Chapter 9 "Backing Off"


John McBain was on definitely on a mission: one to forget Evangeline Williamson and two to solve the Cramer case and find out who really killed him that fateful night. He found the second part easier than the first. He read the announcement of the engagement of Randal J. Gannon and Evangeline Williamson, in the Banner-Sun. He was grateful he was at home when he read it because when he threw the first thing he found it shattered all over the place, he was just plain mad, at her and the fact he couldnít make her back off.

Evangeline wasnít doing much better. After John left she cried until the tears dried and she just simply sobbed., His leaving had left her totally devastated, and she only had herself to blame. What was she thinking, that he would just wait until it played out? Maybe he would have if he didnít feel for her the way he did, and she him. What must he think of her to be willing to lay down with RJ, knowing how she felt for him?

How in the world would she ever make him see that she had no choice? That a long time ago before the two of them existed, someone asked her to help them and she refused-- didnít want to get involved. That person ended up dead; this Santi mess was similar and she wouldnít, no couldnít back out now, too much was at stake.

John didnít know she had found the connection between Tico and RJ. She overheard them once; RJ thought she was asleep when she heard him tell Tico if McBain became a problem he would have to be taken care of. He said, long as Evangeline was with him; McBain was to be protected, unless he proved a severe liability. Not only was she staying with RJ for the truth, but to protect John. No, she wasnít naïve; enough to think John would thank her for this. She was not willing to take any kind of risk with his life. How in the world was she going to convince RJ, that his very touch was not abhorrent to he? How was she going to let him touch feeling the way she did about John? Evangeline had no answers.

Port Charles- The Penthouse Suite of Sonny Corinthos

Randall J. Gannon took Evangeline Williamson to be his lawfully wedded wife at 9:00 pm in a candle lit ceremony hosted by his new friend Sonny and his lovely wife. Mr. Gannon had arrived; El Tiburon was now one of the players in the new Five Families.

The ceremony was elegant and tasteful, only the select few were invited from the families happy to welcome this gorgeous and gracious woman as a new partner to one of their own, no talk of business was discussed, it was truly a social affair.

"RJ, your wife is quite beautiful," said Sonny.

"Yes, she is a class act", smiling and admiring her talking with the other ladies.

"You know she makes me laugh, and I love a woman that does that", admiring her too.

"Yes, but just remember whom she belongs too," he said, most respectfully.

Sonny laughed, "Iím a lot of things, but happily married is definitely one of them, I just admire her wit and style, and wonder how you lucked up." Looking at Gannon questioningly.

"I was just lucky I guess", he said, "Really lucky."

After the wedding party dispersed, Gannon and his new wife were about to depart, saying their goodnights and getting all the well wishing any new couple could want.

"Where you guys staying?" Asked Sonny.

"The Port Charles Hotel, the honeymoon suite, they just renovated it I heard it was great," he said.

"Mr. Corinthos, Carly, thanks for allowing us to have our wedding here, it was beautiful", Evangeline said.

"Call me Sonny, and thanks for the advice on that little matter we discussed" he said smiling.

"Anytime glad I was able to help", Evangeline said.

"Sonny we have to go, my new wife and I have some unfinished business, thanks." and taking her arm he led her out.

Sonny was a little reflective after they left, Carly asked him what was the matter, "Nothing, just a vibe I get from RJís wife, she seemed afraid, now why would a new wife be afraid of her new husband?" Sonny put that little piece of information in the back of his head for future reference.

Port Charles Hotel, Honeymoon Suite

Van would never forget that night, for many reasons; most importantly it showed her who RJ Gannon truly was; and she would never under estimate him, or his feelings toward her, again.

The suite was huge, the bed big enough for ten people and the luxury just exquisite, but it all paled to insignificance when she realized who she was with, and what was about to happen. He approached her gently, "Why donít you get comfortable? Your clothes and things are put up, we will be here two nights, no more, and go on Iíll wait."

She took as long as she could without making him suspicious, and came out with a beautiful white satin negligee, which flowed and hugged all parts of her, RJ just stared, damn she was a vision, and a siren. He remembered the first time he saw her, and how hard he fell. Tonight was going to be hard, but he was man enough to do it and he felt real good about it too.

"Van you look exquisite, the color becomes you, virginal white, but usually sluts wear red," he heard her gasp. You really think I didnít have McBain followed when you were away, knowing he was in Pine Valley? Did you really think I wouldnít put the pieces together? Oh, yeah RJ is stupid, he wouldnít know a con if it hit on the head.

His expression changed ever so slightly, his eyes got smaller, and he walked closer to her, and he had to give the woman props, she never flinched; she stood her ground.

"You really think I donít know what is going on here, you let the dog McBain in you, and now you think I want you? I do, but not like you think. I wouldnít touch trash like you if I were getting paid; and that is what you are to me -- trash."

"Letís get this thing between us straight. You are now my lawfully wedded wife, and if you go to bed at night it will be alone."

"Never again will I touch you except in public and when I do, you will act the loving wife, and if I hear that you have been sniffing around McBain, lets just say accidents happen all the time. Think I canít, try me. Oh, you can sleep on the floor, thatís were I keep my trash. Night." Leaving her stunned and speechless.

Part of her was glad, the other really scared, he knew about McBain, and this was his reaction. What if found out why she really was his wife, what would he do to her then? Yes, this was way more complicated than she ever thought it could be. She had to go slow and count her blessings, because she had another problem. She just found out that she was pregnant. There was no way RJ buy it as his; they had never been intimate together, since she came back to him. . So now she was even more afraid and time was running out.

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