Chapter 11

You put the moves on my heart…

Evangeline didn’t want to move. It felt so perfect. Laying with John. His arm draped around her waist, her hips resting in the curve of his body. His heart beating in rhythm with hers. He never did anything she expected. He loved her. She kept playing last night over and over in her mind. She gently rubbed her hand over his loving the feel of touching him and the comfort she felt with his breath gently tickling her neck. Yes she was lucky. The baby and her were fine, and John wanted them both. It couldn’t get any better than this.

John kissed her nape,” How long have you been thinking about last night?” he asked.

“Morning, and how do you know I was thinking about last night?" She asked and scooted back closer to him.

“I was thinking about last night too, so how long?" He asked.

“Well from the moment I woke up.” She said and laughed.

“How about we have a shower and have breakfast and then you can tell me again you love me.”

“How about we have a shower and have breakfast and then we say I love you to each other, she laughed.”

“I think that can be arranged," he said, kissed her nape before getting up to start their day. He held out his hand, and pulled her up to him, and kissed her properly.

The went and showered together neither could bare to be apart, not after finding a closeness, she had never hoped to have, and he had at one time feared he would never find again. They breakfasted on bagels and juice, and John had coffee, fixing Evangeline her herbal tea. She crinkled her nose, but she accepted the tea. They smiled, and teased and played the morning away until he got a call to go in.

“Hey I’m sorry I have to go.” He said.

“I understand. Can we still make that meeting with Mr. Hernandez at Nora’s? Or do you want me to postpone?"

“No don’t I’ll take you there. I want to know what he has to say.”

“Me too.”

“I know you could go on your own, I would just feel better if we went together.”

“I could meet you there, that’s not a problem.”

“Humor me, I tend to be a little protective so you better get used to it.” He said.

“Yeah, well I told you I can take care of myself.”

“And you can, but not this time. I’m taking you. So wait for me. Okay?”

“McBain did I tell you that you are one bossy man.”

“Yeah. I could say you are stubborn woman, but I won’t." He smiled.

“I’ll wait.”

“Oh, Evangeline we still have a few more things to clear up between us.”


“You once told me that marriage was one thing but love is everything. Right?”


“Yeah, well I love you, but we need to talk about the other.”

“John, you don’t mean….” She stopped as he touched her lips to silence her.

“Yeah we need to talk. But I don’t have time right now to get into it, but later, now kiss me.”

“Kiss you and send you on, hmm and she moved to meet his lips and he hers, she opened her mouth to let him in, and their kiss deepened. Her legs got weaker and the pleasure of his lips brought tears to her eyes.

“Hey hon? He said feeling the tears, what’s this? He asked wiping the tears away with his hand.“

Huskily she said, “You thrill me McBain. You touch my soul like no other. I am not complete unless I’m in your arms.” She said sincerely looking him deeply in his eyes.”

“Well then we are both in the same place, I am not complete without you in my arms, ” he said taking her in his arms again and finding her warmth as intoxicating as a flower. Her lips were as soft and moist as peaches, and sweeter than strawberries on a vine. He reluctantly left her to answer the call to go to the station.


Evangeline worked from home, but had to put in a call to Nora, girlfriends shared significant moments and last night was one of those moments.

“Nora, you busy?” Evangeline asked.

“Well let’s see, I have five outstanding cases, and court date in an hour, and I haven’t had lunch, so no I’m not busy” She said.

“Funny. Be serious. John and I talked.”

“Details please, you work anything out?”

“Only that he loves me, she yelled!”

“Van, I didn’t hear you, did McBain say the L word, or were you having a pregnant moment?”

“That is just wrong, yes I will be having that for a while. But yes he said it.”

”You give up anything significant. Like I love you back?” she asked.

“Well I might have said something along those lines?”

“Don’t play. Did you tell it to him back?” She demanded.

“Yeah, I broke down, I opened up now I’m totally gone.”

“Okay when is the wedding? I need to start getting in shape, I know I’m the matron of honor,” Nora said smiling from ear to ear.

“Wait just because I said I loved John and he said it back doesn’t man I’m walking down the aisle.”

“Okay. Let get this straight. You told John you loved him, he said it back. You are pregnant with his first born, and hmm, you think marriage is not going to happen. Girlfriend you are funny.” Nora burst out laughing.

“Nora, I don’t see the funny here. I told you how I feel about marriage. John understands, or at least I thought he did.”

“Well what gives you pause now?”

“Something he said this morning before he left, well he might want to talk about the idea of marriage, but he knows how I feel.”

“Van sometimes you can be so clueless,” she said. Van had no idea how men like John McBain processed love and babies. Oh she couldn’t wait for Van to find out she was in so much trouble.

“Nora look I don’t think you know John better than me. He is happy just the way things are.” She said as confidently as she could, still remembering their conversation from this morning.

“Okay, but I’m here for you when that bubble burst. I won’t even say I told you so, until your second anniversary. Look got to go, you still meeting Hernandez at my house right?

“Yeah. Thanks for letting us meet there. And I won’t be having any anniversaries, first, second or third. Get it.”

“I do, but do you? Ta.” Nora hung up.

Evangeline sat there staring at the phone, then shook her head, no Nora was wrong. John knew how she felt about marriage. He was fine with the way they were. Then why did she have a feeling in the pit of her stomach that she was so very wrong?

Llanview Police Department

John told the person to come in that knocked. He was pleasantly surprised to see his brother Michael.

“Hey Mikey.”

“Hey Bro. I just came to check up on you.”

“I am doing okay. Lots of work. I thought it would be slow today. I had to come in.”

“I was talking about you and Evangeline. How you two doing so far?”

“Fine, actually better than ever. You were right. I just needed to process. There is definitely no other woman for me than Evangeline.”

“Glad to hear it. I kind of got used to her, she is more like a sister to me. She really cares about you John.”

“I care too. We are officially back together. I just have to clear my desk. I’m going to need some time off. I called Mom and let her know about the baby.”

“How did she take it, the grandmother part?”

“Ecstatic, she can’t wait to meet her future daughter in law.”

“You mean you two are going to get married.”

“Yeah, I’m going to be a father. I love the woman, what did you expect?

“I thought you said Evangeline didn’t want to get married.” He said propping himself against the office wall.

“Well I am just going to have to wear her down, and get her to the alter before our child is born. I want my son or daughter to have everything I had. Two loving parents and a stable home.”

“Congratulation, but Evangeline has no clue does she?” Michael said.

“No idea how serious I am.” John gave his brother the look, and you better not clue her in.”

“Oh John, I so want to be there when your propose, can you do it in public?”

“Get out! You know damn well I’m private, and don’t even tell Marcie. She would love to tell Evangeline.”

“What kind of brother do you think I am, no way will I blow this for you?” He said and headed for the door.

“I mean it Mikey not one word.” John said.

Michael saluted and walked out, smiling all the way back to work. This was going to be funny he couldn’t wait for it to hit the fan. John and Evangeline, married. He had no doubt his brother could pull it off. McBain men were resourceful and stubborn. No way was John going to let Evangeline get away with out having it all. Love, marriage and the baby carriage.

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