by Nene

Lt. John McBain arrived at the station like clockwork at 8:00am. A hot cup of black coffee and reviewing the reports was his standard routine. He did everything by the book. All the I's were dotted and T's were crossed on his reports. If there were no outstanding issues to be addressed, John punched out by 7:00pm. His usual day ended with a hot shower, a quick bite to eat and cold beer.

Predictable McBain was the nickname his fellow officers called him, because they could set their watches by his actions. Although he had a sense of humor about it, he pretty much kept his emotions in check. It took a lot to unrattle John McBain.


Today he arrived to his office with a message to meet Commissioner Buchanan.. John reviewed the events of the past few weeks through his mind, trying to determine why Bo would be calling this meeting, but no reason came to mind.

The door to Bo's office was opened as John entered. "You wanted to see me Bo?"

Bo was signing endless reports that were spread over his desk. "Yeah, John come on in," he gestured.

"Is there something wrong?" John wondered.

Observing John's serious tone, Bo put him at ease. "No there's nothing wrong," It's just that Nora is going to be having surgery in a couple of days."

"Is it serious?" John asked concerned. In the year since he began working at LPD, he had come to be quite fond of Nora Buchanan.

"No, it's nothing serious," Bo stated. "It's just that she will be out of commission for a couple of months, so a new DA will be taking over her cases. She'll be arriving shortly. Since you're involved in some of Nora's high profile cases, I wanted you two to meet and get up to speed."

"Well, that's a relief that Nora's going to be okay," John said. "So who is this new...." The exotic scent of the perfume, reawakened senses in John that he buried away. He turned and stared into the eyes of his former lover.

"Evangelene Willamson meet Lt. John McBain."

Familiarity was masked by total professionalism. "It's nice to meet you Lt.," she said extending a firm handshake. "I've heard you're very good at what you do."

"Thank you," John replied picking up on her subtle comment.

"I'm sorry I have to run, but I have a meeting with the Mayor in an hour," Bo stated as he gathered his briefcase to leave, unaware of the past that was shared by the two.

John closed the door and turned to face Evangeline. "Damn, she looks good he thought." But he was determined to play it cool. "What, the hell are you doing here?"

"I'm filling in for Nora or weren't you paying attention," Evangeline calmly replied.

"I'm not buying that," John said. Her cool demeanor did not fool him. If there was one thing he remembered about Evangeline, it was that she always had an agenda.

"Okay, I wanted to make a fresh start in a new place. So when this opportunity came along, I decided to take it."

"Nope, I don't buy that answer either," John replied shaking his head. "You could have your pick of any top law firm in the country, yet you chose to come here," he gestured. Of all places to Lianview, Pennsylvania, where I happen to be assigned?"

"I remember when you liked having me in your presence," she replied invading his personal space.

"What, I remember is you leaving me in Puerto Vallarta, to go back to San Francisco and your husband," John stated, trying to remain cool.

"Is that all you can remember?" she asked closing the distance between them. "Because, I remember our, oh so lustful affair."

The twinkle in those almond brown eyes and the movement of her moist lips, almost caused John to lose control, like in the past.



Eighteen months ago, John was working for the San Francisco branch of the FBI. As usual, he buried himself with work, to avoid dealing with the emptiness of his life, since his breakup with Caitlin the year before.

Then one day a whirlwind named Evangeline Willamson came into his life. She was a successful attorney, who had developed a winning track-record, when it came to the tough cases. She wore her ambition and confidence like a crown.

The undeniable sexual attraction was immediate and mutual, with few words being spoken. Since she was married, John had no intentions of pursuing her. However, if she initiated things, he was certainly open to taking things further.

"I have to be in court all day, can you drop those papers for the Santi trial, by my hotel tonight?" she asked John one day. They had been working closely on the Santi case for several weeks, reviewing endless documents to make sure the case was airtight.

During their meeting, neither made any sexual advancements. That didn't mean some light flirting was taking place. But they kept it to a minimum and focused on work.

"Sure," John replied.

"Great, say about 9:00? I'm in suite 1205," she said.

"9:00 it is."


John knocked on the door at 9:00pm sharp. After several knocks, Evangeline finally opened the door.

"I'm sorry, I was taking a bath and didn't hear you knock," she replied.

"Please come in."

John couldn't help but notice how the purple silk robe hugged all the luscious curves of her body. "Stay cool. You're just here to deliver the documents," he thought. "Here are the document, you wanted," he said handing the one inch folder to her.

Evangeline took the large brown envelope and threw it on the bar. With the swift moves of a cat, she ripped his shirt open and pinned him up against the door.

A sinful smile crossed her face, as his look of surprise filled her with delight. They both were more than aware of the sexual attraction. But she had every intention of being in control of the situation.

Using one knee, she began to masterfully massage his manhood, while kissing and lightly sucking the nipples on his chest.

"I think you like this?" she whispered in his ear as she increased the pace.

"I think you're right," he said breathlessly. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the pleasure this woman was giving. Her hot kisses descended on his neck, working him into a sexual frenzy, when suddenly, she stopped.

"I want you naked," Evangeline demanded slowing taking a step back to get a full view of this gorgeous man. "Do you have a problem with that?"

"No ma'am," John smiled, slowly stripping off the remainder of his clothes and underwear. "As an officer of the law, I'm more than willing to service my public in any capacity."

"I'm glad to hear that. Of course one must be safe," she said pulling out a box of condoms.

"Safety is top priority," he said untying her robe to reveal a curvaceous delight.

"I'm so glad you agree," she said, guiding him to the sofa. "Because if one doesn't feel safe, one can't truly enjoy the full pleasure of the moment and you like pleasure, don't you John?"

"Oh, yes," he whispered as she straddled his lap.

"Well, I like my pleasure to last for a long time. Maybe all night," she said tracing his collarbone with her tongue. "I hope you're up for the job."

"Trust me," he moaned. "I won't stop until I've done a thorough job."


Loud screams of pleasure filled the suite as John and Evangeline gave into their passion.

Several women on the force had informed her, how being a cop was John's one true talent. Apparently, those poor women never had the good fortune to experience John's sexual expertise.

Evangeline gripped the sheets of the bed, as her body arched and writhed from his exquisite oral invasion. 'Oh, my god," she moaned close to the point of no return. She tried to break free, but his strong hands held her legs apart. "Oh, please John...I want you now!"

Rolling over, so that she was in the top position, he let out a low moan, as he entered her moist valley. "Oh, Evangeline, he repeated over and over, as her hips moved to a seductive rhythm. Fast, slow, hard, easy, John held on for dear life, as she worked him into a passionate fury.

"Yesss," they screamed. Their bodies reaching the ultimate climax. They both collapsed, laying speechless and breathless, surprised by the intensity of their lovemaking.

Rolling over to her side, they laid snuggled face to face. "I do believe Mr. McBain, that you have sweated out my perm," Evangeline said lazily stretching.

"Is that a good thing," John smiled caressing her firm behind.

"That's a very good thing," Evangeline whispered running her hands through his hair. "But I hope you don't think your job is done," she replied getting her second wind.

"Oh, I don't think that at all," he groaned enjoying her hand massage.

"Good," she whispered nibbling on his ear. "Because I'm going to take you on the ride of your life."

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