Chapter One

McBain Home - Master Bedroom, Saturday Morning

"Hey, you up?"

"No, Iím not," she said and turned her head away from him. He spooned her and wrapped his arm around her waist, pulling her back into him.

He brushed the hair back and nuzzled her neck, "Come on, weíve got twenty minutes before your kids wake up." He continued to nuzzle her in hopes of getting a positive response.

"Why are they my kids now?"

"Because they are about to interrupt something that I want to enjoy all morning."

"Didnít you get enough last night?"

"I never get enough of you. You know that. Besides it only made me want to love you more."

"John McBain," she said turning so they are nose to nose, "you are a charmer, but Iím not falling for it."

Touching her face with his hands and kissing her gently, he said, "Babe, please, Iím hurting here. You got to make it better."

"No, I donít. Itís Saturday. You and your children have a big day. You need your energy."

"How about you give me a jump start and Iíll finish it up."

Laughing, kissing and snuggling, John McBain got his morning coffee.

Twenty minutes laterÖ

"See, I told you your kids would be up," he said groaning, when he heard the knocking at the bedroom door.

"Come in," Evangeline answered.

"Hey, Mommy and Daddy, you guys ready for breakfast?" asked Lyn from the doorway. Their daughter Evelyn was a slim girl with copper skin and hair of medium brown color combed into curly ponytails.

"Yes. Your dad needs ten minutes to shower and dress. Why donít you guys go down and start getting the cereal and cartoons started so you all can play?"

"Okay, we get to choose the cartoons today. Right, dad?" asked Johnny looking over his sisterís shoulder. Johnny was tall for his age and looked like a combination of his mother and father, with dark brown hair and hazel eyes identical to his sisterís.

"Yep, this happens to be your Saturday."

"Cool, see you down stairs. Oh and donít forget weíre waiting," said Lyn.

"What do you mean?" His mother asked.

"You know sometimes you and dad forget, and start talking or something," said Johnny.

"Well, no worries, your Dad has finished talking to me this morning. He seems to have said everything he needed to," she said smiling that secret smile looking at her very content mate.

"Kids, go on. Iím on my way," their dad said.

"Okay, dad," they both said at the same time and left.

McBain Home - Breakfast Room

Light was filtering into the kitchen that sparkled with chrome and Aztec tiles on the walls and floor. The kids were sitting at the breakfast table popping cereal at each other when their father entered.

"Hey, Iíve told you guys about that. Stop it."

"She started it," said Johnny.

"Well, Iím finishing it, so stop," their father said, shaking his head.

At seven years old, they always seemed to amaze him with their tenacity and wit. They were fraternal twins, looking nothing alike until you noticed certain expressions, which mirrored each other. There were also times that they finished each others sentences and that was uncanny. Although Johnny was older by a minute, Lyn seemed wiser and more mature at times. Yet, it always surprised him how much he loved each in a very special and unique way.

"Hey, whatís up?" he said, answering his cell phone when it rang. He listened attentively as he got the particulars, "You need me? Antonio canít take it? Oh, I see. Okay, Iíll be there in about twenty minutes."

"John, was that the station?" Evangeline asked as she entered the breakfast room. She always seemed to wear a smile, especially when her brood was around and happy.

"Yeah, someone has gone missing. Antonio is on another call and plus, I have more experience with missing people than anyone on duty."

"So the Commissioner of Police has to go out and do some real work for a change?"

"You are sooo funny," he said, leaning over to kiss her.

"I know and you love it."

"Yes, I do," he replied, "Now, what are you guys going to do?"

"Iíll just take the kids to the park and then run my errands. Call me when you get a chance."

"Hey, no doubt," he said pulling her close to give her a kiss good-bye and then he whispered, "I love you."

"I love you back," she whispered.

He then turned to the breakfast table, "Hey kids I got to go. Iím sorry about that, but Iíll see you guys later. Angel Face and Johnny, give me a hug. Johnny, you take care of the women," John said hugging the two children to him and placing a kiss on top of Lynís head.

"No problem, dad, I got it," Johnny said pushing out his chest. He liked that his dad trusted him to take care of his mom and sister. John patted Johnny on his back as he moved to the door.

"I know you do. When I get home weíll work on your fast ball and Lyn, weíll finish building that doll house," John said.

"Okay, dad. We love you," the twins said simultaneously.

"I love you guys too. See you later," he said leaving the house.

3 hours laterÖ

"Hey kids, quiet, itís your dad," Evangeline said as she answered her cell phone. She pushed the intercom button on the phone set, "Hey."

"Hey, yourself, how are you guys doing?"

"Hey, dad," both kids chimed in.

"Hey, guys, let me talk to your mother."

"How is it going?" She asked.

"Iím going to be later than I thought," he sighed. "I have to go out of town to check on the whereabouts of the person missing."

"Oh, we were hoping you would make it back for dinner," she said looking at the crestfallen faces of the kids in the back seat of her car.

"Yeah, Iím bummed about it, but it's the mother of small kids. I need to find out what happened."

"Hey, you just be careful. Iíll keep something in the oven for you."

"Hey, arenít I always? My mission every day is to get back home to you guys."

"I know, I just worry," She said.

"No worries, love; Iíll see you guys later."

"Mom, you okay?" Johnny asked, looking at his momís worried expression.

"Yeah, Iím fine. I just get uneasy sometimes when your father is out on cases, especially new ones, but he said no worries."

"Yep," Lynn chimed in smiling, "he always comes home to us."

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