"Backing Off" Chapter 14

by JohnandVan

The room was dark; Sonia kept it that way saying that it was better for her. She felt like a zombie; cold sometimes, and warm others. Unable to move or speak, barely able to consume the liquids she was fed daily. Why was she getting weaker and weaker? Why didnít she leave when she had the chance? Slowly, Evangeline began to lose consciousnesses and that is how it had been for days.

Sonia came in to check on her. Looking down upon the sleeping beauty, all she could feel was hatred. Despite RJís protestations, she knew how he felt about this woman. Every time she entered a room he was in he responded. He would mask his feelings quickly, but the desire was there, palpable in the air, and the fact that he despised Evangeline for making him still feel that way. If only he felt for me like he does you. Not that I will have to worry about you much longer because you are fast slipping away. Just a little more of my special medicine and this thing you call life will disappear.

RJ was a little apprehensive about leaving Evangeline so listless, but Sonia had assured him that she was going to recover. Sonia told him that the doctor said she was anemic and that the right combinations of medicine and rest would restore her health. Yet something just didnít sit right with him. Yeah, he hated what she did to him, but he still couldnít stop feeling for the woman; she really hit him hard. It would take him some time to get over the feelings she awakened in him. No time to reflect, he needed to focus on Port Charles and why Sonny Corinthos wanted to meet before the meet. Looks like I have a couple of hours before my plane lands, best time in the world to get my best game together.

Port Charles, N.Y. Corinthoís Coffee Warehouse

Sonny Corinthos, was admiring the work his wife Carly had done redecorating his new office; she had used dark tones, with splashes of beige and caramel, to bring in a muted look of understated taste. Not bad, the best thing she added, of course, was the humidor stocked with Havana cigars, his favorite. Carly really didnít like him smoking, but she indulged him and treated him every now and then to what he liked. I donít have time to indulge; Mr. Gannon will be here, I wonder how he will take the proposition Iím about to throw his way? If he is a smart man, which I think he is, this is a no brainer. He will accept--the alternative is not acceptable.


"Come in." Sonny said.

"Mr. Corinthos, Mr. Gannon is here to see you." Johnny said.

"Show him in, and Johnny, make sure we are not disturbed, understood?" Sonny said, cocking up his brow, as was his habit when he was very serious.

"Understood," said Johnny and ushered Mr. Gannon in.

"Randall, good to see you. Welcome again to Port Charles," Sonny said as he walked toward his guest extending his hand for a handshake.

Meanwhile in LlanviewÖ

Buzz was working on setting up to hear any sound, no matter how small. They had delivered a package for Gannon earlier. The receiver was not in the gift but on the ribbon; as long as it stayed in the house, Buzz could pick up the movement of an ant.

Llanview Docks Jay was waiting patiently for the arrival of the Toledo woman. According to John the meet she had could be 10 minutes or and hour. He didnít have much time. What he had to do was tricky: he had to get the pellet in the car without hitting anyone and making them aware of what happened. The car pulled up. He was in position on the roof. He watched as the driver stepped out of the car and walked around to open the door for Ms. Toledo. As she was stepping out, he fired. The pellet was released, and was now in the fabric of the car seat. Toledo and her people proceeded to go into the warehouse.

Randall J. Gannonís house - The gates were locked, and Cal was smiling, man this system was just too easy. He took his time. He couldnít afford to mess up. He placed the decoder into the system. He had already disabled the cameras with continuous shots of the drive and key points of the view. He had to admit, having more time would have been better. Yet, he knew he was good enough to get this done with the time he had. Eureka! System disabled. "John," speaking on the walkie-talkie "the system is disabled."

"Good, Iíll get Salina let her know to start taking them out," John said.

"Salina, copy," John said.

"Copy," Salina said.

"Copy, Itís a go. Do your thing." John said.

Salina, dropping the walkie-talkie in the grass, proceeded to break-in the gate in the back, making sure she was as quiet as necessary. She was wearing a skirt with the slit up the sides, which showcased her long luxurious legs. She wore a black top with a low neckline showing a bustier underneath that made her look like she was ready to pop. She approached the men two of them from behind.

"Excuse me, I need help", and she steadily walked up toward them. The men were too busy staring at this vision to realize that she was really out of place.

"My car is broken down, and I canít seem to get it to started, can you help me?" and smiling her glorious smile, just as she approached, she bought her hand up. She hit the first one right above the temple, turned around, pulled out her silencer and shot the other one in the chest. Both men went down at the same time. Just then, John moved in and both of them proceeded to get the two men tied and bound. They placed them out of the way. Using sign language, he indicated to her to go to the front, and he proceeded to go through the patio doors, entering quietly. While he was doing this, Salina proceeded to neutralize the one bodyguard left, since Toledo had the driver and the bodyguard with her.

John moved steadily up the stairs. He knew exactly which room Evangeline was in for he had memorized the floor plan and was moving as quickly as he could. He knew time was of the essence, and knew instinctively that she was slipping away from him. Coming around the corner he saw the nurse leave the room, he pulled back and waited. He noticed she didnít bother to lock the door, which was not good. It could only mean that Evangeline was too weak or was somehow unable to move about. He waited for the nurse to go into the room next door. Then he moved swiftly and quietly, getting to the door in record time. He opened it quietly, it was dark and he could barely make out the quiet, still figure on the huge bed in front of him. He waited a second for his eyes to adjust and moved toward the bed.

My God, what have they done to you? He thought to himself.

"Evangeline, Evangeline," he said barely above a whisper, moving toward the bed and reaching out to touch her hair. She didnít even move, she was so still; he was really scared for her now.

John moved and pulled the covers back. He could see that she had on a thin pink negligee. He felt for her pulse, it was weak. He knew he had to get her out. He pulled the sheet, wrapped her in it and scooped her up. She was as light as a feather. He moved quickly to the door and got her down the stairs hoping that every thing was going as planned. He moved toward the doorÖ

Llanview DocksÖ

He waited holding his breath as Toledo entered the car. Timing was everything. She and her bodyguard got in the car together, just as the driver stepped in. Barrows hit the remote control. The pellet was released and everyone in the car was out in 3 seconds, the driver didnít even have a chance to turn the ignition.

"Damn, talk about timing," Barrows said under his breath. He moved silently away, no trace he was ever there; his gun already broken down in the guitar case.

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