The bullet sliced through her arm so fast she didnít know sheíd been hit until she saw blood running down her fingers. Evangeline turned around and couldnít see or hear anything. She glanced down and saw what looked to be pieces of plastic covered in blood near her car.

Still not fully recognizing that she was in danger, she glanced around the deck. Seeing no one, she quickly got into her car. It was either there or the elevator of the parking deck or into the stairwell. The car seemed the best of the possibilities. The nerves in her arm screamed to life and the pain hit her like fire blazing through a dry forest.

A silent cry left her lips. She pulled herself together and retrieved her phone. As she dialed 911, she continued looking around her. The shot had obviously been silent and she had no idea who had shot at her or if anyone had. All she knew was that her arm hurt and she was pretty isolated on the deck where sheíd parked that day. As she told the 911 operator where she was, she wondered if someone was out to get her or was it random. Finally, the paramedics and the police were on their way.

Evangeline probably could have driven herself, but she still had the presence of mind to know that CSU would need the car where it was in case there was some clue as to who would do this. She took a deep breath before making the next call.

"Bo Buchanan," the voice at the other end answered.

"Hey, Bo this is Evangeline."

"Hey, Evangeline. What can I do for you?" His smile could be heard over the phone line. One thing Evangeline could always be sure of was that Bo always had time for her.

"Actually, I just called 911, but I wanted to call you. I think I was just shot at."

"What? Are you okay?"

"Iím waiting on the paramedics as we speak. I think a bullet went through my arm or something. "

"Where are you?"

"The parking deck across the street from One Buchanan Place."

"Are you safe there?" Evangeline could hear the anxiety in Boís voice. She wanted to assure him that she was okay.

"I think so. Iíve been watching since I climbed into the car a couple of minutes ago and I can hear sirens close by."

"If you see anything suspicious, get out of there. Put the gas pedal to the floor and hit anything in your path." Boís concern warmed Evangelineís heart. It had been so long since her father passed away; it was nice to have someone care enough to worry.

"I will."

"Iíll get John to meet you at the hospital."

"Bo, donít do that. John and I are broken up, you know that. Send someone else."

"Evangeline, heís the Chief of Detectives."

"I donít care; get him to send someone else. Donít tell him itís me. Do whatever you have to, to keep him from coming to the hospital. Please, Bo." Evangeline was in no shape to deal with John McBain. He was the last person she wanted at the hospital, because she still wanted him so much.

"Okay, Iíll see what I can do, but if he asks me specifically who the vic is, Iím not going to lie to him."

"He wonít." According to Michael, John had been keeping himself busy with work. If he was focused on something else and Bo didnít make a big deal of it, he wouldnít know it was her until he read the police report.

"How do you know?"

"I know him."