to them.

"Yes, she is." John said smiling at Evangeline and rubbing her lower back. "Evangeline, I am sure you remember Alex right?"

"Yeah, I do. Hi Alex." Evangeline said extending her hand. The ladies shook and then moved to the couch to sit.

"Babe you want a drink?" John asked as Evangeline and Alex took seats on the couch.

"I would love a drink." She replied smiling back at him. John made his was into the kitchen to fix Evangeline a drink.

"So John tells me that you made dinner tonight?" Evangeline asked sizing Alex up.

"It was his idea. He wanted to impress you. So I just came to help." She said a little intimated by Evangelineís presence.

"Well I am sorry I missed dinner. It still smells wonderful in here. What did you guys make?"


"Hope Michael didnít eat all of it. Would be great to have some for lunch tomorrow."

Alex laughed at Evangelineís statement, remembering that John had put some away so that Michael wouldnít eat it all, "Well John saved you some. So I think you will be okay." She said taking a sip of her wine.

John came back into the room and handed Evangeline her drink before taking a seat next to her on the couch. "Whatís the score?" he asked placing an arm around Evangeline and pulling her close to him.

"I am sorry. We were talking." Alex said with a smile as she watched envious of John and Evangelineís closeness.

Evangeline brought her knees up and tucked them under her and leaned closer into John resting her head on Johnís chest. He kissed the top of her head as she did this and rubbed her shoulder and arm happy she was home.

"I should get going." Alex said as she got the feeling she was intruding on their time together. "Thank you so much for inviting me over. I had so much fun. Let me know John when you want to go to a game, and I will see what I can do." She said walking to the door.

John started to rise and she saw him, "Donít get up." She said gesturing for him to remain seated.

"Are you sure?" he said looking back over at her.

"Oh yeah. Thank you again. It was nice to see you Evangeline. We should do lunch sometime and get to know each other better."

"That sounds like fun." She said in between a yawn, "Oh excuse me. It has been a long day." She covered embarrassed.

"I understand. Have a good night you two." Alex closed the door before either of them could respond.

"So you care to tell me what happened, and had you so upset earlier?" John said turning the television off and giving Evangeline his undivided attention.

"JaxÖ." She said sitting up and turning to face John.

"What did the bastard do?" he asked grabbing her hands.

She flinched as he touched her hand. John looked down and for the first time noticed that her hand was swollen. "What happened to your hand?"

"Remember those boxing lessons that you gave me?" she said with a smile trying to mask her discomfort.

"Please donít tell me that you had to use them?" he said rising from the couch and taking her good hand into his leading her into the kitchen.

"I did." She replied with her head down.

John pulled out the ice tray and stuck Evangelineís hand into it. He looked up at her and moved some of her hair out of her face. "Why? What did that guy do to you?" he was getting angrier by the moment and Evangeline could tell by the grip he had on her hand.

"He came on a little too strong for me so I had to lay him out." She said with a smile looking up at John and caressing his face to ease his tension.

"What do you mean a little too strong Evangeline? What exactly did he do?" John asked as he pulled his hand off of hers and leaned against the sink. "He knows that we are together so why on earth would he pull something."

"I donít know John? It was really weird. He kept giving me compliments all day, and I told him several times that I was very happy with you." She said taking her hand out of the ice and walking over to him and standing right in front of him placing her hands on his chest. She looked down at her ring and smiled then looked back up at him.

"Okay, well obviously the asshole didnít get the hint. So what prompted you to hit him?"

"He tried to kiss me after I told him no." she turned around not wanting to see Johnís reaction.

"He tried to kiss you so you punched him. That doesnít sound like you at all. Now tell me the truth." He said turning her back around to face him.

She didnít want to cause too much trouble for Jax. She knew John and if she mentioned that Jax had pushed up on her and tried to do more than kiss her, then John would go off the handle. So she decided to keep her mouth shut. She smiled back up at John and said, "really John all he did was try to kiss me. So I guess I overreacted a little by punching him. But it did feel good as I was doing it. Not so much so now." Letting a laugh slip out.

"EvangelineÖ.. You arenít being honest with me. Now tell me what the son of a bitch did that made you feel like you had to hit him."

"John, pleaseÖ I just want to go to bed and forget about today."

John started to walk away from her and she heard him grab his keys off the table. Evangeline ran after him, "Where do you think you are going?" she asked grabbing his arm and stopping him.

"Well, if you wonít tell me what actually happened, I suppose I will get it out of Jax."

"What do you mean get it out of Jax. John what are you planning on doing."

"Evangeline, donít worry about it. Everything will be fine. Now please, let go of my arm." He said looking down at her grip.

Evangelineís hand was throbbing and holding on to John wasnít helping the cause. But she knew that if she would let go, he would go off and do something he really shouldnít. "I am not letting you go! I told you I handled everything. He knows where we stand, now please can you just let it go." She asked pleading with him.

He saw in her eyes the desperation and decided that he shouldnít go of the handle like this. Obviously Evangeline handled the situation the best she could at the time, but if Jax were to show his face in Llanview then he would have a little talk with him.

"If this guy tries anything else would you let me handle it please." He asked running his hands through her hair and pulling her into an embrace.

She nodded into his chest and wrapped her arms around him feeling safe and secure in his arms, "Can we go to bed now?" she asked still wrapped up in him.

"That we can." John replied. John pulled back from their hug and scooped Evangeline up in his arms.

"John! What are you doing?" she asked laughing at him.

"Practicing." He said with a smile as he carried her through the apartment to her bedroom.

Evangeline looked at him with a confused look on her face, "Practicing for what?" she asked.

"Carrying you over the threshold, that is what." John said as he walked into the bedroom.

"Ohh, and what else are we going to practice tonight?" She asked as he placed her gently on the bed.

"For the honeymoon." He said with a sexy smile and climbing on top of her.

"Ohh, I am all up for that challenge. Letís get started." She said pulling Johnís shirt off of him and throwing it to the floor. John rolled over to the side of her and started kissing down her face and neck while his hand made circles around her navel.

Evangeline placed her good hand on Johnís chest and pushed him back so he fell against the bed. He smiled at this gesture and watched her climb on top of him running her hands over his chest. John brought her hand to his mouth and kissed the inside of her palm and then each finger. Evangeline smiled back at him and ran her hand through her hair pushing it back and bent over and kissed John hard on the lips.

She used her tongue to part his lips and he allowed her to take control. The kiss deepened and she felt his hands go to the back of her head and pull her closer on top of him. One hand stayed in her hair as the other one traveled down her back and found the zipper to her skirt and undid it.

An idea popped into Evangelineís head and she pulled back from the kiss. "Wait, what are you doing?" he asked with a confused look on his face, watching her lean over to her nightstand and pull something out of the drawer.

"Wanna try something new?" she asked running two silk scarves through her fingers.

"What do you have in mind?" he asked with a curious look. "What are the scarves for?" he asked reaching for one but she pulled them back away from him out of reach over her head.

"Weíre going to have a little fun tonight McBain. You up for the challenge?" she asked with a sexy smile.

"I am up for anything." He replied placing his hands on her hips and stroking her thighs.

"That is good to hear, give me you hands." She set one of the scarves down next to her and took the other one and tied one of Johnís hands to the headboard of the bed. She leaned over him letting her breasts brush his face and he breathed her in wanting to devour her right there and then.

"What are you doing?" he asked as he felt the scarf wrap around his wrist and she pulled it tightly.

"Is that too tight?" she asked ignoring his question.


"Good, other hand please." She took the other scarf and did the same thing to his other hand. "Too tight?" she asked once again.

"Nope." He said with a smile.

"Good. You ready?"

"For what?"

"Youíll see." She said with a wink. "No touching. That is the rule for tonight. I get to do whatever I want to you."

"Ohh, hell no!" he said and started to try and undo the scarves.

"Hell yes!" she said in a demanding tone. She bent down and started kissing him hard again. Johnís hands formed fists as he felt her start to grind on top of him as he kissed her back. He didnít like this at all. He needed to touch her and feel her. She was enjoying it more and more as she felt him grow underneath her.

Their tongues danced around in each otherís mouth and she lightly bit his bottom lip as she left his mouth and traveled down his neck, paying particular attention to his neck. John let out a soft groan and started pleading with Evangeline, "Hun, I wanna touch you. Come on untie me." He said desperately.

Evangeline ignored his comments and traveled down his chest paying attention to each of his nipples lightly sucking each of them as she licked and kissed her way down his stomach. She scooted down and undid his pants and pulled them off throwing them to the ground.

"Oh hell no Van! This is not fair." He said with a loud laugh as she started to kiss all around his manhood and pulling his boxer shorts off.

"What did you just call me?" she asked as her head shot up. "Oh, never mind." She said returning back to pleasing him.

Johnís eyes rolled back into his head and his hand grew into tighter fists as she worked him like he never knew she could. Evangeline enjoyed her self as she moved her hands up and down Johnís chest feeling him getting even more turned on by not being able to touch her.

She could feel him about to climax and she stopped what she was doing and looked up at Johnís face. He was enjoying this as much as she was even if he wasnít saying so. She looked up and saw that his eyes were closed, "Open your eyes John." She said forcefully. John did as he was told and watched Evangeline as she seductively undressed, slipping out of her skirt letting it fall to the ground and then slowly unbuttoning her blouse. John watched her undress and was trying to untie the scarves from his wrist with no luck.

She ran her hands slowly over her bra straps and let the bra fall to the ground. She smiled back at him and twirled around so that her back was to him. She peaked over her shoulder as she slipped out of her panties. "I want you now!" he yelled at her.

Evangeline giggled back at him and sauntered back over to the bed and mounted him. When he entered her she let out a loud moan and started riding John like he didnít know she could. He watched her body move up and down on him and wanted desperately to touch her, all of her right now. She took control of the pace and the depth that he was allowed to go and it sent John crazy. His toes curled when she fell back against his chest still grinding against him. "Ohh God!" she yelled as she came closer to climaxing.

John let out a loud moan when she rose back up to ride the end of their climax together. Evangeline fell back against his chest and kissed the inside of his neck and collar bone. "Can you untie me now?" he asked wanting to touch her and hold her in his arms.

"MmmmmÖÖ" she said looking up at him, "I guess so." She started to untie him, and this time he was able to kiss her breasts and he did so raising his head up to reach her. He kissed and licked her chest causing Evangeline to pause at untying the ropes. "If you want me to untie you, you are going to have to stop doing that." She said looking down at John who was kissing all over her chest making her wet again.

John reluctantly and slowly stopped kissing her so she could return to untying the scarves. When she got down untying him, he grabbed her around the waist and flipped her over so he was on top. "You are going to get it now!" he said slyly as he kissed her neck and moved down her stomach lingering on each breast before finding his favorite spot between her legs. "John McBain, the things you do to me!" she yelled as he began pleasing her like only he knew how. She grabbed the sheets of the bed and her back arched. As it grew more intense she reached for the head board grabbing it with one hand and Johnís head with the other.

John felt her hand in his hair and her pushing him closer and deeper into him. He knew she was getting close as she pushed his head deeper and deeper in to her. Evangelineís toes curled as she yelled out in complete pleasure. "You like that huh?" he asked coming up from between her legs and smiling at her.

"Come here." She said pulling him up to her. He rested his head against her chest and wrapped his arms around her waist, breathing everything about her in.

"The next time, I am tying you up." He said with his eyes closed.

"Oh you think so huh?"

"Yeah, I do." John replied as he pulled the sheets up around them. He snuggled in closer to her and fell asleep against her chest.