Chapter VIII

Past Due



Evangeline toweled off and put on her robe. She stepped out of the bathroom not expecting to find what she did.




"Evangeline, lovely as ever."


"What are you doing here?" she asked tightening her robe.


"You have my daughter. Any other reason is irrelevant."


"Annie is not going anywhere with you."


"Iím her father. I think that gives me more rights than you."


"I donít give a damn about your rights; get out of my room and my house," she commanded.


"I think I have the upper hand. Iím here alone with you and you have the nerve to order me around," he said approaching her with every word.


Evangeline backed away. Trying not to panic, but not succeeding.


"Why are you in my house?"


"Samantha took something from me. I need it back."




"A key that will unlock my future."


"So why come here?"


"I figure she left it with our daughter. Where are Annieís things? The ones Sam sent with her?"


"Annie came to me in a hat and coat and very little else."


"Where is her stuff? Donít make me ask you the way I had to ask your sister."


Evangeline understood. He was threatening her and she knew he would follow through. He was a nasty piece of work. She knew that when she saw the first bruise on her sister. Evangeline wished now she had fought harder to get Sam away from him. "Iíll get it. Then will you leave?"


Gabe looked at her and smiled. He always liked Evangeline more, but he knew, as all predators do, that she was nobodyís victim. She wouldnít stay with someone like him. Evangeline would have walked. Yet, he always felt his passion rise, maybe because he couldnít have her, but things change Ė he was alone with her. His eyes ran over her form, even the robe couldnít hide her beauty.


Evangeline was perfectly formed; what a waste on that McBain character. He had scouted around and found out he was the boyfriend and a hotshot detective. Gabe didnít care. He needed the key and if he got a little something else, that could work too. He let none of this show. Gabe was better today then he had been years ago; heíd learned to hide his perversions.


"Yeah, just give me her stuff."


Evangeline didnít trust him one bit, but she moved. She went to her closet and pulled out the bag, in which sheíd had placed Annieís things. She was going to throw them out, but something prevented her; now, she was glad. She threw the bag toward him, but he didnít move.


"You got what you want, now leave," she said, wrapping her arms close around her, hoping he would leave quickly.


"Now is that anyway to treat a member of the family?" Gabe asked.


"What do you mean?"


"Ah, Sam never told you. We got married. Yep, Iím your brother-in-law, how you like that?"


"Sam wouldnít marry you."


"She did and guess what? She did it despite what you thought. You tried to turn her against me. You failed."


"I tried to save her; you couldnít keep your temper."


"Sam couldnít stop pushing. You really should have dated me. You could have saved your sister."




"I wanted you. Every time I had Samantha, it was you. I knew you wouldnít or couldnít love someone like me."


"You are sick, get out. You got what you wanted, now leave."


"No. I still want one more thing."


"Get out!"


"Donít tell me you never wondered what a good lover I would be?"


Evangeline was beyond panic. She was in survival mode and he couldnít actually mean what he was implying. No. She looked for a way out and was coming up empty.


"Relax, it will be better than that cop, I promise," Gabe said moving closer.


Evangeline backed up and found she was pinned in front of the dresser. Her mind clicked, she had to get him down. It didnít matter how, she had to use what John had taught her and she hoped to heaven it worked. She allowed him to move closer not letting him know her next move. Evangeline allowed her body to relax. He moved closer still.


Just when he was about to reach for her, she kneed him in the groin, balled her hand into a fist and gave him an uppercut. Gabe was temporarily immobilized. She pushed him down and ran for the door, shutting it behind her. Evangeline raced down the steps and out of the house; she didnít care about anything except moving. She quickly went to a neighborís house and banged on the door. Mrs. Mitchell opened up; Evangeline flew in, shutting the door behind her. She quickly asked to use the phone explaining that someone had broken into her house.


Unknown to Evangeline, the uniformed patrol car had just pulled up to her home, per Bo Buchananís orders, and saw her running. He called for backup and went to talk with Evangeline. Then all hell broke loose.


When Officer Cerrutti saw a man stagger out of the Williamson home, he didnít take any chances. He un-holstered his gun and approached the man. Within secondís Gabe was subdued. The gun was a powerful incentive. Gabe surrendered and was handcuffed. Evangelineís call had gone through. Sirens were blaring and back up was there in two minutes. Cerutti hoped this scum didnít touch Evangeline, because if he had, he might not make it to the station in one piece. Not a threat, but policemen took care of their own, and Evangeline Williamson was like family. Nobody messed with family.


Cerrutti, placed Gabe in the car, and went to question Evangeline. After taking her statement, he saw her safely into the house. Cerutti went back to check with the other cops, who were taking Gabe into the station. He noticed Gabe had some bruising and that made him smile, McBainís woman knew how to take care of herself. Now, who could he call to let Lt. McBain know what happened? It sure wasnít going to be him.



"Mikey, spill!"


"Okay, but remember E is okay. Really," Michael said in his most reassuring tone.


"What happened? Donít make me hurt you."


"Look, this guy broke into the house looking for something. He attacked E."


"How is she? Did he hurt her?"


"Well, she did some damage. Apparently she kneed him and got him down, then ran for help."


"G-d, is she okay?" He asked making a move to get up.


"Look, you are not going anywhere. E gave me strict instructions to keep you in bed."


"Mikey go get my clothes."




"Mikey, you got five seconds."


"I am more scared of Evangeline than you, John. She said to keep you here. She is making a statement and sheíll be right over."


"Michael, is she really okay?"




"Go to her for me. I donít want her making that statement alone. She is strong, but everyone needs someone, go."


"Iím on it. I got your back," Michael said and left to go to the station.




At the Llanview Police Department, Michael found Evangeline where she was answering the questions calmly. She was a trooper, but he could see her hand tremble slightly as she put the coffee cup down. He walked over and took her hand, saying, "John sent me."


He felt her squeeze his hand and she continued. Finally when the statement was signed, he heard her sigh.


"Donít worry, we will keep him in custody. The charges are breaking and entering and attempted assault," Cerutti said.


"Good and do me a favor. Check the clothes you guys have in evidence. He said he was looking for something. It might be in her coat," Evangeline requested.


"Will do."


"Michael how is John?"


"Ready to run over here and beat somebody down. We need to get to him. You ready?"


"Yes, Iím going to try to reach my mom. Maybe she can take Annie to Marcieís, if thatís okay?"


"Iím ahead of you. I called my sweetie already, sheís expecting them."


"Did I tell you how much I love you, lately?"


"Well, every time you fix my plate. By the way, I didnít get my dinner," he smiled.


"You will. Now letís go to John. I know he needs to see Iím okay."


"That would be the plan," Michael said.


"Michael, you and John and your plans," Evangeline said shaking her head and for the first time since the incident Evangeline smiled. They took each otherís hand and left.