Conversations II by Romantic

I knew he wasnít nothing but a dog!. Just a plain old dog, and now he is showing his ass". Faye says.

"Look Faye, I know you are my girl but John has issues". Evangeline returns

"Issues, issues, girl you had better open your eyes and see that he is just a dog, and you must get his ass in check before he tries to come running back to you".

"I broke up with him remember"? Evangeline asks.

"I remember but does he?. And from the way you are sounding do you? Look

Iím not trying to get all up in your business but he was crying drunk at your door saying that he could not do this alone anymore. Now you expect me to believe that he all of a sudden remembered that he loves and wants to be with Natalie, Come on Van, you are too good of a woman to just accept this 180 degree turn". Faye yells.

" I gotta accept this so I can move on. I let him go a long time ago".

"You keep saying that but do you believe that?"

He was begging like he could not live with out you and now?"

"Now what Faye? Look I called because I need your support not your lecturing me about John and all his many faults."

"I just do not want you to fall back in to this trap. Now you know once he hits it with Natalie, and the thrill is gone. He will looking and trying to get next to you. You told me he could not stand to be more that 2 feet from you and he just looks at you like he is undressing you with his eyes".

"Yeah but that is when we were together, girl".

"Ok have you seen him since the hospital?"

"Yes, I saw him at the police station with Natalie as a matter of fact miss smart ass".


"Well what?"

"How close was he to you?"


"How close was he to you when he saw you?"

"He was standing beside Natalie and then I said hello and left"

"And, come on Van tell the truth".

" Ok he followed me and wanted to talk but I cut him off and said there was not need to ever worry about me ever".

"Yeah, ok you mean you left, and he ran after you?. Now just how close was he to you again?"

"Ok he was directly behind me".


"What does that mean?"

"I bet if you turned around again he would be there even now".

"See that is why I only call you once a week"

"I know but be careful. You can think what you want but he is always behind you girl".

"Bye Faye and next time the conversation will be about you and your tired ass man". Evangeline says.

"Hey stay strong my sister and I do love you girl".

"I got you too, bye."