"Hi, Sweetheart," said Amelia, smiling as she opened the door for Johnny. She waved to John who was backing out of the driveway.

"Hi, Gigi. What are we going to do today?" Johnny gave her a hug and went straight into the kitchen. That was the room where they spent most of their time.

"I donít know honey. What would you like to do?"

"Can we get a movie?"

"Sure. I think your Nana is going to come over too. We can make some popcorn and have milkshakes."

"Yippee. You make the best milkshakes."

"Well, just for you." She smiled at her grandson. He grinned back, looking like a miniature of his father. "You know youíre getting more handsome everyday."

"Mom says the same thing. She says I look like dad."

"You do."

"I wonder who the new baby will look like."

"Probably a lot like you."

"I canít wait to find out if itís a boy or a girl."

"Itíll just be a couple of months and then weíll be meeting your brother or sister."

"I know. Iím helping dad build the baby bed and paint the nursery," he said proudly. He glanced at the floor and then make to a decision. If you wanted to know something you had to ask. Thatís what his father told him. "Gigi, where do babies come from?"

"Johnny, this is probably a talk you should have with your mom and dad."

"Donít you know?"

"Yes, I know. Well, moms and dads sleep together and they get really close and God fixed it so part of the mom and dad mix and make a baby that grows in the momís stomach." Amelia watched a slew of emotions cross Johnnyís face. Finally a look of disgust settled there.

"Why in the world would God make babies that way? That is way gross."

"Johnny, Iím sure it seems that way right now, but you probably wonít feel the same way when you fall in love and get married."

"I donít know Gigi. Girls are gross. I mean you and Mom and Nana and Aunt Shannon are okay, but the rest are gross."

"You wonít always feel that way."

Johnny didnít know if he would or not. He was excited about this baby, but it seemed like it cost too much to get one. His parents liked each other a lot. He knew that because they were kissing all the time. That was gross, too, but his mom gave nice kisses, at least when she didnít kiss him in front of his friends. He just wouldnít think about where babies came from and enjoy his brother or sister. What he did know was if God didnít change the way babies were made, he wasnít going to have any. It was just too nasty.