Chapter VII

Waking up, and Stopping the Pain

Michael saw his brother’s eyes flicker. He checked the monitor and everything looked okay. Michael saw John move his lips and slowly open his eyes.

Michael smiled, “About time you stopped faking, Bro.”

“Hey,” John whispered.

“How you feel?”

“Like someone hit me with a shovel and didn’t stop.”

“Good, you can feel. How many fingers am I holding up?” asked Michael showing just one.

“One, you idiot.”

“Yep, you’re okay.”

“I’ll get the doctor.”

“Wait, Evangeline and Annie? Are they okay?”

“Yeah. I made E go home and get some rest. Which I know is not going to happen. Annie is with E’s mom at the house, I think.”

“Good. Look do me a favor contact Bo. Let him know I want a uniformed officer checking on the Williamson house until I get out of here.”


“I don’t have a good reason, just do it.”

“Okay, no need to get snarky.”


“I’ll call Bo after I get Dr. Jones to check you out. Then I’ll call E and let her know her greatest pain in the assets is up and about.”

“That would be the plan.”

“Cool, see you in a bit.”

John laid still and refused to close his eyes. He felt helpless, like he needed to be somewhere, but couldn’t figure out where. He just felt like something wasn’t right. He needed to be with his women, they needed him.

Evangeline got home just as, unknown to her, John was waking up. She noticed a note on the hall table. Her mom and Annie had left to go shopping. They would be back soon, but her mom said they were going to the park first. Evangeline felt good about that. Annie needed to get out and the park was her favorite place.

Evangeline dropped her keys in the dish and headed upstairs. Her phone rang and she picked up. Hoping it would be news of John. It was. He was awake. She thanked the heavens and was grateful her prayers were answered. As much as she wanted to rush back to the hospital, she needed to shower and change. She quickly undressed and headed into the bathroom.

Gabe heard the voices of Annie and Sam’s mother leave. He knew now was a good time to look for the key. He headed upstairs and found Annie’s room. He went through the closet and dressers, looking for something, old clothes, anything ‘til he heard the noise. Gabe hid in the closet, but gingerly came out when he heard the water running. He moved quietly down to the door through which the sound emanated. Gabe went in . . .