Annie by JohnandVan


Samantha had to move quickly, watching for him everywhere they went. She was running out of money, and she couldnít afford to keep moving with Annie much longer. Annie was always hungry, what little food she managed to get was not enough for her child. Her only hope was her sister, Evangeline. Going to her mother was not an option. Even though they had been very close at one time. She remembered the pain, of knowing that something precious between them had been broken--- trust.

"Sam, you canít expect me to just help you out, Gabe is trouble, anyone can see that. He doesnít even treat you right, on his good days."

"Vangie, he loves me, all I need is for you to explain to the folks how much he means to me."

"I canít Sam, I love you too much to support you in this."

"Canít you just take some time, and think about what youíre doing."

"I want him Vangie, and he wants me, Iím moving in with him. I just thought you of all people would understand. Oh, I forgot, for you to be in love the man has to be perfect."

"Sam, Evangeline sighed, thatís not fair, Iím only thinking of you. Donít you think Iíve noticed how many times youíve covered up bruises? I canít ignore it Sam, how can you?"

"Look donít you get it, he is passionate, he may get a little emotional but he would never hurt me."

"Look, Sam I know you think you know him, but once a man hits you they donít stop. It gets worse, and you are my sister and I will not support you on this. I love you too much."

"Well, then, I was hoping it wouldnít come to this. I donít have a sister anymore. Do you really want that Vangie?

"I donít. But if that is what you want, then you are on your own. Just know that I love you and if you every need me, no matter what I will be there for you."

Now, here she was in Llanveiw. If only she had listened to Vangie, all those years ago. How different would her life have been?

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