Chapter 6


Evangeline finished her conference with the American Board Association and decided to head back to Lainview a day early. As she waited at the checkout desk of the Hyatt, she couldn't help but notice the beautiful brunette standing next to her.

"Excuse me," Evangeline hesitated. "But you look awfully familiar. Have we met somewhere?"

"I'm afraid not," the woman politely replied.

"Are you sure?" Evangeline asked, unable to shake the feeling of familiarity.

"I'm positive," she said, trying to hide her annoyance.

The woman finished checking out and started to walk away, when Evangeline finally remembered where she'd seen the her face. "You're Caitlyn Finley!" Evangeline shouted. "You we're engaged to John McBain!"

Caitlyn stopped and slowly turned around at the mention of John's name. "How do you know John McBain?" she asked.

"He's my boyfriend," Evangeline stated. "I remember seeing your picture in his apartment, when we first started dating."

"How is he?" Caitlyn asked with pure concern. "I guess he must be doing better, if you two are in a relationship."

"What do you mean doing better?" Evangeline wondered. "Are you referring to your breakup?"

"I'm sorry...It's none of my business," Caitlyn mumbled preparing to walk away.

"Wait!" Evangeline called out, sensing she was on to something. "You weren't talking about your breakup. Please can we go somewhere and talk?"

"I really don't want to get involved," Caitlyn nervously replied. "What happened between me and John was a long time ago. I should've never said anything."

"Lately, I've noticed a change in his behavior. Would you know anything about that? If so, I really would appreciate your help," Evangeline pleaded.

"I have two hours before my train leaves," Caitlyn said hesitantly, checking her watch.

"Great, my train to Lainview leaves about the same time," Evangeline replied. "Why don't we share a cab to Union Station and you can fill me in over lunch."

Evangeline and Caitlyn decided to have lunch at a small café' at Union Station. For the next hour, Caitlyn shared with Evangeline intimate details of her relationship with John.

"We had been together for about a year. Everything was going great until he got this undercover assignment. Although I knew those kind of assignments could be dangerous, I knew John could take care of himself. But somehow this assignment affected him differently," Caitlyn replied with a sense of sadness.

"How?" Evangeline asked

"It's like his alter identity, Caleb Morely took over," she said. "At first, I'll admit it was a turn on. John was quiet, sweet and always a gentleman. That's why I fell in love with him. But, Caleb was aggressive, arrogant, brutally honest and almost animalistic in bed. Don't get me wrong, John had no problems in that area, but this alter personality....what can I say, the sex was fucking amazing!"

Evangeline felt a sensation between her legs, at Caitlyn's last comment. "Please continue," she said, as the pieces started coming together.

"The guy he was after, Steven Haver held me hostage in our apartment. Instead of giving up peacefully, a shootout incurred and John killed him," she replied with an eerie stillness to her demeanor. I thought I was strong enough to handle it, but that wasn't the case."

"That's understandable," Evangeline sympathized. "You experienced a terrible ordeal. It's only natural, you'd need some time to get over it."

"That's just it," Caitlyn replied. "I didn't get over it. And staying with John became a constant reminder. Unfortunately, I didn't have the guts to end the relationship at that moment."

"So what happened?" Evangeline asked.

"He proposed."

"And you said no," Evangeline guessed.

Caitlyn nodded her head. "I'll never forget the hurt and look of abandonment in his eyes. It was like he was dying inside," she said, wiping away a tear. "I eventually moved to Boston for a fresh start. That's when the threatening notes started."

The hairs stood up on the back of Evangeline's neck. "What kind of threatening notes?" she stammered.

"You thought you could get away from me! I'll always find you!"she said. "At first I didn't know, who could be sending such terrifying letters to me. But, when no physical threat was ever made, I figured it had to be Caleb. It's like John was releasing all his anger and pain through Caleb."

"Did you call the police?"

"Yes, but since a physical threat was never made against me, there was nothing they could do," she said. "Also, there was no evidence pointing to John."

"Are you still getting these letters?"

"No. After a year, I stopped receiving them all together," she said.

"You allowed this to go on for over a year?"

"It was his way of getting everything out of his system," she said. "I know it was stupid, but I felt so guilty about hurting him. I found out that he eventually got some counseling and moved to San Francisco."

"That would have been around the time we met," Evangeline replied. "Now it all makes sense."

"I won't ask what your talking about?" Caitlyn replied. "I just hope everything works out for the two of you."

Evangeline stood up and gave Caitlyn a hug. "Thank you so much for talking to me. Now, I know what I have to do."