by Romantic

John had wanted to talk to Evangeline and this was his chance.  He was very nervous.  His words had not come out in the past and what made him think this would be any different.  But it must be it. It has to be.  He could not let this rest in his head or heart any longer. John went to Evangeline and ask for a minute of her time and surprisingly she gave it to him..  It was her hope to rise above the pettiness
of fighting over a man and this was her chance to do so.

"Ok John I only have a few minutes, what is this about?"

"Well I just needed to get some things off of my heart and now is the best time since I cannot catch you alone and Natalie is never far away".

"What is it?" Evangeline asked.

"I just wanted to say I miss you and I miss the conversations that we shared. I mean we could talk for hours about nothing and then spend all day

Catching up about the nothing we talked about". John says softly.

"I miss you too John, I told you in your office that the easiest thing for me to do would be to run back into the safety of your arms, but I could not do that then and I cannot do it now.  We are both different. I know what I want and you my love are still looking".

"That is just it I found my self in looking for you and when I did it was too late.  I know you have moved on to a new life and it does not include me but I lost more than a lover, I lost a friend, a companion, someone who knew me and loved me. Even though I did not fight for us".

"John it does us both no good to go over this again, it only brings up something we both need to move past".

"That is just that I canít.  I make no apologies for it either.  I have made peace with myself and I am trying to set my life straight".

"That is all I have ever wanted for you, is for you to be happy, and I am glad you are finally on your way".

"There is one more thing. I had to let go of the demons and I turned you and our relationship into one, but I am setting it and you free because I know if you set something free that you thought was yours and it come back to You it really was yours all along if it does not come back it never was".

"That is a great way to live John you did a lot of work on yourself and you should be proud".

"There is one thing I am more proud of".

"Oh what is that?"

"I just had a conversation with you my friend and it all came out right". John smiles.

Evangeline smiles and says. "I guess you finally got the words right"

"I have a few more words Iíd like to say to you.  Would you  care to join me for a glass of wine?" John asks. "Donít worry I am not proposing, not yet"

"Ok I guess a little conversation never hurt anyone". Evangeline states.

They both laugh and smile and go and get that long over due glass of wine and have some much needed conversation.  

The End

Romantic- Just waiting on my Jovan to have this conversation and come home stronger and better than ever.