"Backing Off " Chapter 7

John was thinking the nightmare, would never end, then it got worse. Seven weeks ago Evangeline, had requested a meeting. Unfortunately he was involved in the murder of one Paul Cramer, alias, punk and baby snatcher. When he got her message he was in Pine Valley, following up on Paulís connections there, anything to keep his mind off of seeing and hearing about RJ and Van, and how happy they seemed to everyone looking on. So, he had to set up the meet there. He was concerned because they had limited their contact through Antonio, and this was outside of procedure. However, Evangeline insisted that they had to meet in person so he agreed. The meet took place at the home of Livia Frye Cudahy, an old friend of Vanís. Her cover story was that Livia needed to see her and she would spend the weekend with her in case it made RJ nervous. Van didnít seem to think it would, it didnít. For the first time in his life Randall Gannon had it made, he had just been contacted by Sonny Corinthosís right hand man Jason Morgan, and told that he would have the pleasure of holding the meeting of the new five families. Gannon was in his world he had finally arrived. He got the woman and the power, and nothing was going to stop him now. However, miles away in Pine Valley his woman was meeting John McBain, for the first time in three weeks, and what was about to transpire would forever change them both, and a put in place and explosive situation.

Livia and Tomís Home Friday Evening

(Knock) "Come in," Evangeline said. She was sitting in the rocking chair when Livia came on in.

"Do you have everything you need? Livia asked.

"Fine, you have beautiful taste, you and Tom have a wonderful home."

"Thanks, I try, but my man says that I decorate too often, he knows I love it, he just doesnít like how hard I make him work when I decide to redecorate." She laughed.

"Liv, thanks for letting me meet John here, I donít know what I would have done if you hadnít," she sighed.

"You know that I would do anything for you Van, we go way back, even though I was surprised to hear that you and John had broken up, after we talked a while back I had expected a different scenario."

"Things change, and things donít, I canít say anymore." Van said.

"Well, get some rest, then come down to dinner. I believe your John McBain will be here around ten, so that is good. Tom and I have a meeting at the Valley Inn every Friday--romantic time for us -- so you two make yourselves at home."

10:15 PM Liviaís Home.

<Buzz. > Van goes to the door, actually she runs, it has been so long since she has seen him, peeps out and opens up the door.

"John, come in," she is afraid to look at him and afraid not too, so her eyes travel up and meet his eyes and she sees everything has changed and nothing really has. She ushers him into the living room and motions him to sit down.

He declines, he just continues to stare, it has been a long time since he was in a room with Van, and when she opened the door, everything he felt for the last weeks of torture melted, he simply asked, "Where is your room?"

"This way." She said barely breathing, and he followed her to the guest room. It was decorated in pastels, the bed was huge, and Van looked so tiny standing in the middle of the room, he almost forgot how fragile she could look sometimes, then he would remember and all his protective instincts for her would kick in full force. This however was not one of those times, what he was feeling was a need, to remind himself and her who she belonged to. He unloosened his tie, and unbuttoned his shirt, all the while she didnít move. Van was standing still as if afraid to move, he did not understand her fear but he would later. He dropped his shirt on the floor, and proceeded toward her, reaching her and touching her arms with his hands, feeling her shiver, bringing his hand up to her face then to the back of her head, he gently brings her mouth to his, and that is when he breaks. All his anger, the longing and the pain, is in this kiss. He crushes her mouth forcing her to open to him and pushing in his tongue to meet hers, and the duel begins. They both sink to the floor. He laying on top of her and pulling up her skirt that is way too tight and finding she has on nothing underneath, which makes his stomach, drop in sheer desire for this woman. He has not breathed or tasted her for weeks; he is like a man drowning in desire and feeling like he is sinking and only she can save him. Pulling out his throbbing manhood, not caring about protection--he knows she hasnít been with anyone and he needs her now. She parts her legs, grabs him and places him exactly where he wants to be, and he thrusts and enters the hottest valley that is her essence, and almost explodes with desire. He forgot, didnít forget how sweet she was and how she was always ready for him. He couldnít help itóhe thrusts in again and again feeling her thrusting right along with him, running her hands on his back, giving and taking just as hard as he was. He couldnít afford to be gentle; he wasnít in a gentle mood. He wanted her to remember how he felt in this moment, all his longing and pain for her and for them was poured into this moment until he felt her peak, and knew she was getting ready to find that wave of passion that only the two of them ever found together. He begins to move with her rhythm, and then felt her shake, and he released his essence. She screams his name and he follows through with a kiss so sweet, he feels her joy deep in his soul. He forgets for one moment in time how complicated their lives are. He drops his head on her chest, so that she would not see the tears that fell from his eyes, but she felt them. Her breast become wet, and when she realizes why, her breath catches and she cradles this strong and beautiful man, quietly telling him over and over again as a mother would a child, "Itís going to be okay, I promise, I promise," gently saying the words over and over againÖ until he stops shaking. And for a little while, John McBain got the rest he needed and he fell asleep in the arms of an angel.

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