The docks were pitch black, and the Fox and the Lion met one last time in person.

"You called? The Lion asked looking at the Fox..

"Yeah, we need to get some things straight."

"Yes we do, especially now that we have accomplished what we set out to do."

"Yes, well, you managed to get in with the five families, and as one of the bosses no less."

"Everything we worked for has come to pass, even though the betrayal almost ripped it apart."

"Oh, you do know that you are divorcing her, right?"

"I get that, an annulment would not make me look to good."

"How did you manage it, I mean getting her out?"

"With a little help from my friends. The important thing is you were not tied to it. Of course you didnít know about the drugs. Right?"

"I may have a disdain for you, but youíre right I didnít. That was all Sonia. You wonít be hearing from her again."

"I think that is a good thing."

"I thought you would, now on to business."

"We wonít meet again anytime soon."

"Yeah, you need to build your reputation, and you need to be totally above reproach."

"You do know Iíll have to come after you, just to keep your cover."

"Yeah, and you know I have to do whatever it takes to keep my cover."

"Yes. How will you handle Corinthos over the break up of your marriage."

"Itís handled. I told him the truth; although my wife was beautiful she was a little cold. He understood. I sealed it with my devotion to my new role. He thinks I want to focus myself to being the new "El Tiburon, without any distractions."

"He must be proud of you."

"I do believe he is. How is she? he asked almost giving away how deeply concerned he was."

"Better, she is getting stronger every day. I would mention you, but I donít want her to have a setback. I told her I would handle this, she agreed."

"Good, then we need to understand each other. If you ever hurt her, I will come back, I will take her from you and never let her back in your life."

"No worries, I would never hurt her, and yes we do understand each other."

"Good, and McBain, take care, and consider us even, the pain you felt what I felt. Yes."

"Yes, Gannon, I felt what you felt, weíre even."