Lost Love by BillieK26

Ch 9

Before they could get Daniís bag from the car at Eveís she had run into the house.

"Nana, Mommy and Daddy are getting married."

"What, Dani?"

"Mommy and Daddy are getting married."

"Dani, didnít we say that we were going to tell Nana as a family? Why didnít you wait for us?" John asked from the living room door.

"Iím sorry Daddy, but I had to tell Nana," Dani said with a worried expression on her face.

John glanced at Evangeline and then to his mother. They all burst into laughter. Dani didnít understand why they were laughing, but she started laughing too.

"Evangeline let me see the ring?" ask Eve.

Evangeline held her hand out to Eve. Eve looked at the ring and then at her son.

"You did good," Eve said to John with a smile.

"Thank you. I try," he said with a smile and pulled Evangeline into him.

Evangeline smiled at Eve as John kissed her temple. She then looked at Dani who was holding her Nanaís hand with her widest grin. While looking at Dani, Evangeline asked Eve, "Are you sure about her staying?"

"Absolutely. Weíre going to have a great time, arenít we Dani?" Eve asked the little girl.

"Oh, yes, Nana. Today, we are going to color and have a tea party and bake some cookies andÖ" Dani would have kept going if her mother hadnít stopped her.

"Dani, donít complete exhaust Nana."

"What does "xaust" mean?" Dani asked with a frown.

"Make her tired. You donít have to do everything today," Evangeline said as she moved to the little girl and stooped to her level. "Youíre going to be staying here with Nana for a few days."

"I know, but why canít I stay with you and Daddy?"

"Remember, we talked this morning. After what happened to Johnny Boy, we want you to be safe."

"But I want you to be safe, Mommy," she wasnít worried about her daddy. He could take care of himself.

"Mommy will be safe, Dani. Iíll make sure of it," John said as he moved to his two girls and placed a hand on each of their heads.

With that Dani smiled up at her father and wrapped her arm around his leg. She knew that her daddy wasnít going to let anything happen to her mommy. But, she also knew her mommy was stubborn, because daddy had said so. That wasnít always good, Ďcause sometimes mommy did stuff daddy didnít like and he got mad. That was never good.


After leaving Dani with Eve, John looked at Evangeline who was sitting in the passenger seat, but still wasnít 100% there.

"Okay, are you going to the station with me? Or are you going home?"

"Actually, I need to go to the community center."


"John, Iím in the process of prepping for that Seminar. It needs to get finished."

"Well, youíll have to work on it from home, because you are not going back to work at the center."

"John, I need to go by there to get someone else to work on the seminar for me. I realize that I canít be there right now for a lot of reasons. I just donít want the kids to suffer because thereís a psycho out there after me."

"Do you have any idea how amazing you are?" he said as he reached across the center console and ran his fingers through her hair.

She turned to him with a smile, "No, but feel free to tell me."

"Iíd better not. I donít want you to get the big head," he said chuckling at the expression on her face and then took her hand in his, "Iíll take you to the community center and then drive you home if you like."

"That will be fine. I can do some of the work for the seminar at the house and e-mail it to whoever will end up taking the project over."

"Do you have any idea who might end up working on the project?"

"I was thinking about it last night, when I realize that I wouldnít be able to be at the center regularly. And I think that Natalie would be really good. Sheís been working at the center since I started there and she appears to really have a heart for the kids. Oddly enough, sheís been really great to me since I got back and I think sheíd be good at taking this on."

"Iím glad that the two of you are getting along. While you were gone, we probably played pool maybe once a month. I thought she might still have feelings for me, but she never mentioned it and I was still so hung up on you that I didnít want to talk about it at all. Then of course Cris came back and they got back together. The rest as they say is history. I havenít even seen her since you got back. Iíve been too busy with my two best girls," he said with a smile and a squeeze of her hand.

They got to the community center and John had already reverted to cop mode. He looked around to see if there was anything suspicious, before walking around the car and opening her door. He continued to watch until they got into the door of the center. When he walked in, he saw Shannon across the room talking to one of the youth, before she made her way to them. Evangeline watched Shannonís approach with a smile. Shannon was like the little sister Evangeline had never had. As soon as Shannon was within a few feet, Evangeline held up her left hand ring side out. Shannon stopped in her tracks for a second and then shrieked before engulfing John and Evangeline in a group hug.

"Youíre getting married!!!" She said excitedly, "When did this happen?"

"Last night, right before we got another threat at the house."

"What? Another one? Is everything alright?" Shannon asked with a look of concern on her face.

"Weíre fine, Daniís fine. However, sheís staying with Eve for a few days."

"Sheíll love that. Aunt Eve is going to spoil her."

"Already done," John said.

"Well, what are you doing here?"

"I thought I would talk to Natalie about taking over the planning for the seminar. Iíd have asked you, but I already know what your schedule is like counseling and I will not add another thing to your plate."

"How do you even know Iíd agree to do it, if you did ask me?"

"Because I know you love me," Evangeline said with a smirk.

"Okay, you got me. Natalie was just here a few minutes ago. She may have gone into the directorís office to work on the financial report. She has really been great keeping the books since she started."

While Evangeline was away Natalie had gone back to school and finished a business degree. For a while, sheíd worked for Buchanan Enterprises in the finance department. Now she volunteered at the community center and was a great help.

"Thanks, I go see if sheís there. Why donít you get your cousin here a cup of coffee?"

"Sure," Shannon said walking off in the direction of the coffee machine.

"Angie, Iíll be here waiting for you."

"Thanks," she said and pecked him on the lips before making way to the directorís office.

Sure enough, Natalie was sitting behind the desk working on a report.

"Hey, Natalie."

"Hi, Evangeline. I was wondering if youíd be here today. Normally, youíre here much earlier."

"I know it. Actually, Iím not going to be coming in regularly anymore. Some personal things have come up."

"I just heard Shannon say something about you getting married."

"Yes," she smiled and looked down at her hand, "John asked me last night."

"Thatís wonderful."

"Yes, it is. Our daughter is so excited."

"Iíll bet. I met her when she and John were at the park one afternoon. Sheís beautiful."

"Thank you. I think so, but Iím probably biased," she said laughing with Natalie.

"Well, youíre her mother. If you canít be biased, who can?"

"I agree, but like I said before I wonít be able to be around much and so I was wondering; I know that youíve been volunteering here regularly in finance, but how would you like to take over the planning for the youth seminar?"

"Evangeline Iím touched that you would ask me and I can understand how planning a wedding could take up too much of your time."

"Well, itís not really the wedding thatís taking up the time, but regardless I wonít be around. Iíve seen you with the youth and you have really good organizational skills. I think youíd be perfect for doing the job."

"Thank you. Iíd love to finish the planning for it. Is there a lot left to do?"

"Actually there is. There are quite a few phone calls to make to finish confirming people. Michael and Marcie McBain are both planning to participate and talk about their careers. I have all the initial plans at the house. If youíd like I can bring them here or we can have lunch at the house one day this week. Itís up to you."

"Itíll probably be quieter at your place. Why donít we do it there in a few days?"

"Thatís fine. Just give me a call and weíll set it up."

"Okay and Congratulations on your engagement."

"Thanks, Natalie. I really appreciate the sentiment."

Evangeline left the office and made her way back to John. He was sitting with a small group of the younger kids showing off his badge and telling cop tales. He saw her before she got to him and excused himself from his fan club, telling them that heíd come visit them again with new material.

"So, you picked up some groupies while I was working, huh?" She asked with a laugh.

"You are so funny, Evangeline," he said.

"No, seriously, itís pretty cool of you to spend time with them. You are their hero."

"How do you figure?" he asked as they walked out onto the sidewalk and he started looking around for anything suspicious.

"They are in awe of you. The look on their faces spelled hero worship if Iíve ever seen it."

"What are you talking about?"

"Itís practically the same look your daughter and I have when we look at you. Youíre definitely our hero," she said kissing him in the middle of the sidewalk.

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