How Could This Happen by BillieK26

Chapter 6

"Iím going to want to marry you and I wonít settle for less."

Evangeline lay still in the bed as she remembered John words before theyíd made love a second time. She didnít want to wake him, but she definitely couldnít sleep behind his words. He knew that she was afraid of divorce. Sheíd seen first hand what it could do to a family and she couldnít let that happen to hers. From her point of view, it could all be avoided by just not getting married. Sheíd been giving John a hard time about getting over his hang-ups, but was she willing to let hers go.

"Stop thinking so much. Youíre tensing up and I canít sleep like that," a gravelly voice came near her ear. She turned her head toward the voice and realized that his eyes were still closed. She forced herself to relax and wrapped her arm around his middle. She nestled into him and closed her eyes.

When he felt her relax, he sighed deeply and realized that heíd scared her. Well, she should be scared. She couldnít push for what she wanted and then try to protect herself when he pushed for something that he knew he would need from the woman he loved. For now, he would enjoy the time he shared with her, because as the song said, "the future none can see." He knew that if she really loved him, sheíd marry him. Evangeline was a woman who was selfish with feelings and emotions, but was extremely generous with everything else. She had put him first on too many occasions and whether she believed it or not, he knew she wasnít a runner. Sheíd face her fears, because thatís who she was.


"I donít want my daughter to be released yet. I think she needs some more time to recover," Mr. Walsh said when Paige told him that Marcie would be able to be released under Michaelís care in time to go to her publishing party.

"Is there a reason for that? Did Marcie say she wasnít feeling well?" asked Paige.

"No, she didnít, but Iím thinking she should stay in the hospital for a few more days."

"Sir, I can appreciate where youíre coming from, but Marcieís an adult and she gets to make these decisions for herself. If you have some concerns, you should share them with her."

"Dad, Hayes doesnít know what heís talking about. Michael would never let them release Marcie if he believed anything would go wrong," Ron said.

"I guess youíre right. I just donít want anything to happen to her."

"I wonít let anything happen to her, Mr. Walsh," Michael said from behind them.

"We know that, Michael. We can see that you love her, but I just want her to have the best care."

"She can have the best care and still go to her book party."

"Okay, weíll trust you on this."

"Thanks, but you should trust Marcie. Iím just trying to give her something that she wants, something that sheís worked really hard for, something that she deserves."


When Evangeline woke up a second time, John wasnít in the bed beside her. She heard the shower running and decided to join John. She walked into the bathroom which was filled with steam.

"John?" she called.

"Yeah," he responded.

"Are you almost done?"

"Iíll be a little while longer."

"Good," she said as she opened the shower door. He glanced over his shoulder and smiled.

"Are you joining me?" When she was beside him, he lifted her against the wall and she wrapped her legs around him.

"I thought Iíd help to conserve water."

"We wonít be conserving any water like this," he said before he took her lips in an intense kiss. They pleasured each other and a good while later they emerged from the shower. After theyíd made love, heíd washed her hair. It had been a totally sensual experience.

John pulled a stool into the bathroom and blow-dried her hair. He luxuriated in the silk curtain of her hair when it was dry. She had never experienced anything like it. It was extremely intimate and she enjoyed the special treatment.

They both dressed and headed to the courthouse. Evangeline was expected in court to clear up the charges against Antonio. John was still waiting for the results from the DNA test. It was convenient for them to travel to work together since the police station was housed in the same building as the courtroom. He grabbed her hand and pulled her toward the building behind him.

"Iíll see you later?" she said once they were inside.

"Absolutely. Be good today."

"Always am."

He didnít respond, but smirked at her, before briefly kissing her and releasing her hand.


Michael took Marcie home for the afternoon and put her to bed. She had plenty of time to get ready for the book party and he wanted her at her best. Sheíd been tired by the time theyíd gotten to her place and Michael wouldnít jeopardize her health for a book party.

"Michael, Iíll be fine," Marcie said when she saw the look on his face. "Iím just tired."

"I know. I just hope that I havenít pushed you too fast."

"You havenít. Iíll be absolutely fine by tonight."

"Thatís the only way Iím letting you go."


John had to finish the paperwork that heíd ignored the night before. As he was updating information in the files on Ticoís death, an officer came in with the results from the DNA test. As he was reading some notes, he haphazardly opened the DNA results. When he glanced at the results, he had to take a second look. The results indicated that the man in the cell downstairs was Cristian Vega with 99.9% certainty. Cristian had killed Tico, but according to him heíd been under some sort of mind control. Could he get off for the murder? Probably.

John headed down to the cell to get to Cristian before the hearing. When he arrived, Cristian was lying on the top bunk with his back to John.

"Cris, I need to talk to you."

"What, so you can gloat?"

"No. I need to tell you something, but I have a question first."


"Are you sure you donít remember anything about your life before your time on the ship?"

"No. I told you; the only memories I have are since I was on the ship. They tortured me and brainwashed me into killing for them. I donít know who I am and I donít know if Iíll ever find out."

"I think I can answer that question for you."

"What are you talking about?"

"I had a DNA test run on you. The results came back this morning."

"You know who I am?" he asked. "Tell me."

"The results say that you are Cristian Vega," John said as he passed the results to Cristian.

After sitting down and reviewing the results, Cristian looked up at John and passed the results back.

"There has to be a mistake. I canít be Cristian."

"The results prove that you are. If you canít remember who you are, why couldnít you be Cristian? The real question is what do we do with this case now?"

"Thereís nothing different. I still killed a man."

"Yes, you did, but you were brainwashed to do it. You need to get your attorney in here and give them this information."

"What if I donít get off? What will that do to my family?"

"Whatever happens they deserve to know the truth."

"They canít find out the truth. Natalie wonít be able to take it."

"What about the rest of your family? Natalie loves you. She should be allowed to decide what she wants. You may not go to jail. You need to talk to your lawyer."

"Are you going to tell my family?"

"Iím going to tell Antonio and Evangeline. You get to tell everyone else. Iíll call them here for you."

"Can you call my attorney first? Then ask Mami and Natalie to join me here in an hour."

"Sure. Congratulations. Welcome back."

"Thanks for everything."

"Youíre welcome."


Evangeline hugged Antonio after the judge told them the charges against him were dropped. He was free to go. Antonio turned to his mother and hugged her as well. It was over. He could have his life back. Now all he had to do was get his little girl back. He couldnít wait.

"Congratulations, Antonio. Youíre a free man."

"Thanks Evangeline for all youíve done."

"Youíre more than welcome," she said and glanced at the door of the courtroom. She smiled as soon as she saw John standing in the doorway. He returned the smile and beckoned for her to join him. She moved to the door.

"Hi, what are you doing here?"

"I have something to tell you," he said pulling her into the hallway outside the courtroom.

"Really? It sounds serious. Whatís going on?"

"I just got the DNA results back."

"Whatís the big deal? That man, whoever he is, already admitted that heís not Cristian and that heís the one that killed Tico."

"Yeah, I know, but it turns out he is Cristian."

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