“Well…” she asked trying to get him to open up.

“Well what?” he asked with a smile. He waved the waiter over. “Listen, I want you to keep everyone away from my table this afternoon. Ms. Williamson and I have a lot of work to do. If any of the staff have any problems have them take it up with Maria when she gets her. Are you ready to order Evangeline?” he asked looking back at her.

“Umm, yeah just a salad, a Cobb salad would be great with a light ranch on the side.”

“And for you Mr. Jax.?”

“The same that sounds great, and could you bring a bottle of wine over too.”

“Jax…. Wine?” she asked placing her hand on the table.

“Yeah we have things to celebrate.” He said with a smile.

“And what pray tell might that be?” she asks with a raised eyebrow and a devilish grin.

“This partnership between us. You know you becoming my lawyer and everything. I am really glad Alexis introduced us.”

“Why is that?”

“Why is that, do you always ask questions, and never answer them?”

She laughed at his statement, “Sorry hazard of the job. So why are you glad that Alexis introduced us?”

“Mainly because my job can keep me really busy sometimes, and I like to meet beautiful woman.” He said smiling back at her and touching the top of her hand.

She pulled it back some and placed it in her lap, “Jax… You know I am involved with someone right?” she said getting quite trying not to insult him.

“Yeah, that doesn’t mean I can’t flirt with you does it?”

“Actually yes it does.” She said bowing her head.

“I apologize if I have made you uncomfortable in any way. Is there any way you can forgive my slight indiscretion towards you?”

“Of course. So tell me about Port Charles. It seems like a great place to live.” She asked changing subjects quickly.

“It is nice here I guess. But I much rather talk about you. So like I said I tend to know everything about the people I hire, but I would as you all say hear it from the horses mouth.” He said laughing.

She laughed back and told him about growing up in Philadelphia with her mom, dad and younger sister. In all of his digging he didn’t find anything out about a younger sister.

“You have a sister?” he asked stunned by the revelation.

“Yeah I do. Layla, she is kind of the black sheep of the family I guess you can say. Things were hard for her growing up in what she says was my shadow.”

“I get that. I have an older brother.”

“Oh, really? What is he like?”

“Nothing like me that is for sure.” He said laughing.

“Ohh okay I get it. You are the darling of your family huh?”

“Not unlike someone else I know.” he said gesturing towards her.

She brushed off his comment and smiled as the waiter brought there lunch over quickly. Their food arrived and Evangeline was amazed by how wonderful a Cobb salad could taste. They enjoyed the meal and the conversation with each other. They tried to focus on work and the contracts but they always came back to their similar lives and hobbies.

“So I was hoping that we could take this up to my office and finish some of the paperwork.”

“Sure no problem.”

He walked over and pulled out her chair. They took the elevator up to the pent house office suites.

“This is your office?” she asked looking wide eyed at her surroundings. “Damn Jax I think this place is bigger than my apartment.” She walked around looking at all the pictures that covered his walls.

“It isn’t that big really.” He said trying to see what she saw. “Oh that one is my favorite. Took me several weeks to reach the summit, but reach it I did and almost lost a couple of toes in the process.” He said pointing to a picture of Jax and a guy on the top of Mt. Everest.

“You climbed Mt. Everest?” she asked looking over her shoulder at Jax who was leaning over her smiling.

“Yeah I think that is the second visit to the Mountain.”

“Second visit? Wow that is impressive. You are quite the adventure seeker aren’t you?”

“Yeah I told you that I like adventure. Adventurous women as well.” He said placing a hand on her lower back.

“Jax… please.” She said shyly.

“I am sorry. It is just I see why John, that is his name right.” She nods her head to correct him, “I can see why the man can’t keep his eyes off of you.”

“Okay so where were we with these files?” she asks moving away from him and toward his desk. “I stopped by the police station. This guy has a record.”

“Yeah I know.”

“I should have known that. Well anyways, this guy has a record. Looks like he has been brought up on SEC charges once before. I don’t think we will have any problems out of him if we drop that little tidbit of information.”

“I didn’t think you were a shark?”

“I will do anything to win.” She replied with a smile.

* * * * * * * * * *

John picked noticed that his cell phone was beeping indicating he had a voice message. He picked it up, it was Evangeline reminding him of Wednesday night dinner and that it was his turn to cook. He smiled when he heard her voice, but the smile turned south when he heard where she would be for the day. He immediately hung up the phone called her office and her assistant told him that she was indeed out of the office till tomorrow. He called her cell phone and it went straight to her voice mail.

“Hey it is me, I got your message, and no I did not forget about Wednesday night dinner. In fact I invited a new guest hope you don’t mind. See you tonight. Love you.” He said before hanging up the phone.

John turned back to his work and tried his best to concentrate on what he was doing. Images of what Evangeline was doing with Jax in Port Charles clouded his thinking and he wasn’t able to concentrate on the files and cases before him. He finally thought of something to make for dinner tonight. He dug through his desk looking for Alex Prince’s phone number. He finally found it and dialed her cell phone, voice mail again.

“Hi Alex, John McBain here. I thought of something that we could make for dinner tonight. I was thinking we could do an Italian thing tonight. You know lasagna, garlic bread, salad, you know the whole deal. The address to the townhouse is 2534 Broadway, it is in downtown Llanview. Any ways call me back if there are any problems. You know the number.” He hung up the phone and tried to return back to work.

Six o’clock rolled around and John packed up some work and made his way over to Evangeline’s place. He walked into the spotless apartment and marveled at how clean her apartment was even with him there a lot of the time. He threw his coat on the chair in the corner and walked over to the answering machine. The light wasn’t blinking so he made his way to the bedroom.

He kicked off his shoes and stuck them in the corner where she liked them. Made his way into the bathroom and freshened up a bit, changing out of his police duds into something more comfortable. He flicked on the television as he walked through the living room on his way to the kitchen. The volume was blaring, obviously he was the last one to watch it or it would have been down low. He cleaned up a little in the kitchen while waiting for Alex to come over with the groceries and start cooking.

The doorbell to the apartment rang and he walked over to answer it.

“Good you found it. I was worried since you don’t really know your way around all that well.” He said as Alex walked into the beautiful spacious apartment.

“Wow, this place is amazing.”

“Yeah Evangeline has good taste.”

“That she does.” Alex said eyeing John up and down without his knowledge. “So where is the kitchen, we should get started.”

“Right this way follow me.” He led her into the kitchen and she watched the way his butt moved up and down in his tight jeans. She could get use to this view she thought to her self.

“This place is absolutely amazing, what is it that your girlfriend does?”

“Fiancé, she is a lawyer.”

“A cop and a lawyer how does that work out?” she asked as she took the groceries out of the bag and lined everything up on the counter top going over her mental check list of all the ingredients as she placed them one by one on the counter top.

“It can be tough at times. But after being together for a while now we have learned to keep the office at the office and keep our personal lives every place else.” He said watching her do her thing with the ingredients. “So did you get everything?”

“Yeah I think so. But since we only have an hour to cook before everyone gets here, I thought that we should do manicotti instead of lasagna. I hope that is okay with you.”

“That sounds great. So what can I help you do?”

“Well you know how to cut vegetables? We need them for the salad.”

“That I can help with. That is usually my role anyways.” John said with a smile and turning to grab a cutting board and a knife, “Does this work?” he asked holding the knife up for her to see.

“Umm, John that is a butcher knife. You need something a little bit smaller. Here let me see.” She said moving around to the other side of the counter top and pulling out the drawer that held the knives in it. Their hands gently touched as she moved things around looking for a pairing knife. Alex got a chill down her back as their hands rubbed against each other and she looked up at him and smiled.

“It might help if I get out of your way huh?” he asked stepping back and moving down away from where she was standing.

Alex’s smile turned downward when he backed off. She finally found the knife she was looking for, “Here try this one.” She said handing the knife to him.

“This one, this little thing? Are you sure about this? Of course you are sure, you’re the chef what do I know about cooking.” He replied with a laugh. Alex laughed back and continued looking around the kitchen for things to cook with.

They worked well together making dinner for Marcie, Michael, Antonio, and Evangeline. “So who all come to these Wednesday dinners?”

“Umm let’s see, my brother, Michael his girlfriend Marcie and my friend Antonio.”

The last name caught her attention and she almost dropped the bowl with the manicotti mixture in it. “Antonio?” she asks looking up at John.