Ch. 2

John turned and began to watch Paige for a while.

"She's awfully fidgety, isn't she, Mikey?"

"Yeah, I thought so, too."

"Well, I think I'd better go find out why."

As John and Michael approached Dr. Miller they were startled by a
hysterical woman.

"Excuse me, nurse, can you tell me where I can find Evangeline
Williamson," asked the woman with tears streaming down her face.

"I'm sorry ma'am I can only give that information out to family

"Look just please tell me where my daughter is!"

"Yes, of course, ma'am, I didn't realize," answered the nurse. "Come
with me. She's in Room 216, it's just down the hall."

Both women skirted off to Evangeline's hospital room while an eager
McBain and brother began to question Dr. Miller.

"Hey, doc," said John, "I've got some questions for you regarding

"And I'd be happy to answer them, Lt., but it'll have to wait," she
returned. "I just got a page, I'm needed in ICU."

"This is important, doc."

"So is this," she said, vanishing down the hall.

"Why do I get the feeling she doesn't want to cooperate, Mikey?"

"Hey, bro, don't think like that. We'll get answers, don't worry."

"I'm not leaving here till I do, you can count on that," John asserted.

"So what now, bro?" asked Micheal.

"I'm gonna go check in with Evangeline. I think I heard that woman say
that she was her mother."

"Oh, boy...looks like you'll finally meet."

"Yep, looks that way. Anyway, page me when or if you see Dr. Miller
again. I need answers."

"Will do, bro. Tell Evangeline I said hello. I'll come by later."

"Yeah, later, Mikey."

John thought maybe he shouldn't intrude on Evangeline's mother, but his
need to be with her out weighed all rational. He needed to know she was
going to be okay for himself. Slowly, he opened the hospital room door
so he wouldn't startle her. Timidly, he spoke.

"Mrs. Williamson?"

"Yes, that's me?" The words choked out between her sobs not wanting to
look away from her badly bruised daughter.

"I am so very sorry this has happened. How is she doing?" He approached
the slender weeping woman with great caution.

"She won't open her eyes. She appears to be resting comfortable,
though." She quickly wiped her tears and turned so she could view the
stranger's face. "Who are you, a friend of Eva's?" She stood up to get a
better look at her daughter's visitor. Before he could answer, she
interjected with an undertone of gladness, "Oh, wait a minute. I know
who you are. John, right? You're Eva's great love, aren't you?"

John, hesitant at first to respond, in truth, attempting to fight back
the blush at the sound of being called "Eva's great love," then replied,
smiling, "Yes, ma'am, I'm in love with your daughter, if that's what
you're asking."

Quickly intending her arms toward this rogue gentleman, the love of her
daughter's life, "Well, don't just stand there, son."

They embraced for only a few seconds when Vangie began to stir from her
unconscious state groggily. "Wha-what..."

"Shhhhh, baby," said her mother, comfortingly, "Don't try to say
anything. I'm here now, I'm here now."

A knock at the door was soon followed by the appearance of Dr. Miller
standing in the doorway.

"Sorry to interrupt," said Dr. Miller, "but Lt. your brother insisted I
come talk to you. If you would step out into the hall, I'll answer any
questions you may have, but I'm not sure how much help I can be."

"Thanks, Dr. Miller. I appreciate that. Would you please excuse me for a
moment, Mrs. Williamson?"

"Oh, sure, son. Don't worry about Eva. I'll take care of her." She
patted his hand in reassurance the way only a loving mother could.

"John?" Evangeline weakly pushed his name out beckoning him to her side.

Almost afraid to touch her, he gently swept a lone wisp of hair from her
face so he could look into her eyes. "Hey you," he whispered.

"Hey." Her voice was raspy and dry from the drugs she was given. "I have
to tell you about what happened."

"No. Not yet. I need you to rest up now. I'm going to go and speak with
Dr. Miller and I'll be right back. We'll talk then, okay?"

"But John."

"No buts!" Mrs. Williamson chimed in. "You heard what John said so don't
be stubborn."

"Listen to your mother," he smirked, kind of enjoying Evangeline getting
scolded by her. 'I like this lady already' he thought to himself. "I
promise, I won't be gone long." He placed a heart-felt kiss upon her
forehead then turned and followed Dr. Miller out of the room.

(Author's Note: Parts written by tsc0809, mskraft123, kilayne, Previous parts written
by tsc0809, FViewer, attherits, tagne11, ReneeGoldsberryBeautiful,
LittlePeanuts1914, Soapgal18,vegbyrd27, NikkiRox_1, kilayne )

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