“Yeah, Antonio Vega, do you know him or something?”

“I think I might. Does his mom own that diner in what is that place Angel Square is that right?”

“Yeah Carlotta. How do you know Antonio?”

“Remember earlier when I told you I went to that club, well I think I met your friend Antonio there.”

“That is interesting.” Was all John could say as he watched Alex continue to cook. The food made it into the oven with plenty of time to spare. John pulled out some wine from the fridge and placed the bottle that Alex had brought into the freezer. “Care for a glass?” he asked pulling glasses from the cabinets.

“Thanks.” She said taking a seat on the stool across from him. “So how was your day after I left?”

“My day, ahh, I rather not talk about my day.”

“Why is that John?” she asked taking a sip of the wine.

“Well let’s just say, I couldn’t concentrate very well.”


“Ha, why? Well it has to do with the fact that my fiancé is out with a mulit millionaire.” He says taking a swig from his beer.

“Jax?” she asks raising her glass.

“Yeah, Jax.” He said walking past her into the living room.

Alex watched him walk past her and got up and followed him. She took a seat across from him, tucking her feet underneath her settling in to the comfortable couch. “What about Jax bothers you so much?”

“Honestly I don’t know.”

“Cops intuition?” she asks leaning in towards him.

“Yeah I guess you can say that. Something about that guy just rubs me the wrong way.”

“Doesn’t help much that they guy is not only attractive but also rich as all get out.” She said with a small laugh.

John grunted at her statement and continued to drink his beer. The door bell rang as soon as he was about to say something, “Excuse me.” He said rising from the couch to the door. “Michael bro, right on time as usual. Where is Marcie?” John asked sticking his head out into the hallway.

“Hey bro, she had some book thing to do. So she won’t be here tonight. What is for dinner, something smells really good it must be E’s turn to cook.” He said walking into the apartment.

“Actually, it is my turn and…” John stopped talking when he saw Michael staring at Alex.

“Well hello there.” Michael said extending his hand.

Alex sat her glass on the table and rose to great Michael, “Hi.”

“Dr. Michael McBain, meet Alexandria Prince.” John said watching his brother interact with Alex, “Alex this is my brother Michael.”

“Nice to meet you.” Alex said shaking his hand.

“No, the pleasure is mine.” Michael said mesmerized by the woman’s good looks. He was looking Alex up and down and found something strangely familiar about the woman that had finally released his grip and sat back down on the couch staring up at Michael.

“Does she have something on her face Michael?” John asked watching his brother stumble over Alex.

“No, no I am sorry. You, you just look like…” Michael stopped himself and looked over at John, “Can I get a beer man?”

“Sure no problem, you know the way.” John said pointing into the kitchen.

“Oh thanks.” He walked into the kitchen looking over his shoulder at the woman that sat on the couch staring at John.

“That’s my brother for you. Sorry you didn’t get to meet his girlfriend Marcie.”

“Oh that’s okay, I am sure we will meet sometime. This town is pretty small I noticed.”

“That it is.” John said laughing at her statement.

Michael came back walking into the living room and took a seat next to John across from Alex and put his feet up on the coffee table.

“Michael, I know our mother did not raise us like that, take your feet down.”

“Man, you have been spending too much time with Evangeline. That is her goodness rubbing off on you isn’t it.”

“That it is Mikey.”

“So Alex, what is for dinner? Because I know John didn’t make what ever is cooking in that oven.” He said laughing.

“Umm, with John’s help of course we are having a salad, garlic bread, and manicotti. I hope that is okay?” she asks bowing her head a little.

“Sounds great to me.” He replied smiling back at her.

“Actually I need to go and check on everything. Excuse me.” She rose from the couch and made her way into the kitchen.

Michael waited until Alex was out of ear shot then turned to his brother, “Man where did she come from?” he asked excitedly.

“What are you talking about Michael?”

“John, don’t play stupid, I thought you fixed that problem when you and Evangeline got together.”

“Honestly Mikey, I have no idea what you are talking about. Alex is new to town and unfortunately she was robbed her first day here and I was handling her case.” He said rising from the couch and walking over towards the kitchen checking on Alex.

“Oh come on John. Does Evangeline know that you have a beautiful woman in her apartment cooking dinner for you?”

“No she doesn’t, but what does that have to do with any thing. I am in love with Evangeline we are engaged to be married.” John said looking his brother dead in his eyes.

“Sorry man.”

“Yeah, just don’t let Marcie hear you talking about someone else like that.” He said hitting his brother on the arm as he took a seat on the couch again.

“This may sound weird, but does she remind you of someone?”

“Who Mikey?” John asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Are you serious she looks like Evangeline!”

“Evangeline? What? Mikey I think you have been spending too many hours at the hospital.

* * * * * * * * * *

Jax and Evangeline dove into the paper work that she had brought with her from Llanview. The files on this guy, the files on the company that Jax wanted to buy were piling up faster than Evangeline could go through them.

“This is a lot more work than I thought it was going to be.” She said with a tired laugh. She started to roll her shoulders that were bothering her after being hunched over a desk and a computer all afternoon.

“Here let me help you with that.” Jax said as he walked over to her and started massaging her shoulders.

Her eyes were closed and she was enjoying the massage a little too much when her eyes shot open and she looked down at her watch.

“Holy shit!” she exclaimed.

“What!” Jax asked stepping back from her.

“It is nearly 7:00 I was suppose to be back in Llanview by now. Can you call your pilot and get him back here. I need to get home.” She said trying to gather the paper work that was scattered all over Jax’s office. She ran her hands through her hair looking at the huge mess that they had created over the day. Jax watched her frantic movements with a smile on his face.

“Evangeline slow down. I will get you back to Llanview. Why don’t you call John and let him know that you are going to be late. I am going to call the pilot and tell him to get the helicopter ready.” He said grabbing her hands as she ran around the room.

“Okay, okay. Where is my briefcase?” she asked looking around the room for it. She lifted up piles of papers and looked under the chair. “Finally.” She said when she found it. She dug around in it looking for her cell phone, “Wait where is my cell phone?” she asked herself. “Damn it, damn it. It must have fallen out in the helicopter.” She threw her briefcase on the floor and turned to see Jax with a weird look on his face. “What is the matter Jax?” she asked walking closer to him.

“I don’t know, I can’t seem to get a dial tone on the phone. Hold on a min.” he said walking from behind the desk out of the office and to his assistants desk. He picked up the phone and got a dial tone. “I got one out here. Hold on I will call the pilot.”

Jax called the pilot, “Hey Bernie, can you get the helicopter ready. Ms. Williamson will be flying back to Llanview now. Thanks, call when everything is ready.” Jax hung up the phone and turned and walked back into the office. “Well he will call when it is take off time. Are you okay now?” he asked walking back towards her.

“Yeah, yeah, can I use your phone I think I dropped mine in the helicopter.” She asked looking into his crystal blue eyes.

“Sure, out there on Chloe’s desk.” He pointed the way and she walked away from him.


“Hey, baby where are you I was getting worried you were supposed to be home an hour ago.”

“I know, I’m sorry. Jax and I just got so involved and everything.”

“Involved?” he asked scratching his head and looking back at Michael who was staring at him. “What does involved mean?”

“John…. You know what involved means.” She said with a shy smile.

“Actually I don’t care to fill me in hun?”

“Later, I was just calling to tell you that the pilot is getting the helicopter prepped and I will be home as soon as possible.”

“Michael what are you doing, put that down!” John yelled as he watched his brother try to juggle Evangeline’s knick knacks trying to impress Alex.

“What is he doing John?”

“Hey, listen I have to go, Michael is about to make a huge mess here. I’ll see you later.”

“Yeah see you, hey I love you.” She said but he had already hung up the phone. She placed the phone down with a disappointed look and then turned to see Jax smiling at her.

“Did you get a hold of him?” he asked walking towards her.

“Yeah, yeah. I did.” She said with a small smile. “Did the pilot say how long he was going to be?”

“It usually takes him about 20 min to get to the helipad and then maybe about 15 min to get everything ready and file a flight plan. I hope that is okay?”

“Yeah, I guess so. It’s not like I can do anything about it huh?” she said a little weary.

“Are you hungry, I can have some food brought up while we are waiting?” He asked as they walked back into his office and started cleaning up the files spread all over the office.

“Yeah, I guess I am. Hadn’t really thought about it till now.” She said grabbing her stomach as it started rumbling.

“Great, I will do that, and then I will come back and help you clean up all of this.” Jax said as he spun in a small circle looking at the mess in the office. “Is there anything in particular that you want?”

“No, what ever you are having is fine with me.” She said looking over her shoulder at him.

Evangeline proceeded to try and clean up the office, the files were spread all over the place. She ran her hands through her hair and caught a glimpse of her self in the reflection of a picture frame. Her hair was disheveled and her clothes were a mess. She looked like a tornado had not only blown through the office but as well as her. She found a mirror on the desk and picked it up, “Man I look awful.” She said staring at her reflection.

“You could never look awful.” Jax said returning to the room.

Evangeline spun around with the mirror still in her hand, “Thank you. I think” she said bowing her head.

“I only say the truth. You could never look awful. I bet you even look beautiful first thing in the morning.” He said walking towards her.

“So what did you order for us?” she asked turning away from him as she started to blush at his statement. She set the mirror back on the desk and turned back around and sat on the desk.

“Oysters for appetizers, and for dinner I ordered some fish, salmon. I hope that is okay.” He asked walking up closer to her and standing in front of her.

“That sounds great!” She said rising from the desk and moving away from him.

“Do I make you uncomfortable or something?” he asked turning to watch her walk across the office.

“A little.” She said

“Why is that?” Jax asked walking up behind her and standing inches from her.

She turned and to face him and meet his eye contact. His blue eyes looked deeply into hers, he slowly licked his lips like he was going to lean in for a kiss. She did the same, her heart started racing and her palms were getting sweaty. She wiped her hands down the side of her skirt and felt the ring moving around on her hand. Evangeline looked down at her hand and saw the ring sitting there, the blue sapphires staring back at her and when she looked back up at Jax she saw John’s face in place of Jax’s. A smile small crept across her face at his smiling face then it flashed back to Jax and she put her hand up against Jax’s chest.

“I can’t do this.” She said pushing him away from her.

“It is obvious to me that you want to. What is stopping you.” He asked grabbing her hand and rubbing his thumb over the top of her hand.