Chapter IX


Evangeline left Michael and walked into Johnís hospital room alone. He looked like hell, but when he saw her, he smiled.


"Hey," he said.


Evangeline rushed to him and went into his arms, curling up in his bed. She didnít care if she was supposed to or not, right now they needed to feel each otherís hearts and rest in each otherís arms.


"You okay?" John asked.


"I am now."


"What happened?"


Evangeline told him everything. She knew John would read the report anyway, but they told each other the truth, painful or not. It was what made their relationship work.


"I tried not to panic. I was never so glad in all my life, that you gave me self-defense lessons and taught me how to box."


"Iím pretty impressed."


"You should be, it saved my life," she said shivering thinking of what Gabe had planned. She was grateful she was able to save herself.


"Iím just grateful youíre okay."


"Me, too, and that youíre awake. McBain donít ever scare me like that again."


"Iíll try, but you do know that my work is sometimes going to put me in danger. Can you deal with that?"


"What are you saying, havenít I until now?"


"Yes, but as a girlfriend, not aÖ"


"Say it, a what?"


"Okay, will you marry me?"

"Marry you, as in become your wife?"

"That would be the plan," he said.

"Well, I donít know. You are just recovering from a knock on the head; you sure you are ready to make this commitment?"


"I was ready from the first kiss, in case you didnít notice."


John felt the blush that heated her whole body.


"I need an answer." John said.


"John, why donít we wait? See how you feel about this tomorrow?"


"No. You are it for me; the woman I want to be my lifeís partner, can you just say yes."




"Thank you G-d." John said. He pulled her face up to his using his finger to position her lips. Then, he kissed her needing to feel her warmth and it was heaven Ė sweet and loving, just like her.


Evangeline caught her breath, "I love you, McBain."




"Say it."


"I love you Williamson; and I will be so proud to be your husband and have you for my wife."