Part 2

“Where is she?”

RJ laid out his tuxedo, before returning to the bar where he carefully prepared his favorite drink.

“She just left her apartment.”

His snitch had been following Evangeline all week, since he had found out the real motives behind Evangeline’s sudden interest. At first he had been angry, hurt even, that someone he had cared so deeply for could do this to him. But the anger had subsided, and all that was left now was a need for vengeance, he hated her with ever bone in his body, her and her lover McBain. There truly was a thin line between love and hate, but whose to say he couldn’t have a little bit of fun while he was at it. Tonight she would see the real RJ and tonight he would watch Evangeline Williamson crumble before him. Before the night would be over she would be swallowed by the dark hole that had become his heart.

An hour later RJ walked into the lobby at the Palace.

“Hello RJ."

For a moment, he just stared at her unmoving. Evangeline looked breathtaking. She was clad in a long cascading black gown that dipped to her lower back. The back chiffon ruffles rested that the top of the sleeveless corseted top that ended in a long black skirt that hugged her body in all the right places. Her dark silky hair was worn in a mass of spirals that were led in place by diamond studded hair pins that matched the stoned that hung beautifully from each ear.

“My, my councilor, you really do look spectacular,” he finally managed, as she hooked her arm in his.

“You don’t look too bad yourself.” She giggled.

“Shall we?” RJ’s answer came as he led the way towards a string of candle-lit lanterns and into the spectacular Palace Ballroom.

Evangeline stared at the mass of people in awe. The place looked amazing; it was the residents of Llanview at their finest. The women were decked out in beautiful gowns, the men overly handsome. Fine wine and delectable aromas filled the hall as waiters rushed between the many tables and the open dance floor serving the extravagant affair. She smiled hello to familiar faces as they walked to their table, it was a beautiful gathering and a wonderful event, everything was perfect, everything except…

“Wow, RJ,” Lindsey Rappaport was at their table, Evangeline remembered they had been together once. “You clean up nice.” she looked right through Evangeline. “Didn’t know you two…” she pointed to each of them in turn.

“It’s a work in progress,” the grin RJ displayed made Evangeline’s feel sick.

“How are you Lindsey?” she managed, making great effort to be civil.


Her words came slurred, as she sipped on her martini, Evangeline could tell the woman had had a few too many.

”Thought you were screwing McBain?”

Evangeline felt the blood rush to her face suddenly, and for a second she thought she saw RJ smile at the remark.

“Now, now Lindsey, quit badgering my date, besides that leash of yours is looking kind of slack tonight.”

He nodded past her to where Rex Balsam walked in with Shannon McBain hanging onto him. They seemed to be enjoying each others company, Evangeline couldn’t help but smile; she liked Shannon, a lot. RJ made some comment about how useless Rex was as the couple crossed the ballroom. Evangeline was only half listening to the conversation as she watched Shannon momentarily let go of her date to run ahead to a taller gentleman with his back to them. She barely registered as the waiter took their orders; she was still watching Shannon when she noticed the girl was staring at her too.

Suddenly Shannon was waving frantically and tugging on the tall gentleman’s jacket, pointing at her. When the man turned finally his dark blue eyes burned into her, causing a dull ache in her heart. John didn’t make any move towards them but his eyes remained fixated on her.

“Isn’t that right Evangeline?”

RJ’s hand was on hers, she turned back to him reluctantly, her heart beat loudly making her head swim.

“What was that?” she smiled.

“RJ was talking about how happy you two are.”

They were watching her closely, and again she saw that look in her date’s eye, this time it scared her. There was clearly malice behind her words.

“Excuse me,” she started to get up. “I need the ladies room.”

Evangeline could feel RJ’s eyes on her as she walked away.

“You’re a bad man RJ,” Lindsey was watching him closely, “What are you doing to the poor girl…you saw how she looked at McBain”

RJ turned to follow Lindsey’s line of sight, he locked eyes with John McBain.

“Lindsey my dear, you have no idea.”

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