Chapter 14

Evangeline was still running, stumbling over furniture, steadying herself against the wall. The air in her lungs burned as she fought against the fatigue her body was experiencing. Whatever that Doctor had drugged her with was working its way into her system. Her legs felt heavier than usual and Evangeline was sure the intensity of the lighting was amplified by the excruciating headache that rippled through her skull. She didn’t know how long she had been running, nor did she care. All that mattered is that he was back there and she was well out of his reach. Evangeline strained her eyes, looking for some indication of where she was or an exit that would act as a gateway to freedom from this hell.

Somehow she stumbled and fell and Evangeline gasped at the agonizing pain that emanated from her shin, where it had come in contact with a chair in the hallway. She moaned as one hand nursed the throbbing sensation that resulted from the collision. But she wasn’t down for very long. She was immediately aware of the sound of heavy breathing and quickened footsteps nearby.

The throbbing increased in intensity as she forced herself up and resumed her frantic escape.

“C’mon, Evangeline” She propelled herself forward, willing her already over exhausted body to go on.

“Evangeline!” It was a woman’s voice, Celia’s. Evangeline half turned as she maintained her pace, noticing as the hallway was suddenly divided by several unmarked doors.

“Evangeline!” It was a man’s voice this time, Haver. Her hands impulsively moved to each door she passed, testing each one, using all she had left to will one of them open. Evangeline cried out in frustration upon realizing each door was tightly locked. Her captors were still calling for her, her heartbeat drummed ridiculously as she tried a few more doors. The final door read ‘EXIT’ in bright red letters and Evangeline heaved her body weight against it, hearing it budge. She had bruised her shoulder but instinctively nudge it once more before it burst open, exposing a single flight of stairs, leading to yet another door with that equally bright sign.

She almost fell down the stairs as she clutched the handrail, making her way to the bottom. The second door opened easily with the help of a strong wind that almost blew the door from her clutches. She was finally outside. Outside where it was cold and windy and wet. The area seemed populated with trees and tall grasses that hurt her feet. But Evangeline didn’t care as she rushed through the undergrowth, her excursion illuminated by only light of the moon.

She could still hear a voice calling, but she wasn’t sure anymore. The degree of panic she was feeling, overwhelmed her senses so that all she could concentrate on was he getaway. Branches cut into her, whipping at her face, arms and legs as she attempted to part them. She didn’t realize that the pain was making her eyes water, her breathing came in rapid, short breaths, that seemed strained with the drugs that worked against her. Unexpectedly the brushwood seemed to thin out, and the trees cleared. Her feet were numb as they made contact with the cold tarred road. She would have kept going if not for the bright lights that blinded her. Evangeline was vaguely aware of a car skidding to a stop, as tires screeched on the road and the air was filed with the distinctive smell of burning rubber.

Her arm moved to shield her eyes as a figure exited the vehicle and started towards her. Evangeline looked at the man, could see his lips moving as he yelled frantically at her. But as the drugs worked their magic, her knees buckled beneath her she collapsed heavily to the ground, and all consciousness was lost.


“You said you read it high school,” Copies of three distinct postcards were being passed around as Antonio questioned Nora, keeping his attention directed at John. He was convened I John’s office, with Bo and Nora as the assistant distinct attorney offered some insight into what was quickly becoming a bizarre twist in Evangeline’s disappearance.

Nora nodded, handing back the copy she had retrieved from Bo.

“They are parts of a poem by Jake Walsh. It’s uh- about a man who comes home to reclaim what’s his. What does that have to do with Evangeline?” She turned to John as she asked. All eyes were on him as he flipped through the bevy of files on his desk.

“John?” He looked up at the mention of his name.

“I should have noticed it before,” He didn’t look up as he answered, retrieving a piece of paper from a file, and one of the postcards.

“About the poem?” Antonio watched him closely as he worked.

“Well yes,” John rubbed his temples. “I mean no, I mean that’s part of it, but that’s not what I missed. These postcards they were signed, I’ve seen that signature before.” John saw all three of them peer closely at the postcards.

“Looks like a five,” Nora finally said, as John continued leafing through the file folders.

“That just proves they were written by the same person,” Bo concluded. “Do you think whoever wrote these has something to do with Evangeline’s disappearance?”

But John wasn’t listening, he wasn’t moving either. All three of them looked up, where he was standing deathly still, comparing a postcard to the contents of one of the case files. He pulled out the document of interest from the file, barely touching it before laying it on the table beside one of the postcards.

John turned away from them, his body tense as he peered out the window of his office.

Antonio came over to his desk to see what John had saw.

“What is it?” Nora moved in closer. “Did you find something?”

“It’s a copy,” Antonio answered, “a copy of letter from an old case. It’s the same signature.” He looked back at John slightly confused. “This is from an old case.”

“Oh my God,” Nora’s hand moved to cover her mouth. “What does that mean? Who would do this?” Bo walked past her to the file that John had left sitting on his desk.

“John are you serious?” John turned back to the commissioner, his face pale and drawn. “You can’t possibly be considering Steven Haver.”

John didn’t get a chance to answer or respond to the horrified looks on friend’s faces as a nock came from the door. A uniformed police officer was beckoned in without hesitation.

“What it is it?” John barked.

“We just had a 911 call come through sir.” He said calmly. “We think they’ve found her.”


“Did you get her?” Steven Haver was finally sitting up. He had slowly regained consciousness only a few minutes ago, after the lethal dose Evangeline had emptied into his chest.

“No,” Celia stood over him, an apprehensive look on her face as she recalled the events that had transpired mere hours ago. “She got as far as the freeway, but someone stopped before I could get to her.” Steven could see she was trembling.

When he didn’t respond, Celia threw herself at his feet, whimpering as she spoke.

“I’ll get her back Steven I promise, I’ll get her back here and everything will be fine you’ll see.” He could tell she was deathly afraid by the way her voice quivered. In some sick twisted way, Celia was bound to this man forever, he controlled her and she longed for his attention. She lived to make him happy, and would gladly giver her life to make that happen.

“It’s alright Celia,” He stood suddenly. Her eyes followed him across the room. “You did good.” She rose from her feet and followed him.

“But what about your plan? She almost killed you.” She protested. But Haver simply smile down at her, unphased by the nights events.

“It doesn’t matter,” He was still smiling. “The damage has already been done.”

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