Chapter 6

"John, how about I go see Mr. Jones?" Evangeline asked as she stood at the stove stirring pasta sauce.

"Absolutely not. If heís behind this, I donít want you anywhere near him." What is she thinking? John thought. She knew him better than this. Evangeline had to have a good argument to even bring this up, because she knew he wouldnít go for it.

"John, itís not always about what you want. If this man is after me, then why shouldnít I see him?"

"I donít want you near him. Itís as simple as that. I care too much about you to let you put yourself out there."

Evangeline turned to him and argued her case. "John, Iím already out there. I got shot outside my office. I canít hide from someone who wants me dead. Maybe, heíll let something slip if I go see him."

In response, John sighed and looked at the floor. When he looked back at Evangeline, he hoped his poker face was intact.

"Youíre gonna do this whether I like it or not, arenít you?"

"If you really donít want me to, I wonít, but I think itíll shake him up if he is behind it."

"How about if you go with me to question him?" he offered. "You have to wait in the car and Iíll have a patrol car waiting in the wings covering you. You can step out of the car so Jones can see you, then get in the car, lock the doors and wait for me."

"Okay," she said, jumping on his proposal.

John looked at her with an eyebrow raised, as if questioning whether she meant it.

"I promise. Good grief." She turned back to the pasta sauce and turning the stove off.

John glanced down to hide the smile. Evangeline could be as nosy as the best detective and she loved being in the middle of the action, but he needed the situation controlled. He couldnít have her in that house if Raymond Jones was the killer.

"Come on, letís go," he said, holding out his hand to her.


They arrived at the Jonesí residence within the next half hour. John had reiterated the need for Evangeline to stay in the car. Evangeline rolled her eyes when he insisted that keep her word.

"Step out when he answers the door, get back in and lock the doors until Iím finished."

"Yes, sir. I already promised. Iím not going to put myself in any more danger. I know better."

"Good," he said. "Letís get this show on the road."

John walked around the car looking into Evangelineís eyes, before turning his gaze to the front door. He had to focus on Raymond Jones at the moment. The fact that Evangeline was with him should not distract him, but it did.

John knocked on the door and waited. He knew Jones was home. The guys he had watching Jones had reported in just moments before. When he heard the doorknob turn, he nodded at Evangeline, who proceeded to get out of the car as if to stretch.

"Evangeline, get back in the car. Itís not safe for you to just be out and about," John knew it was only a play for Jones, but he felt like an idiot. No officer questioning a suspect would take the victim with them, unless it was to ID the suspect. Plus, he knew Vince and Cerutti were parked just a block back watching. He watched as Evangeline got back into the car and then turned to the open door.

"Lieutenant? What can I do for you?" asked Raymond, staring at Johnís car parked on the curb.

"Mr. Jones, I have a few more questions. It turns out that a possible suspect in Ms. Williamsonís shooting had a connection to you."

When Raymond Jones didnít respond and continued to stare at the car containing Evangeline, John snapped his fingers under Raymondís nose.

"Mr. Jones? Is there something wrong?"

"No, Iím sorry. I was distracted," Raymond said, turning to John.

"She is beautiful, isnít she?"

"Iím sorry?"

"Evangeline Williamson. You were staring at her."

"Actually, I was staring at the car," Raymond answered, glancing back toward the car and then looking John directly in the eye. He gestured for John to enter the foyer.

John frowned at that. It was a normal police issue Ford, nothing whatsoever fascinating about the unmarked car.

"Mmm, about Alexander KingÖ"


"Alexander King. He was a suspect in Ms. Williamsonís shooting, but heís turned up dead."

"Really? Well, if heís the one that did it, why are you here?"

"It appears that he has a connection to you."

"What type of connection?" Jones asked. John noticed his hands clinch Ė a reaction.

"He was carrying around a picture of your daughter and he had a lighter that we believe belongs to you. Do you know him?"

"No. Why would he have a picture of my daughter or my lighter?"

"I donít know. I was hoping you could tell me."

"Iím afraid I canít. Iím sorry I couldnít be of more help."

"Thank you for your time." John turned thoughtfully and made his way back to car. Evangeline was antsy and wanted to know what happened. John said nothing until they were parked in his space at the station.

"John, what happened?" Evangeline asked as John opened her door and helped her from the car.

"Nothing. We talked, but I didnít get anything."

"So, whatís wrong?"

"Heís involved somehow. I know it," he said as the walked into the station.

"What do we do now?"

"We watch and we wait. You go about your normal business and, like I said before, we do our jobs."

John took Evangeline into his office and proceeded to Boís. Evangeline sat impatiently. Why couldnít she be included in his talk with Bo? Why had Alexander King tried to kill her?


"What did you find?" Bo asked from behind his desk.

"Nothing much. Heís hiding something. I just canít tell what it is yet. He was fascinated though."

"Fascinated how?"

John told Bo what happened at Jonesí house and how Jones couldnít stop staring at the car when he opened the door.

"Are you sure it was something sinister? I mean, Evangelineís beautiful. Maybe, he was just admiring her."

"No, Bo. He said it was the car, but Iíve seen those looks too many times. This wasnít a look of want, but something harder."

"Howís Evangeline holding up?"

"Sheís fine," John said looking down at the floor.

"How about you?"

"Iím doing okay. Itís hard, her being in danger and not knowing if we found the right guy."

"Why donít you take some time off and go rest? You need it."

"Bo, how am I supposed to rest when there could still be someone trying to kill her?"

"Take her with you. Go to her place or yours, get a good meal and some sleep. Just get out of here," Bo said with a smirk.

"Okay. Iíll go, but call me if you get anything else."

"Will do."

John headed back to his office to retrieve Evangeline, but found her in the bullpen talking to one of his officers about some problems he had with his homebuilder. She was handing out pointers and offering to help anyway she could. This was the woman he loved, even if he hadnít admitted it out loud. The one that would help anyone she saw in need; the one that smiled at the drop of a hat; the one that didnít have pain in her eyes.

He sobered knowing that heíd been responsible for putting the pain there. Just then, she glanced in his direction and smiled. It was probably the first time heíd seen her actually happy to see him in a while. He returned the smile and made his way to her.

"You about ready?"

"Yeah," she said, turning back to Officer Baker. "If you have anymore questions, call me. I might have to do a little research, but Iíll help you if I can."

"Thanks, Ms. Williamson."


"Letís get out of here," John said, holding out a hand for hers. She placed hers in his and followed him to the car.