Chapter 2

Evangeline stayed true to her word. Their three-month affair was a wild and wonderful ride. John couldn't deny that Evangeline was unlike any woman he'd ever met. Aside from her brains and beauty, she was extremely comfortable with her sexuality and the affect she had on men. She could be shy and coy or straight up aggressive.

But their relationship wasn't just about sex. There were times when they would stay up to the wee hours talking about everything from sports and politics to entertainment and fashion. Being around Evangeline made feel alive. He would count the hours until their next moment together.

John never thought he'd be involved with a married woman. Although it was morally wrong, he had no regrets. He even had fantasies of them getting married and having a family. But reality set in, when she left him a Dear John letter and went back to her husband. He tried to be casual about it, but deep down, his heart was broken.

Now here she was back in his life. But this time things would be different. He couldn't afford to lose control.


It had been three weeks since Evangeline arrived in town. During that time, her efficient assistant managed to find and fully furnish her two-story town house near the downtown area. As Evangeline sat in bed enjoying a glass of wine after a long day, she pulled out the threatening notes. "You can't hide from me! I'll find you! You'll never get away from me!"

Evangeline was not the type to scare easily. She was use to dealing with hardened criminals. But somehow, she started to become unnerved by the persistence of her mystery stalker. Not wanting to bring any attention to the situation, she called in a few favors and had the matter investigated on the DL. Unfortunately, her detectives were unable to find any evidence linking the notes to anyone that she had convicted in the past or present.

She hated being so vulnerable. So when Nora gave her a call regarding the DA position in Lainview, Evangeline thought a change of scenery would be great. Finding out that John McBain was working for the LPD was icing on the cake. Unbeknownst to him, John always had a way of making her feel safe. Plus the idea of rekindling their relationship was definitely in her plans.

She finished the glass of wine and turned out the lights hoping to have sweet dreams of sexy McBain.


The stranger sat in the car across the street from Evangeline's townhouse and watched as the lights went out. "You haven't gotten away from me Vangie!

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