Chapter 4

The next morning, Evangeline went to the Magistrate’s office to pick up Nora and Daniel’s marriage license, as a favor to Nora who was out of town. She glanced at the certificate to ensure that it was correct. The name “Theodore Daniel Colson” caught her attention on the line listed for groom. She’d never known that Daniel’s first name was Theodore. The beginnings of concern began to form in her mind.

She thought back to Daniel’s attitude when Bo had proven that Jen’s printer wasn’t the printer used for Rex’s note. Daniel had been the one to find the piece of paper in the printer. He had been upset that they believed Jen was being framed. On the day of his wedding, he’d said something about just getting it over with. She’d been confused about that statement, but if Daniel was guilty of killing Paul Cramer, Nora, as his wife, wouldn’t prosecute the case. In fact if Daniel was the killer, Nora could be in danger; she would definitely be devastated.

Instead of heading back to her office, Evangeline went straight to Bo’s office. Evangeline and Bo had agreed that someone was framing Jen and she had agreed to help Bo in any way she could. The information that she was carrying could very well be what Bo needed to solve the case. Whatever the case, they had to know the truth.

“Bo, could I talk to you for a minute?” Evangeline asked sticking her head in his open door.

“Evangeline, I always have time for you.”

She stepped into the office and shut the door.

“What’s going on, Evangeline?” She could only imagine how upset she looked, as Bo’s expression turned to one of concern.

“I think I may have some information that could be important to the Paul Cramer murder case, but you have to keep it quiet until you know for sure.”

“What is it?”

“Daniel’s first name is Theodore. I just found out and it scared me. I mean, he found that paper in Jen’s printer. He was upset when we decided that Jen was probably being framed. He rushed Nora into marriage. I just have a really bad feeling about this and I’m worried about Nora.”

“Evangeline, you did the right thing. I’ll do some investigating and get back to you. Just in case Daniel is guilty, don’t mention anything about this to Nora. Don’t do anything that would make him suspicious, either.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll see you later.”


A week later, John was no closer to finding the killing club killer, and he or she hadn’t made any more attempts, other than the recent attempt on Natalie. The killer was meticulous and as Evangeline had once said he or she appeared to be laughing at them. Maybe just maybe the killer had knowledge of police procedure or had at least read about it. It was more frustrating than he could say.

The one good thing that had come out of it was that he knew where Evangeline was throughout her day. He made a point when he had a break to just check up on her. She made a comment about it when he went to her office later that day.

“John, I think you just wanted to keep tabs on me.” Evangeline looked up from her desk as he walked into the office.

“That’s just an added perk.”

John planted a kiss on Evangeline that reminded her of an incident that had happened in her office just weeks before.

“I’m glad that you’re enjoying the perks,” she said with a grin.

“And you’re not.”

“Oh, I never said that. How’s you’re day going?” She rose from her desk and walked into his arms. He tightened his arms around her and felt her relax in his embrace.

“Okay. No new leads, so it’s a bit frustrating. How about yours?”

“Oh, it’s okay. I’m expected in court this afternoon, so I’ll be home around 6.”

“I’m planning to leave the station early tonight, so how about I go to Rodi’s and grab us something to eat on my way home.”

“That would be great. I’ll see you later.” She leaned up to kiss him.

“Yeah. You be careful.”

“I wouldn’t think of being anything else.”

John left Evangeline’s office with a new incentive to get his work done. He would be spending all evening with the woman of his dreams. It had been a while with their busy schedules since they could just spend an evening together. Tonight was sure to be pleasurable. He could hardly wait.


John was home by 5:45. He couldn’t wait until Evangeline got home. Burgers and onion rings from Rodi’s were on the kitchen counter. Movies were on the ready and John still had time to change clothes.

Six o’clock came and went and still no Evangeline. By 6:30, John was frantic. He called Evangeline’s phone multiple times and got no answer. Had he not told her that he had to know where she was or she was getting police protection? Obviously, she thought he was joking. Boy was she in for a surprise.

As John was dialing Evangeline’s cell number again, his rang.

“Evangeline?” he answered.

“No, John, this is Michael.”

“Hey Mike. Can I call you back? I’m trying to find Evangeline?”

“Actually, that’s why I’m calling.”

“What are you talking about Mikey?”

“Evangeline is here at the hospital.”

John stopped breathing for a moment. “What do you mean she’s at the hospital? What happened? Michael, how is she?”

Before Michael could answer, John was already heading to his car.

“She’s fine. Actually, she’ll be ready to come home in a little while.”

“What happened?”

“Daniel Colson took a shot at her.”

“What? Daniel Colson? Why didn’t anybody call me before now? The station didn’t even call.”

“Evangeline wouldn’t let anyone call you. She knew you would be worried and that’s the only reason she let me call you now.

“What do you mean, she wouldn’t let you?”

“It was just a graze, but she thought she’d be home earlier. It didn’t happen because she had to have some stitches.”

“Michael, you do realize that you’re my brother right? You don’t have to do what Evangeline says.”

“Yeah, okay. You go with that if you want to; I’m trying to stay in her good graces.”

“I know you secretly have a crush on Evangeline, but just remember who I am.”

“Oh, I do big brother. Now do you want to come and pick Evangeline up or do you want me to bring her home.”

“I’m almost there.”

“See you in a few.”

John ended the call with Michael and called the station. Obviously, he had to have a talk with his officers. They didn’t take orders from Evangeline. When the call connected, Natalie put him straight through to Detective Clark, the officer in charge of the investigation.

“Clark, this is John McBain. What happened?”

“Hey, Lieutenant. From what I can tell, Mr. Colson found out that Ms. Williamson knew something about his past and he wanted to shut her up. He pulled a gun or her, but Vince was checking on her and saw him. Vince identified himself and told Colson to put the gun down, but it went off. Ms. Williamson got grazed and was taken to Llanview Memorial. Cerutti already took her statement and the paramedics said she would be fine.”

“Why didn’t you call me?”

“Boss, Ms. Williamson directed me not to tell you. She said she was fine and that she would tell you herself.”

“Clark, I’m your boss. Don’t ever keep something like this from me again, regardless of what Ms. Williamson says. If it happens again, pack your desk.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Where’s Colson right now?”

“At the station, under arrest.”

“Don’t make any mistakes with this one. It needs to stick.”

“We won’t, sir.”

John entered the emergency room of the hospital and ended the call.

“I’m looking for Evangeline Williamson,” he said as he walked directly to the nurses’ desk.

“Sir, she’s in room 4, but she’s resting.” The nurse responded after she checked the computer.

“I’m here to pick her up,” John said flashing his badge.

“She’s right through that door.” The nurse pointed to her left and then pushed the button to open the door.

As John pushed open the door to room 4, Evangeline didn’t open her eyes. The whole way to hospital, John hadn’t allowed himself to think about the fact that she could have died. He just needed to get to her.

“Hi,” she whispered from the bed.

“Hey, how are you feeling?” John wasn’t sure how she knew it was him. He moved to the bed and ran his hand over her head, before placing a kiss at her temple. When he leaned back he saw her eyes light on him.

“I’m okay. Just waiting on you to take me home.”

“Why didn’t you let them call me?”

“I thought I would be home on time and I’d tell you myself. I didn’t want you to worry.”

“Evangeline, we are in this together. You can’t protect me from things like this.” John was so angry, but he was so relieved.

“Okay, I’ll remember that.”

“Another thing, don’t give my officers or my brother orders in the future,” he said with a smirk.

“Yes, sir.”

“What happened with Colson? Why’d he come after you?” Evangeline sat up and leaned against John as she recounted what had happened earlier.

“About a week ago, I found out that Daniel’s first name is Theodore. I knew that someone named Ted had some prior relationship with Paul Cramer, so I went to see Bo. I mean, Daniel’s married to Nora and I got worried. When I told Bo, he said he would investigate. I guess Daniel found out, because when he came to see me he said that I was the reason everything was falling apart; that though he liked me, he had to get rid of me. When Vince came around the corner and saw him, he told him to put the gun down. Daniel must have gotten nervous and the gun went off.”

“You could’ve been killed.” John wrapped his arms around her. She rested her head against his shoulder and wrapped her uninjured arm around him.

“I wasn’t. I’m fine and I’m ready to go home with you.”