"Backing Off" Part III

Still staring at him and waiting for him to take his hand off her as requested, Evangeline didnít know whether to hit him for scaring her or kiss him because it had been so long. She took the easy way out, she move away. John dropped his hand and backed off to the other side of the couch.

"Why" she said.

"Why what? Am I here, or here in your home?

"Answer, me donít make me madder than I am?"

"Are you threatening or promising me?"


"We need to talk, about some things, and I frankly canít go on without making myself clear to you."

"You were very articulate, when you decided to cool things off."

"No, I was direct, I donít think I made myself clear."

"Look, I know a brush off when I see it or smell it, yours was both."

"No, what you took as a brush off Van, was me telling you I wanted you safe."

"Safe from what, I havenít been threatened, you have."

"If you are near me and something happens to me then you are in jeopardy and I canít have that." He runs his hand though his hair.

"Does it matter if I want to take a chance, or are you the only one who gets to say how we take us."

"Maybe, Iím a little sensitive when it come to keeping people I care about safe, but I would be a fool not to have learned from past mistakes."

"John, I know some of what happened but just because it happened once doesnít mean your job would endanger me."

"People who are close to me get hurt, I donít want to see that happen to you."

"So youíve said, I abided by your wishes, so why are you here."

He looked at her sitting so still, as if she would jump and run away at any minute, and as he was breaking into her house to set up new security. He ha planned to be out before she came back, knowing all along he was going to wait for her, he now pondered her question, whyÖ..

Never taking his eyes off her, beautiful eyes, flashing just like a cat, skin the color of his favorite caramel candy, and limbs so supple they seemed to melt into him when they made love, yes love, even though he couldnít say it to her yet, love was the only emotion that encompassed what he felt for her. She was feisty, stubborn, challenging and soft, and womanly, especially when she cradled his head and rubbed her hands gently through his hair as he dozed in her loving arms. Yes, she was his woman, and he had to do everything necessary to keep her safe, and hope she understood.

"Van I need you to hear me, without interrupting, this is probably the most important conversation we will ever have".

"Go ahead, Iím listening."

"Right now RJ Gannon, is after revenge, we both were wrong in how the two of us began, I knew you were seeing someone, and you knew you were in a relationship. We fell for each other and for the first time", taking her hand, he continued "you and I acted on in a moment that took us both by surprise. We took a step and now we are dealing with the consequences."

"We didnít meant to hurt RJ, it was just that the feelings we had couldnít be denied, he will understand in timeí

"Van, even though I canít prove it, RJ had me jumped, now if he can come after me he can do the same to you. Maybe not physically but there are others ways."

"So what are you saying about us?"

"Iím saying that there is an us, but we both have to continue to play it cool, and wait for RJís next move."

"What if it doesnít happen?"

"Trust me it will, and the safest thing for the two of us is to appear to not be seeing each other for the time being."

Rubbing his hand, with a puzzled expression on her face Van said, "How am I supposed to live without?"

"Van" pulling her close so that she is resting in his arms, gently rubbing her back, he says, "How am I going to live without your?

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