Chapter 5

"Ugh, why canít I sleep?" Evangeline asked aloud to her empty bedroom. She tossed the magazine she was glancing through on the chaise where she was sitting.

She thought of John lying in the guest room. Evangeline so wanted to be close to him. Against her better judgment, she left her room and found John in the guestroom lying under the covers fast asleep. All she wanted was a good nightís sleep before facing the next day. Evangeline didnít want to give John mixed signals, but she knew the only way to get any sleep tonight was by sleeping with John. Sleeping, being the operative word.

She quietly climbed in bed beside John and was instantly comforted by the scent of him Ė the fresh smell of soap and John McBain. He must have been aware of her presence, because he turned to her and pulled her into his arms. She felt him sigh and she did in return. Evangeline closed her eyes and got the best sleep sheíd had in weeks.


When John opened his eyes in the middle of the night to Evangeline in his arms, he was shocked. He thought heíd dreamed of holding her in his arms again. This was definitely a pleasant surprise. He was still in the guest bedroom, so he hadnít sleepwalked into her bed. John took a deep breath and was filled with her soothing fragrance. That was something else heíd missed.

He ran a hand through her hair where it lay on his chest. Before he could think better of it, he rolled them over until he was lying on top of her. She moaned in her sleep and arched her back. He was glad to know he still had this effect on her, even in her sleep. The physical relationship had always been good between them, but he refused to use it now to his advantage, even though he knew he could. He couldnít resist kissing her, however.

"Evangeline?" John whispered when he pulled out of a soft kiss. He watched her struggle to open her eyes.

"Um . . ."

"Wake up."

"Itís still early," she whined. He had to smile at that. She was like a little girl, when she didnít want to wake up. John wondered if their children would be like that too. He suspected so.

"I know, but I need to talk to you."

"About what?" she said, opening her eyes just a little.

"Why are you in bed with me?"

"What are you talking about?"

"You broke up with me. Did you forget? If so, then we can get on to something else," John said leaning in for a more passionate kiss. After a few moments, he felt Evangeline pushing against his chest.

"Iím sorry," she said after pushing her way out of his arms and stood beside the bed. "I shouldnít have come in here."

"Why did you?"

"I couldnít sleep and oddly enough, being in your arms was comforting."

"Well, Iím glad I could be of some serviceÖ"

"Youíre not mad."

"Of course not." Was she crazy? Of course he wasnít angry. In his arms was exactly where he wanted her. "Iím just glad it was my arms you sought out. Iím here anytime you need some comfort."

"Thank you. Iíll go back to my room now."

"Why donít you stay?"

"John, I donít want to get confused. Weíre still broken up." If she really believed that, she was delusional. They were just taking a break and that was going to change real soon.

"Iíll just hold you. I promise. Nothing more."

"Youíre sure?"

"Yeah," John said opening his arms to her.

She settled against his chest and floated off into a contented sleep. As John watched her doze off, he realized that he was home and he had no plans of ever leaving again.


"McBain," John said into the ringing phone hours later.

"Lieutenant, this is Stokes. A body just turned up at the quarry. We identified it and it turns out, itís Alexander King. CSU evaluated the scene and it looks like the body was moved to the quarry recently, but Mr. Kingís been dead for about 48 hours. We also got the address where Alexander Kingís been staying since he got to town."

"Let me know what turns up from the evidence CSU gathered and then call DAís office. Let Ms. Hannon know we need a search warrant for Kingís residence."

"Got it, Lieutenant. Is there anything else?"

"Not yet. Iíll call back in a little while and check in. Keep me posted, if anything else comes up," John said ending the call.

"What happened?" asked Evangeline from behind him. When had she walked into the kitchen? He hadnít heard her at all. Either she was better at sneaking up on people than he gave her credit for or he felt completely safe with her. He was home.

"Alexander Kingís body just turned up in the quarry."

"That quarry gets more dead bodies than the morgue."

John chuckled at that and observed her as she padded to the coffee maker in her stocking feet. She was beautiful in a gold top that brought out the gold flecks in her eyes, and jeans.

"Yeah, youíre right about that. I have one of the guys getting a search warrant for his place. He was killed, so thatís a murder investigation; and if heís the one that took that shot at you, we need to know why right away."

"What if heís not? Then weíre right back at square one."

John strode to her taking her face in his hands, needing to reassure her. He vowed, "Nothingís going to happen to you. I wonít let it."

"I know. I just want this over." John coaxed her closer with the pressure of his hands and Evangeline leaned into him. He pressed his forehead to hers.

"So do I. We have some unfinished business to take care of," he murmured.

"What are you talking about? Weíre broken up," she whispered.

"Thatís the business Iím talking about. Weíre both miserable. We should be together. You know it and I know it. When this is all over, Iím going to fix it."

"John, this isnít something you can fix."

"Weíll see," John declared. Changing the subject, he added, "You said yesterday that you had some cases that needed your attention. I suggest that you finish them. Weíre going to the station when forensics gets that report back and we have the search warrant."

"Why donít I just go to my office and I can work there?"

"I want you with me. I trust my guys, but I trust myself more. When we go search the house, youíll be safer at the station than at your office or at home."

"Yes, sir," she dead-panned.

"I like it when youíre agreeable."

"Donít get used to it."

"Donít worry I wonít. I know it canít last, but I can enjoy it while it does." She smirked at him and went into her bedroom slamming the door behind her. All John could do in response was laugh.


"So, what did you find?" Evangeline asked as soon as he walked back into his office from searching Alex Kingís home.

"We found a High Velocity Rifle fitted with a suppressor. We also found some materials that could have been used to make the bullet that hit you. The labís running it right now."

"That means you may have found the guy. Thatís great."

"Yeah, so now we might know who took a shot at you, but not who killed him, but I have an idea."

"Did you find something else?" Evangeline asked looking into his eyes. She knew him well enough to know something was wrong.

Instead of answering, John laid an evidence bag on the corner of his desk. In it, Melissa Jonesí image smiled at her.

"Where did you get that?"

"Alexander King was carrying it around with him. He also had this." John placed another evidence bag containing an engraved silver cigarette lighter. "The initials are RPJ. Raymond Jonesí middle name is Phillip. It looks like King was killed not long after I visited Mr. Jones, according to the MEís time of death. Iím putting some guys on Mr. Jones. Something in my gut tells me heís involved somehow."

"What do we do now?"

"We donít do anything. I do my job and the cops catch the bad guy."

"And Iím just supposed to sit back while someone might have tried to kill me?"

"Yes. I know how difficult it is for you to let someone else handle whatever is wrong, but this time, Iím going to handle it. You just sit back, rest that arm and relax. Iíve got this." He leaned into her and she could do nothing but nod in agreement. The intensity with which he spoke took her breath away. Taking her hand and pulling her to him, he continued, "Now, letís go home."