Chapter 2

It had been a week; during that time Evangeline and John were still no closer to finding her sister than when Annie first arrived. John had put out an all points bulletin for her sister as a missing person. Meanwhile, Evangeline had taken Annie out, and shopped for her she needed everything. Evangeline had bought so much, she had to have some delivered. She had been indulgent; Annie got clothes, toys, books and video game that John and her spent too much time playing. John laughed at her when she told him of all the purchases she made. Then again he wasnít surprised considering how she shopped for herself. Evangeline was offended at first until he opened her closet and she couldnít refute his point. Evangeline knew that her mom had to know about Annie and she just didnít know how to tell her, so she just called her up and broke it to her.

"Hey, Mom. How are you?"

"Hello baby, you just called me last week, whatís wrong?"

"Nothing. I call all the time."

"No. You call once a week like clockwork, after I get out of church. Now tell me what happened."

"Mom, youíre right, something has happened. I heard from Samantha indirectly."

There was silence on the other end, at first Evangeline thought she had dropped the phone, then she heard her mom sigh, "How is she? Is she happy?

"Mom, stop. I didnít see her, she left me someone you need to meet."

"Someone I need to meet. Who? Why didnít you see her?

"Mom um, um. Samantha had a child, her name is Annie, and she is so precious. Your first grandchild.í

"Annie! Evangeline, Samantha had a little girl, why didnít she ever tell us?"

"Mom, she cut us off you know that, but now I think she may be in trouble, do you think you can take time off and come to Llanview?"

"Evangeline, of course Iím coming to see my grandchild. I know you have everything under control as usual, but I want meet Annie, and be there for you."

"Mom, I was hoping you would say that, I donít have a clue about little girls, and I was one."

"Nothing to it baby girl, just love her. Iíll call and set up my plane reservations and clear my schedule at work. Iíll see if some of my co-workers can handle my cases until I return."

"Mom, call me when you know the flight and arrival, if I can Iíll pick you up or John will."

"How is John, treating you right I hope for his sake?" deadly serious.

"Yes, he has been my rock. Annie has taken to him better than she has to me, Iím a little jealous of the two of them."

"Well, that Irishman has the charm of his ancestors, so Iím not surprised."

"Mom, Iím glad you can come, and mom Iíve been having the same feeling that something is not right, I hope we are both wrong."

"Me too baby, Iíll pray, God hears our prayers and he never gives us more than we can handle. Iíll call you later. Give Annie a kiss from her Grammy, Iím on my way."

Amelia Williamson, arrived on the 2:30 American Airlines flight right on time, she never seemed to get a plane that ran late. The woman was phenomenal, regal and classy, never a hair out of place. She commanded attention wherever she went; she was a beauty, her daughters, received their good looks from her as well as their father. As she exited the plane and entered the waiting area, several people glanced at her. She was wearing a black business pants suit, with and hounds tooth shawl casually thrown across her shoulders. She carried her travel case, and looked around to see if she could locate John, finally she caught him waving at her from the other side of the security area. After she checked through she went to greet him.

"John so good of you to come and pick me up, she said giving him a hug."

Embracing her, he said "Good to see you again. How was the flight?"

"Fine, I was just so excited about meeting my granddaughter I couldnít think of much else. Except where my daughter Samantha is and if she is okay."

"I understand, but Annie is a beautiful little girl, she reminds me of how Evangeline looked when she was a little girl."

"Oh, my daughter showed you her childhood pictures?"

"Some, not all." He said laughingly.

"Well, Iím just glad, I could take off and come here, otherwise I would have insisted Evangeline bring Annie to see me."

"Iím glad too. Let me have you luggage tickets so I can get your bags." He waited until she reached in her bag and handed him the tickets.

"I donít have but two, and they are relatively light." She said.

"Um, you donít pack like you daughter, she usually has about six or seven."

"No, Iím not quite that bad." She laughed.

"Let me go get them wait here, and we will be on our way as soon as I get back, he said."

Evangeline Home

"Annie please let me finish your hair, stop squirming. I want you to look perfect for your Gigi." Evangeline said, trying her best to finish Annieís hair so it looked halfway decent. She knew her mother well, if Annie werenít being taken care of like she thought she should, Evangeline would catch it. That just wasnít going to happen. She had been practicing on Annie for days now. She finally figured out that two ponytails was her best bet, she couldnít figure out how to do any other styles, and that was that.

Annie got up when Evangeline finished and went to get her doll although Annie didnít speak whenever she held her doll, one John had picked up for her she always hummed the lullaby, "Hush Little Baby". She sounded so sweet humming. Annie was dressed in a white tee shirt, and wearing a cute jean skirt, with tights and converses that seem to be the rage for some kids. Annie wanted them so she got them. She knew she spoiled her but John and she couldnít help it, Annie was so sweet, and gentle and kind. She could look so sad sometimes. Yet when she was happy, she made John and Evangeline smile, and take heart that things would turn out for the best.

Evangeline heard the car pull up and started for the door, thinking it was John and her mother. Before John could ring the bell she checked and opened the door. Smiling a secret smile because John had a key and obviously he didnít want her mother to know about it.

"Mom, said Evangeline as she reached out to give her a welcoming hug. She rested for just a minute to feel her mom and the love she always emanated with just a hug a touch or a soft kiss. ĎI so glad youíre here."

"Me too, sweetness." Said her mom giving her daughter a heartfelt hug.

Just as they broke apart and Amelia stepped into the room she looked around and saw Annie sitting in the floor rocking her baby and humming the lullaby. Amelia moved slowly toward Annie, while John and Evangeline stood back. Amelia was cautious, seeing her only grandchild, whom she just recently learned about just about filled her soul up with awe and joy. She was the most beautiful sight to see, sitting on the floor and looking just like a little angel. She was a mixture of Evangeline and Samantha. Amelia felt her eyes water momentarily until she blinked them away.

Kneeling down she said, "Hello, you must be Annie."

Annie looked up at the woman, who looked like her angel and her momma and smiled. She liked her voice too. Her eyes were just like her mommaís.

Amelia tentatively reached out and touched her granddaughterís hair, and then her face gently.

"Annie I am so glad to finally meet you. Iím your Gigi, and Iíve come to visit. Iím you mommaís mother."

Annie just looked at her and smiled, then she looked down and continued to hum to her baby doll.

Amelia turned to Evangeline, questioning but not speaking. She read the response in her daughters eyes and knew more was going on here than she really cared to know, but knew she had to get the answers too.


John got Ameliaís bags up to the guest room, and came back down stairs. He saw the two women sitting on the couch, staring at Annie and smiled. They were in awe, now he knew what it was to be surrounded by women, and it wasnít so bad especially when they all looked at you with such adoration when they saw you.

"Evangeline I promised I would take Annie to the park, and I still have some time before I go to the station, is that okay?

"Of course, Annie loves the park, especially when she is with her Uncle John. Iíll go get her coat and hat, and tuck her gloves in her pocket. Just donít eat too much, I have a nice dinner planned and I donít want her appetite ruined. Okay?"

"Yes, maíam. Not too much junk food. Annie" he said as he walked toward her and held out his hand. Annie quickly grabbed Johnís hand wanting to go to the park like now.

Annie and John had a secret way of talking with out saying anything. He saw her eyes light up at the sight of the swings, and knew that would be their first stop. He knew he should check in with the station, but he loved being with Annie. Her innocence spoke to him. She somehow trusted him completely and he loved her seemingly more each day. The way she smiled, held on to his hand like he would run away as if he would ever leave her. He was just worried that he had no leads up till now on her mother. He would hate to see the sadness in Annieís eyes he carried so long after the loss of his father and then Caitlyn. He however knew the realities of life and this little girl did not. He wanted to protect her as long as possible, then he heard his phone beep letting him know he had a message. He continued to push Annie as he got his phone and flipped it open, seeing the message was from the station he speed dialed and checked in.

"McBain here. What do you have to tell me?"

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