Targeted by BillieK26

Chapter 7

Later that evening, John and Evangeline had finished dinner and were relaxing in her living room. Evangeline was sitting on the floor watching Court TV and John was asleep on the sofa behind her. He was exhausted and Evangeline could understand that. John had been going nonstop since the case began except last night when sheíd slept in his arms. She glanced over her shoulder at him and smiled. He looked like a little boy in sleep and she so wanted to touch him, but wouldnít allow herself.

Evangeline went to the kitchen to grab a bottle of water. When she came back, John was on his cell phone.

"Vince, are you sure?" he asked, glancing at her and as she walked past him, he grasped her hand pulling her down beside him.

Evangeline could hear Vinceís voice on the other end, but couldnít make out anything he was saying.

"Vince, see what else you can find on him. Call me when you have something. Thanks again for the good work. Iíll talk to you later."

John turned to Evangeline, but before he could speak, she asked, "What is it?"

"Raymond Jones has a son, with the same name. Vince dug into the original background check and found mention of a son and then he did a little more checking. Turns out the son spent a little time in jail at the same time Alexander King was there."

"Why didnít we get two background checks in the first place?"

"Because the son doesnít have a middle initial."

"So, where is this son?"

"We donít know yet. Thatís what weíre looking into right now."

"Since thereís nothing else you can do right now, why donít you go back to sleep? I know you havenít gotten much rest." Against her better judgment and because she couldnít resist, she ran her fingers through his hair stroking his scalp. He closed his eyes and leaned into her hand. The groan that left his throat let her know he was enjoying the impromptu massage.

"I just might do that. Lay down with me?" he muttered.


"I know. Itís not a good idea, but Iíll sleep better if youíre lying beside me. I told you that before. You could probably use the rest, too."

"Is that a hint, with you trying not to insult me?"

"You know youíre beautiful. Stop fishing for compliments and come lie down."

"Okay," she agreed, crawling on top of him, resting her head on his chest. He tilted so she was between him and the sofa and leaned in to place a kiss on her forehead.


John and Evangeline slept for a couple of hours wrapped around each other. John woke first feeling rested for the first time in weeks. When Evangeline broke up with him, he had no idea how much of his life revolved around her. Now he knew how empty it was without her and he knew he could exist like that, but existing wasnít living. He was almost glad sheíd gotten shot; not that he ever wanted her hurt, but itíd gotten her back in his arms. For that, he was grateful.

He glanced down into her face and brushed her hair back from her brow. Everything in him wanted to kiss her, but he knew it was a bad idea. Evangeline was trying to keep her distance from him and while he hated that, he needed her to trust him. John needed Evangeline to believe in him. It was a need as strong as his need to save.

As he watched her sleep, he ran his thumb along her eyebrow, down her cheek and across her bottom lip. He watched her lips part and couldnít deny himself the pleasure. John pressed his softly to hers. Even in her sleep, she returned the kiss. John ended it and continued watching her. She whispered his name and it took every muscle in body to resist taking her right there. He pulled her close and willed himself to fall back to sleep. Evangeline nestled into him just as he phone rang.

"McBain," he whispered.

"Lieutenant, this is Vince. I found some additional information on Raymond Jones, Jr. He spent time in jail with Alexander King. Their cells were side by side."

"When?" he said, rising slightly from his reclining position and shifting back against the arm of the sofa Ė being careful not to jolt Evangeline who was still sleeping soundly.

"It was a little over a year ago, but it appears that Jones is the only one to visit King since Jonesí release a year ago."

"King was released about six months ago, right?"

"Yes, sir."

"Letís see if we can find Raymond, Jr. and a connection between him and King after King was released. See if you can find a picture of the guy, too."

"Iím on it."

"Let me know what you find," he said glancing down at Evangeline who appeared to be waking. He felt her tighten her arm around him and he smiled. John ran a hand down her arm and rested his hand atop hers where it lay on his chest.

Evangeline opened her eyes and smiled at him. John knew the moment she noticed that she was wrapped around him. She stiffened and attempted to pull her hand free of his. He wouldnít let her move.

"John, please let me go."

"Not yet."

"What are you doing?"

"I donít know, but Iím so tired of being apart from you. I donít want to do that anymore. I love you too much for us to continue to be apart."

"What? What did you say?" she asked, pushing herself up and leaning over him.

John slid his hands into her hair and pulled her to him, knowing that he had her attention.

"I said I love you too much for us to be apart."

"Why now?"

"Because I guess I needed to tell you. Itís hard for me to let people in, because of what happened to my father years ago. Youíre the first person Iíve said the words to in over 20 years. I guess after my father died I just thought saying the words wasnít important. I thought that it was enough to show people how I felt. I was wrong. You need the words as much as the actions. Iím sorry it took me so long to get that."

"John, are you sure?"

"You, yourself, said that I donít say things I donít mean. That was a true statement. Donít try to give me an out. I know what Iím saying and I mean it. Thereís still other stuff I need to tell you, but I canít right now."

Evangeline leaned in to press her lips to Johnís. He felt her smile against his lips and he laughed for the first time in a long time. It felt good to be free and to have his woman back.

"Hey, donít you have something to say to me?" John asked when Evangeline pulled away.

"Something like what?" she countered as she pressed kisses along his cheek and down his neck. John pulled her head back and looked her in the eye with a raised eyebrow. "What?"

"Donít you want to tell me something?"

She appeared to consider the question, before answering, "No, I canít think of anything."

"Youíve got to be kidding me. All this time youíve been pressing me about the L word and nowÖ"

"I love you, too," she whispered. John watched Evangelineís eyes soften and they shared a sweet smile. He turned so that she was under him and was about to move in to reacquaint himself with the woman heíd been without for what felt like forever, when his phone rang.

"JohnÖ," Evangeline cried in protest.

"Iíve got to get that. I donít want to, but we may have a lead in the case. Iíve got to find out if Alex King is really the person responsible for your shooting. Iíve said it before; I canít let anything happen to you."

"Okay," she conceded.

"McBain," John said into the phone.

"Lieutenant, Vince here. We found Ray, Jrís mug shot. We also found out he was staying with his dad up until six months ago, and then his address changed to Alexander Kingís. Weíre on the lookout for him, but the trail runs cold there."

"Iím on my way in," John said glancing at Evangeline, noting the resigned look on her face. He would make it up to her. She was the most important person in his life and he wouldnít let his job or anything else come between them. "Iíll see you in a few. Have a copy of the files ready for me when I get there."

"Yes, sir."

John ended the call and leaned over to kiss Evangeline.

"Iím going into the station to look at some new information we got."

"Am I going with you?"

"No, thereís no need for it. There are a couple of officers outside and Iíll only be gone for maybe an hour. You keep the door locked unless itís me or one of the other officers."

"Yes, sir."

Instead of responding, he raised an eyebrow at her. She smirked in return, before leaning up to kiss him.

"Iíll see you later. Be careful."

John rose from his place beside her and collected his badge and gun, as well as his jacket.

"Always. With you to come home to, why would I be anything else?"

"John McBain, you know just what to say."

"I try," he said, moving to the front door. "Be good while Iím gone."

John winked and was gone before she could respond.