Chapter 5: Oh What A Night


(Johnís POV)


A knock sounds at the door and I hurriedly pull on my boot before getting up and answering. The door swings open to reveal a very confused Nigel.


"Good morning Lieutenant. I knocked across the hall, but a young lady answered and told me I could find you in here."


"That must have been Evangelineís younger sister Layla. She came into town last night.


"Oh, I see. Ms. Williamson is actually why Iím here. I heard about the break-in last night."


Does anything in Llanview ever stay under wraps for long?




"I brought her some croissants. I know she likes them and well, thereís nothing I appreciate more after a hard night than a fresh baked croissant."


I look at Nigel incredulously before taking the bag. Itís touching how many people in Llanview really care about Evangeline.


"Thank you Nigel. Iím sure Evangeline will love them."


He nods and retreats down the hall and down the stairs and I go across the hall and knock on the door.


"What? Oh, itís you," Layla says, opening the door and stepping back so I can come in.


"My donít you seem happy to see me."


"Your friend woke me up."


"Sorry. Did you sleep okay?"


"You mean other than Vangieís snoring," she asks, her face perfectly straight. "Fine."


I laugh. "Good. Whereís Evangeline?"


"Shower. Sheís been in there forever."


"You really let her into the shower before you? Thereís not going to be much hot water left."


"So basically Vange has been making you take a lot of cold showers?"


I smile, amused and Layla actually blushes. She stays silent until Evangeline comes out of the bathroom and immediately picks up on our uncomfortable silence.


"Layla what did you say?"


"Nothing really. At least nothing that I didnít deserve. I walked right into it."


Layla looks at me gratefully and Evangeline looks at me suspiciously. "If you say so. What are you doing here John?"


"I live here, remember? Nigel brought croissants for you. He left them in my care, so I brought them over."


"Thanks." Evangeline dips back into the bathroom and emerges a few minutes later with her wet hair pulled back into an elaborate knot so tight, thereís not trace of the curls that previously framed her face.


"Vange if you pulled your hair any tighter, it would have some out in clumps," Layla observes.


"Iím taking it out in a few minutes, when itís dry. I canít blow dry my hair because John dropped my dryer in a sink full of water."


Layla raises her eyebrows at me. "Do I want to know how that happened?"


"You ever watch baseball with your sister?"




"She yelled, I dropped it. I got you a new one, Evangeline, itís under the sink."


She goes back in the bathroom and after a few seconds, she speaks over the din of the dryer.


"John did you talk to Roxy about the hot water? Itís barely warm."


"Unlike you, Vange," I tease. She sticks her head out the door and glares. "Unlike you, I have no desire to be boiled alive in the shower."


"Evangeline, you used all the hot water? Thanks for thinking of me."


I turn to Layla. "You can use the shower across the hall. Iím sure Michael wonít mind. Can you do me a favour?"


"What is it?"

"Knock over a few things while youíre over there."


"Layla, itís a joke. Donít do it. Just hurry up or Iím leaving you to explore Llanview by yourself. Better yet, Iíll leave you with John."


I smile wryly to myself as Layla gets the key from me and hurries out. Evangeline comes out the bathroom with her hair flowing down the back of her robe. Well, actually my robe.


"John can you toss me my bag please? Itís right behind you."


I pick the bag up and bring it over to her. She smiles her thanks and I watch her rifle through the contents for a few minutes.






"Iím assigning an armed guard to you. And one to Layla."


She smiles. "I thought youíd say that. Iím not going to fight you, but I canít say the same for Layla."


I raise an incredulous eyebrow. "Even after last night."


"Are you kidding me? Lalya once got into a fight with an 11 year old. She was 6. Layla has no fear."


"Who won?"


"Layla. I donít know how, but she won. You explain to her that if she ditches her guard, sheíll be in trouble. Sheíll listen to you."


"But youíre her sister."


"Who does Michael listen to more often, me or you?"




By the time Layla comes back, ready for a day on the town in jeans and an orange halter top. Evangeline is fully dressed in a similar outfit, jeans and a turquoise halter top and starting on her second croissant.


"Layla, I know you hate croissants, but if memory serves me right, John has Froot Loops and Apple Jacks hidden from me behind the grown up cereal."


"Finally! A normal person with normal cereal."


I turn to Evangeline with a smile, but she shakes her head.


"Say it and I will ignore you for the rest of that day."


"Youíre no fun."


She grins at me. "That isnít what you said two nights ago. I seem to recall you saying that I was a lot of fun."


"Gross!! I donít think Iíve ever been so traumatized in my life and I havenít even seen you guys do anything."


"Well just be glad youíre not our kid."


Evangeline raises her eyebrows and looks at me, surprised. I canít believe I just said that out loud. Apparently, I do need a filter installed between my brain and my mouth.


"You know, I think I left something across the hall."


Layla practically runs out of the room, leaving Evangeline and I alone.


"What was that?"


"I don;t exactly know. I guess I was just thinking it and it came out."


"Youíve thought about us having kids?"


"Yes. I can see it in our future. Is that wrong?"


Evangeline beams and moves closer to me. "No. Iíve thought about it too. Imagined us a few years down the line with children. Itís just a little surprising that you think about us living in domestic bliss."


"If I didnít know you better, Iíd say you were being sexist."


Evangeline leans into me until her breath fans my cheek and says in a low, sultry voice, "Never, Lieutenant," before kissing me.


Unfortunately, our moment is cut short when Layla returns. She studiously ignores our disheveled state and says, "I didnít hear any yelling, so I figured it was safe. Have we all agreed we want kids. This we, being the royal we of course."


"Yes Layla, weíre fine," Evangeline answers from the desk. She jumped a mile when the door opened.


Layla walks up to me and slings her arm around my shoulder conspiratorially. "So John....when am I going to become an aunt?"