Part V (Warning NC-17)

Randall J. Gannon, known affectionately as RJ was smiling from ear to ear, just imagining the pain Evangeline must be feeling having lost the first of many cases if she lived that long. Unbeknown to her the only reason she had been protected from the Santi mess was because of him. Now that they were no longer a couple well all bets were off unless he felt generous. Yet generosity wasnít what he felt for her it was time for some payback. Revenge is sweet when the person you go after is already down near the gutter and you have a chance to put them in the ditch. His eyes just glistened with anticipation and a deep smile of satisfaction lifted his dark soul.

Knock on door.

"Yes, who is it," he said.

"Me boss Dante, can I come in? he asked hesitantly, the boss had been a little antsy lately.

"Yeah come in, and you better have a damn good reason for being here instead of watching Ms. Williamson.

"Boss, I got news, Ms. Williamson and Mr. McBain met at her office, he was there for a couple of hours.

"Did you actually see him go in to meet with her or are you trying to weasel some more money out of me?

"No, I lost him, but the elevator at Buchanan Towers he got on stopped on floor."

"Do you know how many suites are on that floor of lawyers or doctors he could have seen."

"Yeah, but boss it makes sense, she loses a case and he goes to see if she is okay."

RJ slowly gets up and in Danteís face and says very softly, I want proof, for weeks now, the beautiful Ms. Williamson has popped up on me saying and acting like she is a free woman I need proof, you know photo evidence. If you can get me that I might, might renegotiate your salary. Now get out of my sight and get the proof I need.

After Dante left, RJ went back to his desk opened the drawer and pulled out the picture he and Evangeline had taken in happier times. He remembered when he first met this feisty smart woman he knew at first glance that she would change his life, he just wished he had known she would break his heart.

FBI Headquarters Washington Bureau of Investigation Agent Scott and Agent Border are discussing the Santi case.

Scott: Do we know that our mole is still safe?

Border: Yeah, but Iím concerned because we have a lock on the Santi family but the lose cannon is this man named Randall J. Gannon, with long ties to the Santi family.

Scott: Why should we be concerned about him, has he become a player?

Border: Not, only a player he has moved into some of the Santi territory, I think he was given this chance because of past favors. Only our contact canít get as close as the person would like.

Scott: What do you suggest, we do.

Border: There is a woman lawyer who was really close to Gannon, they broke up if we could get her to really reconnect with him then it would make it easier for us to see how deep his ties goes.

Scott: But what would make this woman help us, she isnít even a trained agent; she would be taking a big risk, with her life especially if she were found out.

Border: I have an angle, remember ex-agent John McBain.

Scott: Yeah, Mr. Perfect, what about him.

Border: He and Ms. Williamson are close, he still owes us a few favors, and I think it is time to collect.

Evangelineís Home 12:00 midnight

He moved softly hoping she had a chance to rest, but knowing her she hadnít. "John, come over, Iím not asleep".

He moves over to the bed sitting on the side and turns on the night light. "How you doing angel?" he asked gently.

"Not perfect but better, did anyone see you breaking in?"

"No, I had a decoy lead them away, it is just you and me"

"Then, baby come to bed lay right down her beside me you are too far away."

"You sure you want that?" He asks.

She reaches up an the sheet falls away and her body is completely free of clothes, and she moves kneeling on the bed and pulls him close to her so that he feels every sweet part. She kisses him on the nose and backs away, and seductively says "Feel me lieutenant, all of me, I am always ready for you all you have to do is look at me with those gorgeous blue eyes and flash those dimples and I am ready.

He laughs and pulls her body onto his lap and gently rubs his hands on her legs, which always feels like silk. Turning her head so that their mouths are just inches apart he gently begins to explore her mouth and as she opens to accept him he lets out a groan and picks her up, while she snakes her legs around his waist, kissing and tasting each other, breathing for moments at a time. He carries her to the shower, and she is gently let down. She looks into his eyes and sees the invitation and begins to slowly undress him first the shirt, the belt, then he touches her mouth with his hand, and she stops. He finishes undressing and then cuts on the shower. He gently ushers her in, and stays back for a moment to see the water cascade on her beautiful brown skin, he never tires of just looking at her. He enters the shower and she has the shower soap ready and looking at her he reads what she is about to do, it feels so good with her hands soaping his body lingering longer than he could stand, until finally he has to caress her and touch her intimately, with the water pouring he goes down and discovers her sweetness again, placing her leg on his shoulder and holding her steady he begins to explore until he feels himself and her ready to explode. He place legs down as she whimpers and begs him to give her all of him and picks her up and slowly enters her heaven. Their bodies are moving to sound of the water and their souls as they both come to the heart wrenching moment of complete oneness and hold on to each other like they never wanted the moment to end.

Neither spoke as they dried each other off, but when they were finished, he picked up his woman and carried her to bed and the went to sleep entwined and completely content, until McBain got the phone call.

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