Letting Go!

By JohnandVan

Part 1

Evangeline has decided to call it quits, she has found out two weeks ago that she was pregnant; she knows John did not sign on for this complication, so she has got to handle it herself. She is not afraid of being a single mother, but she doesnít want him to know and feels like he has an obligation to her and their child. They are at his place the room is hot and the lights are low and she has just finished getting dressed.

"John, we need to talk." Her voice caught him off guard, he could feel the urgency in her tone, and wondered what was wrong.

So he simply asked, "Whatís wrong?"

"You know when we started out and we both agreed to a no strings relationship, we would just get together when the outside world got to be too much." Her words were hesitant, and her tone was very serious.

"Yes, we both agreed, you knew I wasnít ready for anything more than that, at the time."

"Well, I donít want to change the rules, I just want out of whatever this is." She moved slightly away so she could look him directly in the eyes.

"Where is the coming from Van, we havenít been having any problems I am aware of. I see you every day, we spend quality time, and lets see, dinner, movies, tennis, jogging and every other sport known to man." He was getting louder after each word.

"You are right, but I want more, and not from you," she said it firmly with modulated tones, he almost didnít here her.

"Is there someone else?" he asked quietly, and this time he moved in closer to make sure he heard her correctly.

"No, John, when would I have had time. Letís just agree we had a great ride, and move on.

"Whatever, but I am not going to wait around for you to change your mind." Who was he kidding, she had him wrapped around her little fingers, he breathed Van, couldnít get enough of her, even when they were apart he wondered what, who and where she was with, he couldnít help it; she was a part of him. She could not really think he was going to let her just walk away and not try to stop her. Yet, he had to play it cool, something else was going on here; he had to find out, what it was. Far as he knew they were doing great, she had slowly become the most important person in his life, he didnít make a decision without wondering what she would say or think about it. Damn, he even put in his leave based on the time she was going to be off, and now she was trying to break up, why?

"Van how are we going to handle our jobs if we break up?" John said. Stalling for time.

"I talked with my partners and they have agreed to assign a new lawyer to any cases we are working on together, I am switching from criminal to corporate".

"I see, you have it all planned." Every word out of her beautiful mouth was not believable. How do you go from happiness one minute to this crap?

"So, you will no longer be handling criminal, and you are okay with that?"

"Yes, I have decided to take my career in a new direction, I get most of my work from corporate law." Please let him buy this, this is most important argument I have every made in my life.

"If this is what you want, I wonít fight you on it." You got to be kidding me if you think Iím going to let you just walk away from us with out finding out the real reason, and that bull, about leaving criminal law, why would she just give it up, if she really wanted to break up with me she would just do it, and she wouldnít have a problem working with me.

She breathed, "Thanks John, I knew you would understand." She got up slowly and held out her hand, and said, "Friends."

He took her hand and bought it close to his chest and pulled her in to a kiss which was hard and unexpected taking her breath away, he felt her melt, literally, then he pulled back looking into the dark pools of her eyes and said, "Friends".

End Part 1