Chapter 2

Blair and Todd waited for his doctor to come in and talk to them about what they were going to do with Todd at this point. A resident had come to tell them that no surgery would take place at this time. Blair sat on the side of the bed and rubbed Toddís arm.

"Iím so glad that they arenít going to have to do surgery," said Blair.

"That makes two of us."

"Oh, I forgot. Evangeline came by earlier when you were asleep. She told me to tell you to get well."

"Really? What was she doing her?"

"She was giving blood for you, in case you had to have surgery."

"Why would she do that? My blood type is so rare."

"It appears that the two of you have the same blood type."

"What? How is that possible?"

"Maybe you should ask you doctor."


When John pulled into the garage, he noticed that Vanís car was gone. He knew that sheíd been upset when he left and he hated when she was upset and drove. He pulled out his cell phone and tried to reach her, but she wasnít answering. That worried him. She always answered her cell unless she was in court or with a judge. What is going on?

When he entered the house, he checked for a note. When he didnít find one, he checked the Caller ID for the last ingoing and outgoing call. He hit redial and his cell phone number was dialed. He then checked for the last incoming call. The name showed that it was Llanview Memorial. He pressed the call back button.

"Hello, Llanview Memorial Blood Bank. How may I help you?"

"Yes, did someone there call for Evangeline Williams? This is John McBain of the LPD and Iím attempting to find her," John said. He didnít normally like to use the fact that he was a cop outside of police business, but he was worried. Something didnít feel right.

"Oh, yes sir. I called and talked to her over an hour ago. She left here not 20 minutes ago."

"Can you tell me why she was there?"


"Iím with the police and I really need to find her."

"Well, sir, she was here giving some blood. There was an accident earlier and one of the injured had her blood type, so she came down to donate."

"She keeps blood there at the blood bank, because her blood type is so rare. I need to know who was in the accident."

"Todd Manning."

"Is he still in the hospital?"

"Yes, sir. He was supposed to have surgery, hence the immediate need for a blood donation, but it turns out that he wonít or at least not now. Weíve been told to keep the blood in storage should we need it later."

"After she gave blood was she okay?"

"Physically she was fine, she seemed a little distracted though."

"Thanks," John said as he wondered if their earlier conversation was the reason she was distracted.

"Is that all you need sir?"

"One more thing, can you transfer me to general information for the hospital?"


"Thank you for all your help."

"No problem."

John waited while elevator music played on the other end of the phone, as he paced through the kitchen.

"General Information. How may I help you?"

"Todd Manningís room please?"

"Iíll connect you."

John waited only seconds, before Blair answered the phone.


"Blair? This is John McBain."

"Hi, John. How are you? I just saw Evangeline."

"Really? Thatís actually why Iím calling. Howís Todd?"

"Heís fine. What do you mean thatís why youíre calling?"

"Iím looking for her. I canít reach her on her cell."

"Well, she was just here. Maybe 10 minutes ago. She should be home soon. She mentioned that you guys had a fight and she looked upset, but nothing major."

"Yeah, we did. Now I need to find her, so we can talk."

"Just talk?"

"Blair, tell Todd, I hope heís better soon. Goodbye," he said chuckling as he hung up the phone as Blair responded with a laugh.


Todd looked at Blair as she laughed into the phone.

"What was that about?" Todd asked.

"It was John looking for Evangeline. Apparently they had a fight earlier and it looks like John is ready to make up."

Dr. Carmichael walked into the room before Todd could respond.

"Howís the patient this evening?"

"Ready to go home."

"Iím sure, but you need to stay at least tonight, so we can make sure that what the test showed was accurate. Now that we have some blood in supply, we are not as concerned about doing the surgery. Make sure that you thank your sister for coming down and donating."

"I thought Evangeline gave blood. Vicki came to donate blood, too? How will that impact her heart condition?"

"Ms. Williamson doesnít have a heart condition."

"Evangeline Williamson?"

"Yes, sheís the one who came to donate blood."

"Why did you say that sheís my sister?"

"The two of you have the same blood type and blood markers. I deduced that she was your sister because of her age. I knew she couldnít be your child."

"Doctor, Evangeline Williamson is not my sister, sheís my attorney."

"Iím sorry, but she has to be your sister. Sheís a 99% match on all blood markers."


Instead of getting into his car to go look for Van, John tried the cell phone again. He patiently waited, hoping that she would answer.

"Hello?" she said as she answered his call. He could tell that sheíd been crying. Her voice was hoarse with emotion.

"Van, whatís wrong? Where are you?"

"Iím at the hospital. Sitting in my car."

"Are you alright?"

"No, Iím not."

"Stay where you are. Iím coming to get you."

"John thatís okay. Iíll see you when I get home."

"Evangeline Williamson, stay where you are. Iím coming to get you."

"Yes, sir," she said with a slight bit of humor.

"Iíll be right there."

Whatever was going on had to be big, but theyíd get through it together.

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