Chapter 10

Suddenly Evangeline threw her leg up knocking the gun out of Daniel's hand.

Antonio picked it up and yelled freeze Colson.Just then Bo showed up and placed Colson under arrest for kidnapping and attempted murder.

John took Evangeline to the hospital to make sure she and the baby were alright.She got a clean bill of health and they went home.

Antonio stopped by to let them know that they got Colson's confession on tape.

"Apparently the reason behind all of it,the attempt on Monique Desmond's life and Evangeline's kidnapping was simple greed.He wanted The Blue Orchid diamond and thought that the only way to get it was to kill Miss Desmond,but then you got in the way and he knew that your weakness was Evangeline." r "Well Evangeline said at least it's over now and we can concentrate on the wedding and our baby."

One month later,John stood nervously next to Michael and Antonio waiting for the doors to open and for his beautiful bride to come down the isle.

Suddenly there she was.He had never seen her look so beautiful.She was being escorted by her mother.

John and Evangeline decided to recite their own vows.

Reverend Carpenter to John to begin and he said.

"I John Patrick McBain take you Evangeline Marie Williamson as my wife.Evangeline,I was only half of a man when I met you.What I mean is I only had half of my heart and half of my soul and you made them complete ,you made me complete.I will spend the rest of my life in the light of your love.I love you Vangie."

Reverend Carpenter then turned to Evangeline and told her she could begin.

"I Evangeline Marie Williamson take you John Patrick McBain to be my husband,John before I met you I didn't know what love was.You have given me love,joy,passion and laughter but most importantly you've given me your heart.I will treasure each moment of my life with you for the rest of my life.I love you Johnny Mac."

Finally they placed the celtic wedding bands on the fingers and Reverend Carpenter said I now pronounce you husband wife.John you may kiss your bride.

They both leaned in and whispered only loud enough for the two of them to hear."Now we kiss."

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