Chapter 3

When John got to the bedroom, he was surprised to find the bedroom light only by candles. There were dozens of rose petals scattered across the room and bed. There was a bottle of what appeared to be champagne on ice on their bedside table. John could hear music playing softly in the background. John moved quietly to their bathroom where he found Evangeline applying makeup. He wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed the back of her neck.

"John you ruined the surprise," Evangeline said. "I thought you would still be talking to Michael."

"Umm, no, I uh, I wanted to spend some time alone with you. Is that alright, because if it's not I could just go back downstairs and have another beer."

"Okay, but you will miss that surprise I promised you earlier."

"Oh yeah, I forgot all about that."

"Oh really, well why don't you go check on Tristen, and by the time you get back I'll be ready to give you your surprise."

John lingered for a moment, breathing in Evangeline's sweet aroma. He sighed, agreed, and walked out of the bathroom. When John got to Tristen's bedroom, he opened the door and smiled at the sight of his son. He couldn't believe how big his little boy was getting. He remembered it was practically last year that he had a very healthy obsession with Sesame Street. But now that he was five he was too old for Sesame Street; he was "big boy now."

"What's wrong, Tris, why are you crying?" John said wiping the tears from his son's eyes.

"I don't like it anymore."

"Like what," Evangeline asked entering her son's room.

"This," Tris said pointing to several things in the room. "I'm big boy now."

"But I thought you loved Sesame Street," John said with a confused look on his face.

"No, that stuff's for babies."

John and Evangeline couldn't help but to laugh. Agreeing with what he said, John and Evangeline took Tris shopping for what he would like to have in his "new" room. When Evangeline took Tris away with her on a business trip, John and Michael made over Tris' room. John loved the way his son's face lit up at the sight of his new room. The room that had once been filled with Elmo and Big Bird was now filled with race cars, robots, and Legos.

As John stood over Tris, he began to fidget in his sleep; tossing and turning as if he had a bad dream. Suddenly his eyes popped open.

"What's wrong, did you have a bad dream?"

"Yeah," Tris said trying not to cry.

"It's okay, it was just a dream. Don't worry daddy's here and he's not going to let anything happen to you," John said as he cradled his son in his arms. After only a few minutes, Tristen was once again sound asleep. John whispered into his ear, "I love you so much. You don't know how glad I am to have you in my life. Good night and sweet dreams." John stood up from Tris' bed and walked to the door way. He turned and smiled one last time before heading back to his bedroom.

Evangeline was lying on the bed with a blue silk night gown on when John returned to his bedroom. He couldn't believe how beautiful she was. Everyday he made it a point to tell her just how lucky he was to have such a beautiful perfect woman in his life.

"Are you going to stare at me all night, or would you like to lie down with me?"

"Do you know how beautiful you are," John asked as he walked toward their king sized bed.

"Yes." Evangeline said with a laugh.

"So, where's this surprise that you've been promising me," John said as sat down beside her and began running his hands through her hair.

"Well first I want to talk to you about something else."

"Can't it wait? I just want to be with you."

"I promise you will not be sorry that you waited."

"Okay," John moaned in agreement. "So what could possibly be so important that I would have to wait to make love to you to hear it.?"

"I was actually thinking about your office and how you rarely ever use it. I was hoping that we could redecorate it."

"Sure, that's no big deal. So now can I make love to you?"

"Don't you even care why?"

"Of course I do, but I would rather have you in my arms instead."

"You are being so difficult."

John looked at Evangeline and smiled. He really didn't care if Evangeline wanted to redecorate his office. With his line of work, John rarely worked from home and when he did he often did his work in Evangeline's office so that he could be near her. John and Evangeline's house was extravagant. It was a four bedroom, three and a half bath, house with a pool and two guest rooms. If he wasn't in the backyard playing with Tris, John was in their den watching ESPN. That was the one room in the house where Evangeline would allow him do whatever he wanted.

"Okay, why do you want to redecorate my office? What exactly do you want to do with it?"

"Well remember it used to be Tris' room."

"Yeah, but that was when he was just a baby. I remember you said it was important that he not be too far away from you when he was that young. That was only a temporary situation though."

"Well, this will be too."

"So, what is it? Why don't we just use one of the spare guest rooms instead?"

"I don't want our baby to be that far away."

John chuckled, "You know Tris would hate it if he knew you still thought of his as "our baby."

Evangeline smiled back at John and rubbed her hands along his chest. Eventually John's chuckling turned into almost uncontrollable laughter. He leaned his head back on the pillows at the head of their bed.

"Are you finished?"

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to laugh," John said pulling Evangeline toward him and laying her head on his chest as he gently moved his hands through her hair. "You know Tris is starting to be a big boy now; he doesn't need to be close to us."

"I know that John," Evangeline said as she gazed into his soft blue eyes. "I never said I was talking about Tristen."

"But you just said you didn't want our baby to be that far away. Evangeline*are you*pregnant?"

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